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Family First

Episode 12

Canada: June 17, 2009
Australia: ? (Nine)

Written by Alex Burrows and Robert Greenberg
Directed by Mark DeFriest

While the kids face charges of water theft, an Arkoddian scouting party recces the Settlement and Dressler decides to defy his orders and bring Vassler home.

Vassler needs more water so he and Ogee go to Stormrider. Makyn, Hintor and Llargh escort Jason, Lee, Flees and Luce back to the Settlement but abandon them when Toff, on Stormwatch duty, warns of an approaching Twister, sending everyone rushing for the Storm Shelters. After the Twister passes, Jason, Lee and Flees go in search of Vassler and Ogee. Flees warns that Twisters are generally followed by other storms and sure enough, just as they find Vassler and Ogee, a deadly Winder appears. Vassler diffuses the Winder with a metal rod. Makyn and Llargh turn up and it's time to face the music.

Dressler arrives at Settlement Island with a scouting party just as the kids go on trial in the Barter Tent for water stealing. Makyn states his evidence against the accused but Flees argues that the Settlers ought to be questioning why the Tank was empty. Werrolda steps forward to speak in their defence. Shortly after, Khelioz slips away from the Barter Tent and goes to search Stormrider where he discovers a chart etched into the metal under the cushion of a pilot's (Dad's) chair. He now knows the way to Luce Island where he believes that the wreck (and the rest of the map showing the way out of Stormworld) are located.

Dressler sends Apssed and Hilss to scout then makes his way to the Settlement when he sees Vassler being taken into the Barter Tent. Meanwhile at the trial it's not looking good for the kids. Makyn has denied pushing Luce into the Tank and there is nothing to prove otherwise.

Dressler tells the other Arkoddians that he has seen his son and that they will be taking him back with them. When Dressler admits that they cannot do so without being seen, Apssed protests that Voss has ordered that on no account are they to betray their presence. Dressler outranks Apssed however and Apssed is forced to obey.

As the trial continues, Jason admits they would take extra water for Vassler but only because he needs it to survive. He argues that the Settlement was created to help people according to their needs and not to some arbitrary formula. Hintor, Chacgis and Horimir decide they are guilty of water stealing. As punishment, Jason and Lee are ordered to carry out various tasks for the Settlement, Luce must repair the Reserve Tank and Flees has to hand over the Stormrider to the Settlement. Before Flees can protest, the armed Arkoddians arrive and Dressler calls for his son. Vassler talks privately with his father while Apssed and Hilss guard the Settlers. Vassler wants to stay in the Settlement but knows he has to go back to New Arkoddia. He bids goodbye to the Stormrider crew and leaves with his father.

Toff and Lhinrade return to their farming plot to discover some crops missing. At first they suspect the Drogue. But then Toff suggests the Arkoddians must have been scouting the Settlement before coming for Vassler. Later, when the kids are watching The Settlers start to take Stormrider apart, Khelioz approaches and lets Flees know he believes that he knows where they can find the map showing the way home. But the information is useless without transport. He tells the kids he is willing to help them get the Stormrider back.