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The Great Water

Episode 24

Australia: ? (Nine)

Written by Vanessa Yardley
Directed by Mark DeFriest

The Settlers, Arkoddians and Drogue work together to discover the Great Water and Jason and Lee work out the route to the Island of the Abiders — and the way home.

While flying over the Sighing Peaks, Jason has discovered that the giant columns form a map. He and Flees remember the rendezvous with the Arkoddians and race to meet them. The Arkoddians fire at them believing them to be Drogue. Voss is not pleased to hear Jason did not follow his orders — even if, as Jason cheerfully points out, the Drogue were beaten. Jason returns to the Settlement. While the last Drogue is bundled away to be locked the Storm shelter, Jason grabs Lee and they sneak off. Voss arrives and reprimands Apssed and Vassler.

Jason shows the map to Lee. When they land, Lee points out that there's nothing to indicate where the portal is. That information has to be on Khelioz's map fragment. The boys fly off to find Khelioz. But Khelioz has been hiding nearby and has overheard everything.

With the Drogue threat passed, Flees goes to retrieve Ogee from the dunes. While doing so, a Twister hits and they rush for shelter. At the Settlement, Khelioz distracts Hilss and steals his lazbolt. As he is leaving to the Settlement, Makyn proposes that they join forces. Jason tries to placate an angry Voss, who accuses Jason of lying about the Great Water. When the news comes that Hilss was taken by the Twister and his lazbolt is missing, Voss becomes more suspicious. Offended, Jason immediately starts the search. As they head off, Luce spots Makyn sneaking to the beach and follows him. Ogee has configures the best place to dig and everyone starts work. On the beach, Luce sees Khelioz preparing to set off in Stormrider. Makyn rushes after him and leaps on deck. After a brief scuffle, Makyn is flung into the water, taking Khelioz's cloak with him. Khelioz dashes into the control room and Stormrider sails off. Luce quickly rushes back to tell the others.

They are still digging when suddenly a great plume of water bursts from the ground. Everybody celebrates. Luce arrives to tell Jason, Flees and Lee the news about Khelioz. Jason and Lee intercept a dripping wet Makyn. They are (not entirely) shocked to hear that Khelioz has double- crossed Makyn and stolen Stormrider to go to the Island of the Abiders. But Makyn has Khelioz's cloak — and Khelioz's part of the map. Jason and Lee are prepared to Barter and Makyn asks for a flybike. When Flees sees Makyn taking off on it, she is livid that the boys let him get away. They explain that it was the best way to get rid of him. Now they know how to get to the Portal and they have the Cougar to get there.

Jason returns to the Settlement where Voss is trying to drive the Drogue into the desert. Most people, including some Arkoddians, are uneasy about this. Jason says now, with plentiful water, the Drogue can be integrated into the community with the Arkoddians. Gar Lindi asks to stay and her fellow Drogue follow suit. Everyone helps out to collect the gushing water. The kids start a water fight and soon everyone, except Voss, joins in. Jason watches Voss warily. Horimir warns him that it won't be long until Voss takes over. Both he and Flees think Jason should consider leading the Settlement. Jason is lost for words — and soon drenched when Lee and Luce upend a container of water over him. Jason joins in the fun, but can't help thinking on what Flees has said.