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Barter, Barter Everywhere

Episode 1.03

Canada: Wed, April 01, 2009
Australia: ? (Nine)

Written by
Directed by

Despite Mystals and Drogue stunbolts Jason and Lee recover the Cougar only to realise that the Drogue have stripped it of almost everything valuable and that, without fuel, it is useless.

Jason and Lee are aboard the Valligat with Khelioz on a mission to rescue the Cougar from the Drogue. Khelioz tells the boys that he will distract the Drogue while the boys swim to the Cougar and escape.

As the Valligat approaches the Drogue camp, Khelioz tells Jason and Lee to keep out of sight of the Drogue Watcher. He tells them not to move until the Drogue Watcher has been summoned back to the Drogue Camp. Khelioz anchors the Valligat close to the beach and wades ashore while Jason and Lee get ready for their swim and go over their rescue strategy.

In the Drogue Camp, Khelioz barters with Gol Hati. He will fix the Drogue's helmet radios to make them free of static in return for Gol Hati's promise to leave the Settlement alone. Gol Hati agrees and sends for the Watcher, Tor Sulta, so that her radio might also be fixed. When the boys see the flybike leave they leap into action, swimming as fast as they can for the Cougar. When they see a beautiful multi-coloured fog drifting towards them they are unconcerned until several birds fly into the cloud and drop senseless into the sea! Then the Mystal is upon them. They dive and wait till it passes before continuing to the Cougar. Once aboard they discover that the Drogue have stripped it of almost all its gear.

The boy's plan is to paddle the boat out to where the engine noise won't be heard by the Drogue, but when they are spotted by a Drogue, Gar Lindi, Jason is forced to start up the engine and take off. Gar Lindi gives chase, firing off stunrays. Jason is in his element, deftly evading the stunrays before gunning the Cougar's engines and leaving a furious Gar Lindi far behind.

When Gol Hati learns that the Cougar has been stolen she accuses Khelioz of being involved. Khelioz calmly deflects her anger and takes his leave.

Jason is bringing the Cougar into Settlement Bay when the main fuel tank gives out. The Cougar drifts in alongside the Stormrider where Flees is on deck. Flees is scathing as she points out that, without fuel, the Cougar is a useless raft. On Stormworld you can't just flash some cash and "fill 'er up".

Back on board the Stormrider, an undeterred Jason proceeds to tell Flees of their exploits. Flees is not overly impressed. She and Jason argue over the Barter he made with Khelioz and Flees ends up ordering the boys off her boat.

In the Settlement, Jason and Lee wait in the Barter Tent for Khelioz. There is some dispute as to the terms of their Barter but in the end Khelioz is forced to accept the boys' lifejackets as full payment for helping them rescue the Cougar.

The boys head back to the Stormrider in search of a meal. Jason and Flees argue again and the boys discover that Flees has no interest in returning to Earth. She is determined to keep searching for her father who disappeared on Stormworld several years earlier.