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Family Ties

Episode 9

Canada: May 27, 2009
Australia: ? (Nine)

Written by Kelly Lefever
Directed by Edward McQueen-Mason

Vassler asks the Stormrider crew to take him back secretly to New Arkoddia so he can say goodbye to his mother.

The Stormrider is heading away from Arkoddian Island but Vassler can't bring himself to leave without saying a proper goodbye to his parents. Jason tells him it's too risky but Flees, surprisingly, agrees with Vassler. After winning a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lee gets to accompany Vassler onshore while Jason reluctantly stays aboard with Flees. Having stealthily advanced to the perimeter of the Arkoddian village, Lee and Vassler find the Arkoddians on guard against the threat of Outsiders. Vassler sneaks past the guards into the Plaza while Lee waits outside.

On Stormrider, Jason cannot contain his worry: Lee and Vassler have been gone too long — and the impending red sun will bring blood kelp which could prevent them getting safely back on board. Jason decides to go after Lee and Vassler and when Flees says it's too dangerous, he reminds her that she didn't think about the danger when she needed to rescue Ogee.

Vassler returns to his home and finds his mother, Dephra, alone. She is surprised but happy to see him and appeals to Vassler to stay. Meanwhile, still waiting outside the village, Lee is getting antsy when he spots Khelioz with Voss. He's sneaking up on them in order to eavesdrop when he's tackled. Thinking he's been caught by Arkoddians, Lee is surprised to find that his assailant is Jason, and somewhat miffed that his friend has seen fit to come after him.

Back at Vassler's home, Dephra finally accepts her son's decision to leave New Arkoddia. In a gesture uncharacteristic of the Arkoddian way, Vassler embraces his mother and goes — shortly before Dressler returns home. Dephra admits that Vassler has been to see her. Dressler, angry about the trouble his son has caused, sets out in pursuit, hoping to talk some sense into him.

Jason and Lee get close enough to Voss and Khelioz to hear that the Navigator has given vital information about The Settlement to the Arkoddians. After Khelioz departs, Voss reveals his mistrust of Khelioz and orders Dressler to follow the Valligat in the hope Khelioz will lead them to The Settlement.

After a close shave, Jason and Lee find Vassler. The three rush back to Stormrider where Lee tells Flees to dive and head out to sea. Amazingly, she complies without argument much to Jason's chagrin: she never does that for him. Spotting the Arkoddian's Klabaks through the periscope, Flees shows off Stormrider's power and soon leaves them far behind. Catching up to the Valligat, the kids find it besieged by blood kelp. Khelioz tries to maintain a calm demeanour while fending off the blood kelp but is forced to appeal to Flees for help. Flees clearly has the upper hand and proposes a Barter. Khelioz can come aboard Stormrider only if he shows them his part of the map. In desperation, Khelioz agrees. Once safely on board he admits that while he intends to show them his map, he doesn't happen to have it on him. He will, however, direct them to where it is hidden. While the kids are not pleased they have little recourse but to agree.

On the way, Flees pulls into an island to replenish their water supplies. During a particularly low tide they notice a broken metal shape emerging from the sand. At closer inspection it turns out to be a home-made kayak. Flees recognises a rivet pattern specific to her father. While it's unclear how long the kayak's been there, Flees' father definitely was here— and still could be alive.