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Twists and Turns

Episode 22

Canada: August 19, 2009
Australia: ? (Nine)

Written by Robert Greenberg
Directed by Mark DeFriest

Jason tries to convince the Arkoddians to help the Settlers get rid of Makyn and the Drogue.

Jason asks how the Arkoddians are intending to survive when their water supply is drying up. He tells them about the Great Water. While the Council discuss the matter Jason shows Mephanny his mobile phone, and how it can take pictures and videos. Jason, Vassler and Dressler are called back to the Arkode. Voss asks Jason for more details about the Great Water. Jason explains his theory of the interconnected underground water. Voss is finally convinced and starts preparing for a return to the Settlement. Jason asks if he will share the water and Voss agrees.

Onboard the Valligat, Khelioz and Lee are sailing back to the Settlement when they pick up a distress signal. Lee recognises it as Ogee's homing beacon. He convinces Khelioz to stop while he dives down and recovers Ogee. Safely on board, Ogee is surprised by his unlikely duo of rescuers. He asks Lee where Jason is and Khelioz happily informs Ogee that Lee has abandoned Jason. Lee says it was because Khelioz has found the way out. Khelioz explains that on Luce Island he saw the blue stones which could only have come from the Sighing Peaks. He reasons that the key to the map must be at the Sighing Peaks. At the Settlement, Lee buries Ogee to hide him from the Drogue. He and Khelioz agree to meet at the Valligat at sunset before heading to the Sighing Peaks while Lee goes to let Flees know where he's hidden Ogee.

Makyn starts the Settlers to work on repairing the Beacon. Hintor objects and Makyn halves his rations. Flees and Luce return to Werrolda's shelter where they find Lee waiting for them. They are surprised he has returned without Jason. Lee tells them he left Jason on New Arkoddia so Jason could convince the Arkoddians to attack the Settlement and get rid of the Drogue. Khelioz said he knows the key to getting off Stormworld. If Lee pretended to be on Khelioz's side he could get that information, but if Jason knew the plan he might blow it, not being a very convincing liar. Lee is worried that Jason hates him, but is confident that Jason will convince the Arkoddians to come to the aid of the Settlement. He takes Flees to where he has hidden Ogee. Once reunited with Ogee, Flees decides Ogee will be safer here until after the Arkoddians attack. Makyn spots Flees returning and doesn't believe her when she tells him she was at Werrolda's grave. He calls Gar Lindi and tells her to increase the flybike patrols.

Lee is sneaking across the dunes to meet Khelioz when he is tackled to the ground. He looks up to discover his attacker is Jason, who has arrived with Vassler. Jason is still hurting from Lee's betrayal, especially as it is obvious it didn't amount to anything, as Lee is still on Stormworld. Lee pushes Jason to the ground — to stop him being seen by a flybike patrol and they have to run to find a place to hide. As they avoid the patrols, Lee explains that he always had faith Jason would convince the Arkoddians, but he needed Khelioz to believe he and Jason had fallen out so he would share his information.