Vale Chris Thomson

Chris Thomson, one of the founding directors of the burgeoning New Zealand film and television industry in the 1960s, died in Sydney after a sudden stroke on July 1. He was 70. Born in Wellington, Thomson directed the first ever drama to air on New Zealand television... He also directed the first ever episode of A Country Practice in 1981.
july 02 | if.com.au

What lies beyond: Patrick Brammall and Rodger Corser headline supernatural thriller Glitch

Is it a paranormal drama? A small-town mystery with an Australian Gothic flavour? A high-concept genre piece? A supernatural tale of The Risen? Perhaps an exploration of our national history, a thriller, or a love story? Whatever you might choose to call Glitch - and those involved offer all of these descriptions - the six-part series is built on an inspired premise that's rich with possibility.
june 30 | if.com.au

Five drama commissions from ABC

ABC TV has confirmed new series of Janet King, Rake, Jack Irish, The Code and The Doctor Blake Mysteries.
june 30 | if.com.au

Foxtel to boost local production

Foxtel is boosting its commitment to local programming, announcing Tuesday in Canberra that it will double its investment in new scripted, factual, lifestyle and entertainment programming by 2018.
june 29 | www.mediaday.com.au

Glitch [review]

Whilst international television has been embracing horror and paranormal dramas... it's generally deemed a genre that requires a hefty budget. But Glitch demonstrates that it is still possible to unravel an intriguing tale without massive casts and expensive set pieces.
june 29 | www.tvtonight.com.au

Rake secures $300,000 from Screen NSW for fourth season

Legal drama Rake, which will begin production of its fourth season in September, will be filmed and post-produced in Sydney. It's estimated the series will create 300 jobs, and cost more than $7.8 million to create.
june 19 | www.smh.com.au

Nine developing Alan Bond miniseries

Buoyed no doubt by its ratings results for The House of Hancock, Nine and Cordell Jigsaw Zapruder are developing a miniseries on the life of Alan Bond — once the network's very own proprietor.
june 24 | www.tvtonight.com.au

Australian TV stars say reality TV is killing off actors' jobs

During interviews for today's special Sunday Herald Sun liftout on the living legends of TV, star after star decried the "death" of live shows and drama on our networks.
june 21 | www.heraldsun.com.au

A Country Practice — the novels

Classic TV favourite A Country Practice is back in the spotlight — now as a series of authorised novels by one of its original writers.
june 21 | www.tvtonight.com.au

Announcing: our first opera for television!

Opera Australia and ABC TV are pleased to announce that production is underway in Melbourne on The Divorce, a contemporary comedic opera written and designed especially for the screen.
june 19 | www.theoperablog.com

Festival prize for Anthony Hayes

Anthony Hayes' performance as a tenacious cop in Hoodlum's Secrets & Lies earned him the most outstanding actor in a miniseries prize at the Monte Carlo Television Festival's Golden Nymph Awards.
june 19 | if.com.au

Australian film talent and stories deserve protection in order to be heard

The federal government's plan to remove rules promoting homegrown talent doesn't just shift the goal posts, it rips them out of the ground
june 17 | www.theguardian.com

Foxtel and Screen Australia announce fresh crop of Australian dramas and documentaries

Programs coming to Australian screens include a Screen Autralia-funded documentary on One Nation founder Pauline Hanson, as well as a second season of controversial SBS drama First Contact. Foxtel have also provided the first look at their new drama series Secret City, a political thriller based on journalists Chris Uhlmann and Steve Lewis' novel The Mandarin Code.
june 16 | www.smh.com.au

Producers want Local Content quotas redefined for "First Release" TV

Australian producers want the government to redefine local content to a 'first release' global status to encourage television networks to commission premiere TV. The push follows the Nine Network screening 51% of New Zealand-produced drama in 2013, counting towards Australian content quotas under the Australia-NZ Economic Trade Agreement.
june 16 | www.tvtonight.com.au

The Secret River: behind the scenes — in pictures

An exclusive look at the ABC miniseries The Secret River, based on Kate Grenville's award-winning novel.
june 12 | www.theguardian.com

Shaun Micaleff skewers political life as 'The Ex-PM'

Production has started in Melbourne Shaun Micaleff's new comedy, The Ex-PM... Micaleff, who has penned the show, stars as Australia's third longest-serving Prime Minister, Andrew Dugdale who, now retired has far too much time on his hands and no-one to waste it on.
june 11 | www.mediaday.com.au


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