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Long Way Home

Episode 25

Canada: September 02, 2009
Australia: ? (Nine)

Written by Robert Greenberg
Directed by Mark DeFriest

While collecting fuel for the voyage to the Island of the Abiders, the kids are betrayed by Voss.

The Arkoddians and Settlers are eating breakfast together, but a fight breaks out when Voss insists that the Arkoddians should not share the Settler's food as it is not "Arkoddian". Jason calms down the situation.

Later Jason and Lee cut a deal with Voss — he will give the boys fuel in return for a lift to Arkoddian Island so he can help with the transfer of the rest of the Arkoddians to the Settlement. Flees decides to go with the boys though she doesn't intend leave if, indeed, they find the way home. Jason addresses the Settlers for the last time. He shows them the map, briefly explaining its origins and history. He is not interested in becoming leader because the more important issue is the possibility of everybody going home. In the meantime, the Settlers can make all important decisions collectively and democratically.

Jason, Lee, Flees, Ogee and Voss set off in the Cougar. Once on Arkoddian Island Voss tells them that after the last Winder the fuel was stored in the prison. The fuel is indeed in the prison but Voss locks them up. However Lee still has the key Mephanny slipped him when they were last imprisoned on Arkoddian Island. Whilst they are now able to get out, they decide to turn the tables on Voss. When Voss returns for more fuel, Lee activates the video function on his mobile phone while Jason demands an explanation for Voss's treacherous behaviour. Voss explains that his people have turned against him and there's no role here for him any more. He is going home — and doesn't care about what happens to the other Arkoddians. He leaves with the final can of fuel for the Cougar.

When Voss returns from refuelling the Cougar, he finds that Jason, Lee, Flees and Ogee have been freed. Mephanny accuses Voss of betraying his office and his people. When he denies it, Lee tosses his mobile to Mephanny. Mephanny plays the recording of Voss's speech about going and not caring about the other Arkoddians. The Arkoddians crowd around Mephanny. To most, this is like magic, but its existence is clear. Then they turn on Voss, surrounding him and marching him off to prison.

With the Cougar ready to go, Jason tells Mephanny and Dephra that Dressler will arrive soon to take everybody to The Settlement. And if they find the portal, everyone will be able to go home. The Cougar heads away with Jason, Lee, Flees and Ogee aboard. As they approach the Island of the Abiders they are faced with a wall of lightning. It's the Lode Storm of Stormworld. Trying to find a way around it, they discover that it completely rings the Island of the Abiders, leaving them only one choice: Jason revs the Cougar and drives it at full bore directly into the Lode Storm. The Cougar dodges and weaves through the terrifying shafts of lightning of the mother of all storms.

Safely through the storm, they push into an inlet among the mangroves. Behind them, between the mangroves and the Lode Storm, Khelioz watches them through the Stormrider's periscope.