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Lord of the Flybikes

Episode 21

Canada: August 19, 2009
Australia: ? (Nine)

Written by Robert Greenberg
Directed by Edward McQueen-Mason

Lee believes that Khelioz offers the best option to get home — and leaves Jason behind in the Arkoddian prison after an emotional argument.

As the Drogue patrol overhead, Flees talks to Luce about her concerns for Ogee. She has no idea where he is or if he has enough energy left to activate his homing signal. Either way, there is no immediate hope of rescuing him with the Stormrider guarded by the Drogue. When Gol Hati and Makyn order Flees to teach them how to drive her ship, Flees refuses. But it is just a ruse so as not to raise Gol Hati's suspicions. After Flees finally agrees, she confides to Luce that the "driving lessons" will give her a chance to locate Ogee.

Gol Hati and Makyn privately brief Gar Lindi to rendezvous with them at Three Rock Island. The plan, apparently, is to strand Flees on the island and make off with the Stormrider. Once the Stormrider is underway, Flees secretly manages to pick up Ogee's signal.

Meanwhile, on Arkoddian Island, Jason, Lee, Khelioz, Vassler and Dressler are in prison. Jason questions Dressler about the Arkoddians' motive for the invasion but Dressler refuses to answer. He is still loyal to his community. The dwindling waterfall in the main square is a clue however — the Arkoddians are running out of water and have no choice but to move the community elsewhere.

When Stormrider arrives at an island, Flees is sent to collect water. The set-up is complete. On her flybike, Gar Lindi lines her stunray up on Flees but at the last minute turns towards Gol Hati. Makyn dives for cover as Gar Lindi fires. The shot stuns a shocked Gol Hati, knocking her out cold. The Stormrider heads back to the Settlement with only Makyn and Flees on board. By the time Gol Hati comes round, the Stormrider is a distant speck on the horizon. Flees is surprised she hasn't been marooned. Makyn tells her it's only because she knows the way to the Arkoddian Island and therefore is still useful.

At the Settlement the off-duty Drogue are sleeping. Luce tries to steal a flybike but cannot work out to operate it. She is caught by Gar Lindi and Makyn and given a warning. The other Drogue is awake by now and Makyn coldly berates her before announcing that Gol Hati has "resigned." Gar Lindi confirms this. Makyn is now Drogue leader and leader of The Settlement. He assures the Settlers that with Gol Hati out of the way things will improve. There will be no more excesses like taking a bath, the Arkoddian menace will be eliminated and if the Settlers do as they are told; there willl be peace, prosperity and joy for all.

On Arkoddian Island, Mephanny is persuaded by Jason to appeal to Voss to get them a hearing. He wants the Arkoddians to help kick the Drogue out of the Settlement. Mephanny agrees, and slips Lee a key, which Khelioz eyes hungrily. He denies being responsible for sabotaging the Stormrider on Luce Island but confesses that he doubled back — and found something. Something that proves that there is a way home. The answer, ironically, lies at the Settlement. If they help him escape and get his boat back, he'll show them the way. Lee leaps at the prospect of finding a way home. But Jason vetoes the plan and the boys have their biggest row ever, ending in a parting of ways when Lee escapes with Khelioz, leaving Jason behind. Vassler is aghast at this break-up of the Jason-Lee relationship. As for Jason, he cannot believe that Lee has abandoned him and gone with Khelioz. He is deeply, deeply hurt and troubled.