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Follow the Bouncing Ball

Episode 7

Canada: Wed, May 13, 2009
Australia: ? (Nine)

Written by Robert Greenberg
Directed by Edward McQueen-Mason

Flees is desperately repairing the Stormrider so that she can go after Khelioz and rescue Ogee.

Flees is frustrated that she cannot rescue Ogee until she's repaired the Stormrider's hull. Determined to leave on the next high tide, she is prepared to finish the repairs on the run if necessary. When Jason offers his advice, Flees is unimpressed and sends the boys to the Settlement for water rations.

Jason and Lee arrive there in time to hear Makyn announce that water rations will be halved due to a lack of rain. This is met with rebellious mutterings and Hintor states that Jason and Lee are not entitled to water. Werrolda argues with Hintor, Makyn suggests a compromise: the rations could be topped up with water from the farms' Catchment Tank. Werrolda agrees. As the crowd heads for the tank, Jason returns to the Stormrider to make sure Flees doesn't leave without them. Luce implores Werrolda to take action. She is convinced that Hintor is trying to take over the Settlement's leadership. Werrolda however, will not be drawn, seeking instead the counsel of the Sighing Peaks.

Back at the Stormrider, Jason tries to convince Flees to do a double weld on the hull but Flees stubbornly does it her way. She won't even concede to doing proper sea trials until she has rescued Ogee. Meanwhile, on the Valligat, Khelioz tries to talk Ogee into teaming up with him to find the way out of Stormworld.

At the Settlement, Toff emerges from the Catchment Tank to reveal that it's empty. The angry crowd blames Makyn for not looking after the tank properly. Thinking fast, Makyn authorises a Water Scavenge. Chaos ensues as everyone, including Lee and Luce, rushes off to the rock pools. There Luce reveals to Lee her suspicions about Makyn. She is convinced he has something to do with the tank being empty. Lee follows her to Makyn's shelter where they search but fail to find any concrete evidence.

Luce and Lee head for the Stormrider where Luce tries to convince Flees to help her talk sense into Werrolda. Flees refuses. She must leave to rescue Ogee — and the boys are going with her. Angry and disappointed, Luce rips off the medallion Flees gave to her earlier. (Episode 2).

Khelioz moors the Valligat at First Island to replenish his food and water supplies. He tries again to clinch a deal but Ogee says he cannot abandon Flees.

The Stormrider is finally back in the water. Flees convinces the boys that to find Ogee, the best thing to do is close their eyes and wait for inner guidance. The boys think she's crazy but end up complying only to find out Flees was having them on. A sign does come but not from inner guidance! Ogee has started transmitting the equivalent of a homing beacon. Flees bursts into action and heads for First Island where they spot the anchored Valligat and Khelioz on the beach nearby. Their plan is for Jason and Lee to distract Khelioz while Flees gets Ogee off the Valligat.

After some tense action, Flees rescues Ogee. Once the boys are aboard the Stormrider Flees wants to stop Khelioz from escaping with his part of the map but is foiled when the Stormrider starts sinking. Flees' repair job has not held up. They beach the Stormrider and are repairing the hull when a group of Arkoddians approach and capture them and Stormrider.