NBC Adds Horror Comedy Pilot 'Strange Calls'

NBC is giving Australian format Strange Calls another stab. The network on Wednesday handed out a pilot order to a remake of the Aussie comedy
january 28 | www.hollywoodreporter.com

Aussie producer on the hardest part of making TV in Afghanistan [audio]

On top of the usual pressures of television production, Tierrney faced new challenges -- like finding women who had their family's blessing to act, and writing plot lines without soap tropes like infidelity, drunkenness and debauchery. On the flip side, she and her crew got away with stunts that would never fly in Australia.
january 21 | www.cbc.ca

Offspring creator Debra Oswald finds character flaws very Useful in new book

[Debra Oswald] is engaged in the build-up to the release of Useful, her first work of adult fiction, one that bears Oswald's creative signature of a story about messy human entanglements told with heart and a liberal dash of humour.
january 24 | www.smh.com.au

Kiwi actors making it big across the ditch

Being world famous in New Zealand is all very well, but a new, fresh-faced wave of New Zealand actors is choosing to be world famous in Australia
january 24 | www.nzherald.co.nz

Vale: James Walker

Screenwriter James Walker, whose credits include McLeod's Daughters, Home & Away, Neighbours, Wild Boys and Wonderland, has died aged 41.
january 23 | www.tvtonight.com.au

Foxtel's unusual deal with Oz actor

When Foxtel executives first saw Deadline Gallipoli, they were so impressed with the performance of Joel Jackson they made a highly unusual deal with the young actor and his agent...
january 21 | if.com.au

Hiding [review]

So if you're creating one based around a witness protection scheme, it had better be very credible. In ABC's Hiding, I just didn't believe many of the choices that were being pitched to me as supposedly being real.
january 20 | www.tvtonight.com.au

Gallipoli and The Secret River: TV set to challenge Australia's foundation myths

Was Australia 'born on the shores of Gallipoli' – or a century earlier on its own soil? Two new dramas bring Australian history and identity into sharp focus.
january 17 | www.theguardian.com

Housos, like Wicked camper vans, has no redeeming, uplifting features

Housos is riddled with cliches and stereotypes about drug taking, sexual promiscuity, personal dishonesty, disrespect for authority and incessant foul language. But above all it shows no redeeming prospect for social mobility.
january 17 | www.theaustralian.com.au

Justified in his success

Adelaide-born actor Damon Herriman will be a regular sight on the TV screens of discerning viewers this year, kicking off with the highly anticipated final season of neo-western Justified.
january 16 | au.news.yahoo.com

Mount Eliza becomes Anzac Cove for Gallipoli TV mini series

It's a strip of seafront once made famous when Hollywood came to town in 1959 to shoot On the Beach... Now Mount Eliza beach... will star again, this time in the eight-hour TV mini-series Gallipoli, screening next month. Not that the location will be immediately recognisable.
january 18 | www.smh.com.au

'The Slap' NBC official trailer released, series will be 'far more psychological' than Australian version

The cast of NBC's upcoming miniseries "The Slap" spoke about the show while attending the Television Critics Association press tour in Pasadena on Friday. The eight-episode series is based on a novel by Christos Tsiolkas, which was also turned into a miniseries in Australia.
january 17 | www.fashionnstyle.com

Vale: Sarah Kemp

Actress Sarah Kemp, best known for Sons And Daughters, has died.
january 13 | www.tvtonight.com.au

Rod Taylor: An Appreciation of the Under-Appreciated

Rod Taylor, who died this week in Los Angeles at age 84, was one of Australia's most successful film exports. His accomplishments can stand beside those of Tasmanian Errol Flynn in the 1930s and Geoffrey Rush of Queensland in the 2000s. Yet he was vastly under-appreciated in his home country.
january 10 | www.hollywoodreporter.com


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