Jeffrey Walker Webinar: Child Actor to International Director

In a webinar for upper primary and secondary schools, students had the opportunity to ask Australian director Jeffrey Walker about his inspirational career.
june 25 | www.youtube.com

WA stars with finger on Pulse

A high-flying financial analyst suffers kidney failure and receives a life-saving organ transplant. She throws in her job, goes through years of medical school and starts her rotation in the transplant unit of a busy Western Sydney teaching hospital where her nephrologist works... It sounds like the plot of a TV show, and it is. But what is remarkable about the new ABC drama Pulse is it is based on a true story.
july 10 | thewest.com.au

Vale Ronny Chieng International Student

Ronny Chieng International Student has been that rare thing in Australian sitcom: a show you want to see more of. If it was released on Netflix, you'd sit down to watch one and then realise two hours later that you'd just watched four of them.
july 12 | blog.australiantumbleweeds.com

Ioan Gruffudd to topline Hoodlum crime drama 'Harrow'

Welsh actor Ioan Gruffudd (Horatio Hornblower, Forever, San Andreas) will head back Down Under to play the lead in Hoodlum Entertainment's new crime drama, Harrow.
july 12 | if.com.au

Mystery Road becomes spin-off series for ABC

ABC has announced a new drama series Mystery Road: The Series, a six part spin-off from the 2013 Ivan Sen feature starring Aaron Pedersen.
july 12 | www.tvtonight.com.au

Westside: tackling sexism amid the bad wigs and burnt orange bathrobes

Big hair, tight jeans and criminal behaviour are returning to our screens with the third season of spin-off drama Westside. This time around the Outrageous Fortune prequel series is set in 1982, the year in which the country's first Warehouse store opened and war broke out in the Falklands.
july 09 | www.stuff.co.nz

Bronson #3 tells us everything we ever wanted to know about Round The Twist

Ahead of a Round The Twist screening at our inaugural Video Junkee festival, we caught up with Matthew Waters (AKA Bronson number three) to talk all things weird, wonderful, and 'Whirling Derfish'.
july 07 | junkee.com

'Kingswood Country was racist, but it turned me into a star'

He's been called a "bloody wog" and a "dago" on television, but the insults made Lex Marinos a household name. The 68-year old played the Italian character Bruno on Kingswood Country, a classic Australian show that almost certainly wouldn't get made today.
july 09 | startsat60.com

A breast cancer battle, a stint in real estate and a death from pneumonia: Where are the memorable faces of The Flying Doctors today

When it comes to iconic Australian drama, few series will be remembered as fondly as They Flying Doctors.
july 07 | www.dailymail.co.uk

Why Australia Won't Face Up To A Problem Like Chris Lilley

In the mid-2000s, he elevated social satire to prestige dramedy, capturing the hearts of fans and critics by "going there" and distilling the basic essence of contemporary Australia. Or so the narrative goes. Lilley was depicted as a comic savant: an uncanny reflection of a nation undergoing change. Whether or not you believe all that, he's also a minstrel
july 04 | junkee.com

McLeod's Daughters reboot on the cards

It has been off air for nearly a decade but McLeod's Daughters could be given new life by Channel Nine.
july 06 | www.theage.com.au

Cleverman's Rob Collins: from drama graduate to leading man in 4 years

since graduating from the National Institute of Dramatic Arts in 2013, his burgeoning career has meant a nomadic working existence, travelling around Australia for an ever-increasing range of stage and screen roles.
july 05 | www.stuff.co.nz

Hunter: Australian TV's James Bond

Fifty years ago saw the debut of the Nine Network's new spy drama, Hunter.
july 05 | televisionau.com

The ABC confirms that the movie-length finale of The Doctor Blake Mysteries begins filming in August

The final episode of The Doctor Blake Mysteries is set to begin filming in late August. The news comes as producers December Media continue to seek a lifesaver for the hit Aussie drama.
july 03 | www.dailytelegraph.com.au

Playing a teen mum 'life changing' for Perth starlet

Having a baby was the furthest thing from 17-year-old Shannon Berry's mind before she landed a role on hit TV drama Offspring. But the young Perth actor had to submerge herself in the mindset of first-time motherhood to play teen mum Brody in the current seventh season of the show
july 03 | thewest.com.au

How web series are shaking up Australia's screen industry

The recent Film, Television and Digital Games Survey, conducted by the ABS for Screen Australia, showed a staggering growth in web series made in Australia: from just 107 episodes in 2012 to 3,248 in 2016.
june 30 | theconversation.com


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