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Liberation Day

Episode 23

Australia: ? (Nine)

Written by Bryan McQueen-Mason
Directed by Mark DeFriest

The Settlement is liberated and Jason discovers that the Sighing Peaks represent a map of the islands of Stormworld.

In The Settlement, Gar Lindi and Makyn order Flees to give them directions to Arkoddian Island. When she refuses to co-operate, they force her into the Reserve Tank, weighting the lid with rocks and leaving her to reconsider. But Jason and Lee have witnessed this and they pull her out. Flees realises that Makyn is due to return for her before the attack is planned. If she is not still in the tank he'll send out a Drogue search party, which could blow everything. So back in she goes.

Makyn reassigns the Stormrider's Drogue guard to other duties before heading back to the Reserve Tank. Flees says she's ready to talk and gives him directions to Arkoddian Island. But Makyn leaves her in the Tank — just in case she's lying. He orders Gar Lindi to fly to Arkoddian Island and destroy their boats. Vassler, who has been eavesdropping, darts off to tell Jason that the plan worked. With Gar Lindi on her mission, the Drogue are one down already.

Voss has arrives to hear the scouting party report. Jason outlines a plan they've come up with to take the Settlement by stealth and cunning but Voss says the only way is a full assault. Jason argues that the risk to life is too great. Voss is adamant. He orders Jason and Lee to stay where they are and wait for the main party, due to arrive soon, and leaves Apssed with them to make sure his orders are obeyed.

Once Voss has left Apssed tells Jason and Lee he is on their side. He's prepared to defy Voss to help them carry out their plan. The only problem now is time. They must retake the Settlement before Voss gets back.

Jason's party approaches the Reserve Tank, dodging the Drogue patrol. They rescue Flees. Meanwhile Lee has crept to the flybike parking area at the edge of the Settlement. The Drogue guard is asleep allowing Lee to disable the bikes. There's a sticky moment when Makyn returns and berates the guard for sleeping but Lee remains unseen.

Concealed in the bushes near the Reserve Tank, Flees waits until the Drogue patrol is overhead before breaking cover and running. The Drogue spots her and gives chase. As she comes to a spot that Jason marked earlier, Flees "trips" and falls. When the Drogue stops to investigate, Jason, Vassler and Apssed rise up from the sand where they have buried themselves and wrestle the Drogue to the ground. In the distance they see Gar Lindi returning from her mission.

Returning to the Settlement. Gar Lindi tells Makyn that Flees has duped them. Makyn is ordering the Drogue to mount up when he sees Jason astride Gar Lindi's flybike. Lee steps forward and announces that the other bikes have been disabled. When another flybike lands, Makyn thinks he has a chance but it's none other than Flees dressed in the captured Drogue's uniform. As Jason attempts to take off, Makyn leaps aboard and the two have an airborne struggle that takes them out to the desert. Finally, with Flees providing a distraction, Jason manages to dislodge Makyn who drops to the soft sand below and escapes.

As Jason heads back to the Settlement, he makes an important discovery. Flying over the Sighing Peaks, he recognises a pattern and realises that the stones constitute a map of Stormworld.