SBS announces cast for The Hunting

Asher Keddie and Richard Roxburgh will lead an ensemble cast in the new four-part SBS original drama The Hunting.
january 18 | tvtonight.com.au

Four TV series amongst latest Screen Australia round of funding

Screen Australia has announced $7.5 million in production funding for two feature film projects, four television series and one web series.
january 14 | mediaweek.com.au

Original Neighbours actor Darius Perkins dies age 54

Neighbours actor Darius Perkins has died aged 54. The star, who played the original Scott Robinson when the show started in 1985, had been battling cancer.
january 05 | www.entertainmentdaily.co.uk

A Country Practice actor Penny Cook dies aged 61

Australian actor Penny Cook, who starred in the TV drama series A Country Practice, has died aged 61. In a statement released via her management company, Cook's family said she died of cancer last night.
december 27 | www.abc.net.au

Obituary: Terry McDermott

Actor Terry McDermott, one of the founding cast members of the long-running series Homicide, has died at the age of 91.
december 23 | televisionau.com

Filthy Rich Greenlit for US Pilot

Fox TV has ordered a pilot based on South Pacific Pictures’ Filthy Rich, which aired on TVNZ 2 for two seasons.
december 20 | www.screenscribe.net

Seven rules out Blake Mysteries for 2019

Seven is not proceeding with more of The Blake Mysteries in 2019, all but signalling the end for the Doctor Blake franchise.
december 19 | tvtonight.com.au

Rebel Wilson to Star in Australian Drama Series ‘Les Norton’

Rebel Wilson and David Wenham will star in Australian drama series “Les Norton.” Adapted from the novels of Robert G. Barrett, the show is presented by The Australian Broadcasting Corporation and Screen Australia.
december 18 | variety.com

Vale: Andrew Prowse

Director Andrew Prowse, whose credits include Farscape, Heartbreak High and The Heights, died earlier this month.
december 17 | tvtonight.com.au

No Activity shows us how nothing can be everything

With most television or film creations, there’s a golden rule directors put in place before the cameras start to roll: follow the script... Patrick Brammall is more than happy to throw that rule out the window.
december 11 | www.canberratimes.com.au

Judy McBurney - star of Australian TV soap Prisoner - dies aged 70 after a long battle with cancer

Actress Judy McBurney has passed away at the age of 70 after a near four-year battle with cancer on Saturday morning.
december 01 | www.dailymail.co.uk

Nadine Garner takes charge in Blake Mysteries

Ballarat, 1963. A group of scouts are sitting around a camp fire at night, listening to ghost stories, their eyes wide with mock fear. By morning the horror will be real... Welcome back to the not-so- cosy crime of The Blake Mysteries, where everything we knew and loved about The Doctor Blake Mysteries returns. Well, almost.
november 29 | thewest.com.au

'It's a blandfest': Samuel Johnson calls for 'more ugly people' on TV

Actor Samuel Johnson has hit out at the lack of diversity on Australian screens, labelling local TV a "blandfest"... Johnson, 40, said the local industry had "globalised" and left actors who didn't fit the Hollywood superhero mould struggling to find work.
november 29 | www.theage.com.au

Boxing drama On the Ropes pulls no punches

Nine Entertainment Co chief executive Hugh Marks has announced Rebecca Gibney will be back on the network reprising her iconic Jane Halifax role.
november 27 | thewest.com.au

The 10 most intriguing new Australian TV dramas for 2019

Nine Entertainment Co chief executive Hugh Marks has announced Rebecca Gibney will be back on the network reprising her iconic Jane Halifax role.
november 27 | thenewdaily.com.au


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