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Fire and Flight

Episode 16

Canada: Wed, July 29, 2009
Australia: ? (Nine)

Written by Bryan McQueen-Mason and Alex Burrows and Victor Gentile
Directed by Mark DeFriest

While attempting to break Vassler and Dressler out of prison, Lee and Flees discover the Arkoddians are planning to invade the Settlement.

Flees and Lee are back on New Arkoddia to try and bust Vassler and Dressler out of prison. Sneaking into the Plaza, they notice the Arkoddians loading seaweed into a distiller and Lee realises this is how they make fuel for their Klabaks. In the prison, Vassler and Dressler tell them that the Arkoddians are planning to invade the Settlement. Despite Flees' and Lee's pleading, Vassler and Dressler refuse to escape and the kids are forced to leave before they are caught themselves. On their way out of the village, a Winder sweeps into the Plaza and explodes the Arkoddian fuel dump. In the chaos Lee manages to filch a container of the fermenting powder.

On Stormrider, Jason blames Flees and Lee for not bringing back Vassler and Dressler and, much to Flees' annoyance, insists he'd have done a better job. Flees and Lee tell him about the invasion. When they mention the fuel, Jason becomes excited about the possibility of getting the Cougar back in action. Meanwhile, Voss is not happy. The entire fuel store is lost and the Arkoddians will have to start again. Apssed returns and tells Voss of the Outsiders' visit. Realising they must have come for Vassler and Dressler, Voss and Apssed question the prisoners and realise that they told the Outsiders about the proposed invasion.

The kids hurry back to Settlement Island to warn of the invasion. Upon arrival they are put on trial. They try to convince the Settlers that the invasion threat is real but Makyn insists it's a trick. Flees appeals to the Settlers but Jason loses patience and takes over, calling the Settlers thieves. While the kids are kept under guard in the Barter Tent, Hintor, Makyn and Chacgis retire to discuss the matter. Chacgis and Hintor believe the kids are telling the truth about the invasion. Furthermore they will be needed in the event of an attack. Makyn insists the kids should be punished. Putting his argument to the rest of the Settlers, Makyn is interrupted by Luce who has evidence that Makyn sabotaged the Reserve Tank. Makyn tries to talk his way out of it but he is proved guilty. Makyn runs for the desert to escape.

The Settlers turn their attention to the impending Arkoddian invasion. Hintor wants to negotiate but Jason says the only option is to evacuate to Luce Island where there is food and water. Werrolda interjects, insisting that the Settlement cannot be moved. For once, Hintor and Werrolda are in agreement — as are most of the Settlers. The Stormrider crew despairs, knowing exactly how responsive the Arkoddians are to "reason". Later, Jason, Lee and Flees appeal to Hintor who agrees to let them use materials from the Beacon to start making the seaweed-fuel as a back-up plan.

The kids start to strip the Beacon of materials to build a distilling tank. Werrolda is deeply hurt that they are dismantling the Beacon. Failing to bring them round to her way of thinking, Werrolda leaves, furious. Luce asks Flees how she could betray Werrolda after everything Werrolda has done for her. When Flees tries to explain, Luce runs away. Jason is pleased that for once Flees agrees with him and when it's obvious how upset she is about Werrolda and Luce, he is supportive.

In the desert, Makyn, exhausted and thirsty, collapses. Gol Hati lands beside him and asks what he's doing so far from the Settlement. After a drink of water, Makyn tells Gol Hati she's about to be given the opportunity of a lifetime.