Produced by Archipelago Productions and Fremantle Australia production for the ABC

Creators: Andrew Knight, Max Dann, Marta Dusseldorp
Executive Producers: Sally Riley, Alex Baldwin, Louise Smith
Executive Producers: Andrew Knight, Brett Popplewell, Greg Sitch
Producers: Yvonne Collins, Marta Dusseldorp
Writers: Andrew Knight, Max Dann
Directors: Natalie Bailey, Wayne Blair

Airing: July 16, 2023... (ABC)

Anika Van Cleef is the last person who ever wanted to live in a remote community in the wilds of Tasmania but multiple attempts on her life suggest a change of address may be advisable. In a nightmare blur she and her two kids are whipped off to Mystery Bay, a place where locals hide more secrets than they do, and outsiders are viewed with suspicion bordering on the murderous. (8x60min)
Marta DusseldorpStella Heikkinen
Toby Leonard MooreJeremiah
Ava CaryofyllisIris Heikkinen
Imi MbedlaOtis Heikkinen
Stephen CurryFrancis Pike
Rachel HouseAirini
Matt NableThaddeus
Nicholas BellGraham
Nikolai NikolaeffJohann
Tony BarryJoseph
Pamela RabeMagda
Kerry FoxFrankie McLeish
cast photo

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