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The Settlement

Episode 2

Canada: March 25, 2009
Australia: ? (Nine)

Written by Alex Burrows
Directed by Mark DeFriest

Flees takes Jason and Lee to the Settlement where they meet Khelioz the Navigator who agrees to help the boys recover the Cougar.

The boys, Flees and Ogee are in the Stormrider heading to the Settlement — the biggest known permanent community on Stormworld. Suddenly, the Stormrider is caught in a storm and struck by a bolt of lighting, damaging the Stormrider's engine. Ogee configures that the engine has just enough power to get to the Settlement — if they are lucky.

As they approach Settlement Bay, the Stormrider's engine gives out and they have to rely on the tide taking them the rest of the way. The timing is tight given the speed of the tides, and swimming to shore is not an option: the red sunset means that the blood kelp are particularly active.

When the tide takes the Stormrider within reach of the mooring pylon at Settlement Bay there are only seconds to spare before the ebb tide takes them back out again. Jason and Flees fail to lasso the poles, but Lee succeeds.

The boys are dismayed to see that the Settlement is nothing more than a collection of ramshackle shelters. And it looks deserted. Flees tells the boys a bit about the Settlement and the Barter Tent, a place where people can trade goods, before heading to the Meet where the Settlers have gathered. Werrolda has proposed a treaty with the Drogue but Hintor thinks they need to fight back. A vote is held and Makyn announces the result with the majority supporting Werrolda.

Following the Meet, Flees catches up with her friend Luce and gives her a medallion she found on another island which she now names Luce Island. Then Flees introduces Lee and Jason to Werrolda who welcomes them and assumes they will be joining the Settlement. Jason and Lee have another agenda. Their main aim is to find a way out of this strange new world as quickly as possible.

Not long after, a Kainar storm brings rain, which the Settlers hastily collect- only for the water and supplies to be stolen almost immediately in another Drogue raid. Hintor is unimpressed.

The Kainar also brings the arrival of the enigmatic Khelioz the Navigator. He tries, unsuccessfully, to barter with Werrolda for parts of the Beacon while the boys go and check out Khelioz's craft— the Valligat. Jason and Lee conclude that Khelioz knows quite a bit about Stormworld, and that he is probably their best bet of getting out of this place. But first they need the Cougar. It is not just the top boat on this planet — its contents make them rich by Stormworld standards and provides them with goods to barter for supplies. They do a deal with Khelioz who agrees that in return for helping the boys retrieve their boat, he can have his pick of whatever he wants from on board the Cougar.

When Flees finds out about the deal she is not happy. She tells Jason and Lee that Khelioz is not to be trusted and calls him a shark. Khelioz appears and corrects her. He is an honourable shark and the Barter will stand. To Flees' disgust Jason and Lee decide to take the risk and follow Khelioz to the Valligat.