No more mousey housekeeper, Nadine Garner gets stuck into the ABC

Before we get to the problem of the unresolved sexual tension between Dr Lucien Blake and his housekeeper Jean Beazley, we need to ponder Nadine Garner's problem with the ABC...
february 13 | www.smh.com.au

Aussie actor Benedict Samuel talks about his future on AMC's The Walking Dead

After two months off air, the AMC series returns from December's mid-season finale. And with it, Australian actor Benedict Samuel (best known here for his portrayal of Skeet in ABC's recent drama, The Beautiful Lie), is returning as the mysterious 'Alpha Wolf'.
february 13 | www.news.com.au

Ryan Corr reveals he thought his job on Wanted might be his last

This feels so wrong pistol whipping Julie Rafter... I'm never going to work again after this." These words echoed through Ryan Corr's head as he and Rebecca Gibney shot their very first scene together for Channel Seven's new dram series Wanted.
february 13 | www.news.com.au

Rising star Kat Hoyos from Here Come the Habibs heading for fame

WHEN she was still a child, Newtown actress Kat Hoyos made a sensible decision -- she would become a successful entertainer and she's on her way after her debut as Layla on Nine's new comedy Here Come the Habibs last night.
february 10 | www.news.com.au

Lobster Habib

In the lead up to Meet the Habibs [sic], the first Australian sitcom Channel Nine has made in the 21st Century, it's been hard to know what's worse - the articles stirring up outrage... Or the articles telling us not to be outraged
february 09 | blog.australiantumbleweeds.com

Andrew Knight on Jack Irish: "I'm really pleased with it"

Asked how he's doing after a whirlwind year, screenwriter Andrew Knight is characteristically understated: "I'm alive and trying to construct a breakfast at the moment". In between film work last year, Knight wrote new seasons of Rake and Jack Irish simultaneously, a process he calls "a blur".
february 09 | if.com.au

Jack Irish heads off the page

You know you have the trust of an author when they allow you to depart from their novels and create new storylines based on your characters. That's just what's happened with the new 6 part series of Jack Irish.
february 09 | www.tvtonight.com.au

Kiwi stars revel in their dirty laundry

Veteran stage and screen actress Jennifer Ward-Lealand will lead TV One's megabucks new drama series Dirty Laundry.
february 07 | www.nzherald.co.nz

ABC TV developing 'The Sapphires' as a TV series

Hit Australian film The Sapphires is being developed into an animated kids series for the ABC, by the films producers Goalpost Pictures and animation house Sticky Pictures said Wednesday.
february 02 | www.mediaday.com.au

Gibney gives her all to drama

A fixture on Australian screens for three decades, Rebecca Gibney wanted to shake things up with her new series Wanted, which puts two women in the wrong place at the wrong time.
february 01 | au.news.yahoo.com

Drama just what the doctor ordered

Craig McLachlan exudes energy as he walks across the room and slides on to a bench in the old Sunbury Asylum — the location of several sets for The Doctor Blake Mysteries.
january 27 | au.news.yahoo.com

Cleverman to premiere in Berlin

Screen Australia and Goalpost Pictures' Cleverman will premiere at the upcoming Berlinale - the same berth given to the likes of Better Call Saul and Bloodline at last year's festival.
january 25 | if.com.au

Vale: Lois Ramsey

Veteran actress Lois Ramsey, best known for Aussie soaps including The Box and Prisoner, has died aged 93.
january 23 | www.tvtonight.com.au

US adaptation for Upper Middle Bogan

Another ABC comedy series is getting a US adaptation with Upper Middle Bogan receiving a pilot order from CBS.
january 21 | www.tvtonight.com.au

How Guy Pearce turned a 'fringey show for practically no-one' into a mainstream comedy

Michael Shanks does not take offence when I tell him he's the worst actor in The Wizards of Aus, which he also co-wrote, directed and did the special effects for. That's because the standard of comparison is ridiculously high...
january 17 | www.smh.com.au

This new Aussie drama puts LGBT teens at the forefront

With a fresh Aussie cast, strong community backing, and a pilot launched on YouTube just last week, Subject to Change has picked up fans already. But now, its creators are looking for a network or streaming service to back the show — and bring episode two to life.
january 17 | www.buzzfeed.com

Homicide creator Hector Crawford, godfather of TV drama

Six months before Australian TV was due to begin transmission, Crawford wrote a letter to every politician in the country arguing that "unless protective steps are taken, the best of our talent will be lost ... and people's taste in programming will be moulded irretrievably to the American and English form ... to the detriment of Australian culture as a whole".
january 16 | www.theaustralian.com.au


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