Stormworld: episode guide

Three Sun Day

Episode 1

When Jason and Lee are out in Jason's father's boat, they are caught in a Vortex that transports them to a strange world of three suns, wild storms and a girl (Flees) with a junkyard submarine.

The Settlement

Episode 2

Flees takes Jason and Lee to the Settlement where they meet Khelioz the Navigator who agrees to help the boys recover the Cougar.

Barter, Barter Everywhere

Episode 3

Despite Mystals and Drogue stunbolts Jason and Lee recover the Cougar only to realise that the Drogue have stripped it of almost everything valuable and that, without fuel, it is useless.


Episode 4

After Jason decides to put the Cougar somewhere safe (by scuttling her!) the boys rescue Callaghan, another Access Crasher from Earth.

Salvage Rights

Episode 5

When Flees and the boys are attacked by the Drogue, Ogee reveals his true size and power and almost dies to save them.

Out of the Frying Pan

Episode 6

The kids frantically try to restore Ogee's health while hiding him from the vengeance- seeking Drogue.

Follow the Bouncing Ball

Episode 7

Flees is desperately repairing the Stormrider so that she can go after Khelioz and rescue Ogee.

Escape from New Arkoddia

Episode 8

Vassler helps our heroes escape the Arkoddian prison and decides to leave with them on the Stormrider.

Family Ties

Episode 9

Vassler asks the Stormrider crew to take him back secretly to New Arkoddia so he can say goodbye to his mother.

Changing Tides

Episode 10

Flees is forced to accept that her father is dead and returns to The Settlement where Hintor, with the help of Maykn, has taken over as leader.

Farmer Flees

Episode 11

While getting water for Vassler, Flees and Luce are trapped inside the Reserve Tank and then accused of water stealing by Makyn.

Family First

Episode 12

While the kids face charges of water theft, an Arkoddian scouting party recces the Settlement and Dressler decides to defy his orders and bring Vassler home.

The Race is On

Episode 13

Before they can continue their search for the map showing the way home the Stormrider crew must enlist Khelioz's help to liberate Stormrider.

Luce Island

Episode 14

With the assistance of their new friend, Gundril, the Stormrider crew race to find the map fragment before Khelioz.

Deep Down

Episode 15

Khelioz sabotages the Stormrider leaving Jason, Lee and Flees trapped inside and stranded on the bottom of the ocean.

Fire and Flight

Episode 16

While attempting to break Vassler and Dressler out of prison, Lee and Flees discover the Arkoddians are planning to invade the Settlement.

The Old Order Changes

Episode 17

Werrolda dies in an accident at the Sighing Peaks; Makyn joins the Drogue and Lee's attempt to make fuel ends in failure.

Raising the Cougar

Episode 18

With the Arkoddian invasion imminent, Jason and Lee try to convince the Settlers that evacuation is the only option.

A Hot Bath

Episode 19

With the Drogue and Makyn now ruling the Settlement, Gol Hati decides to get rid of Ogee once and for all.

A Handful of Sand

Episode 20

Gol Hati attempts to trick Jason and Lee into revealing the locations of New Arkoddia.

Lord of the Flybikes

Episode 21

Lee believes that Khelioz offers the best option to get home — and leaves Jason behind in the Arkoddian prison after an emotional argument.

Twists and Turns

Episode 22

Jason tries to convince the Arkoddians to help the Settlers get rid of Makyn and the Drogue.

Liberation Day

Episode 23

The Settlement is liberated and Jason discovers that the Sighing Peaks represent a map of the islands of Stormworld.

The Great Water

Episode 24

The Settlers, Arkoddians and Drogue work together to discover the Great Water and Jason and Lee work out the route to the Island of the Abiders — and the way home.

Long Way Home

Episode 25

While collecting fuel for the voyage to the Island of the Abiders, the kids are betrayed by Voss.

Homeward Bound

Episode 26

The Stormrider crew find the Portal to Earth on the Island of the Abiders — and discover that others, with plans of their own, have followed them.