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Changing Tides

Episode 10

Canada: June 03, 2009
Australia: ? (Nine)

Written by Coral Drouyn
Directed by Mark DeFriest

Flees is forced to accept that her father is dead and returns to The Settlement where Hintor, with the help of Maykn, has taken over as leader.

Flees rallies Jason and Lee to help search the island for her father. The boys do not believe anyone could have survived long there but Flees is adamant that they keep searching. The boys return to the kayak where they uncover an engraved watch — and there is no doubt it belonged to Flees' father. Upon seeing it, Flees goes numb. Her dad said he would never take that watch off. Flees is forced to accept that her father is dead. The boys expect Flees to break down but instead she bottles her emotions. To Khelioz's dismay, Flees decides that they will all return to the Settlement.

Once there, Flees seeks out Werrolda to ask if she can stay permanently at the Settlement but Werrolda is not convinced that is what Flees needs right now. Meanwhile, Jason, Lee and Luce introduce Vassler to The Settlement. The Settlers are less than thrilled by Vassler's biological need for extra water. For Hintor, this is further support of his argument that the Settlement should close its doors to Access Crashers. When it appears that the Settlers are starting to agree, Maykn spots an opportunity.

Jason, Lee and Vassler are eating their rations on the beach and discussing their current position when Khelioz approaches and points out that, while Flees is not interested in going anywhere, the boys (and his) only means of transport right now is Stormrider. He wonders aloud whether Flees should give, or at least loan, it to them. Jason is disgusted that Khelioz is only thinking of himself. Vassler gently points out that Khelioz has a point. Even Lee agrees that they could at least ask.

Jason, Lee, Luce and Vassler are in the Medic Tent watching over Callaghan when Flees comes in. Luce rushes to console her and the boys ask Flees if they can talk — just the three of them. They leave Luce and Vassler with Callaghan and go outside where they ask Flees if they can borrow the Stormrider to get to Luce Island. Flees has no problem with that — until Khelioz is mentioned. There's no way she's going let Khelioz trick the boys out of her Dad's boat. In the ensuing discussion Jason ends up riling Flees so much, she refuses to given them the Stormrider and storms off.

Meanwhile, Makyn visits Hintor to suggest that if the Settlement is to survive they need a strong leader — and Werrolda is not that leader. Hintor is suspicious at first that Makyn would vote against Werrolda but finally agrees.

Lee makes peace with Flees, excusing Jason's behaviour and encouraging her to talk about her Dad. Flees finally agrees to loan Stormrider to the boys and give them driving lessons. Jason and Lee try to talk her into coming with them to Luce Island but she refuses. In the Medic Tent, Callaghan starts hallucinating. He bolts from the tent into the nearby fields destroys much of the harvest before running off to the desert. Jason and Lee go after him, catching up to Callaghan at the same time they spot a Twister. After narrowly escaping the storm themselves, they find the only thing left of Callaghan is his shirt.

The boys arrive back at the Settlement to find that Makyn has publicly challenged Werrolda's leadership and the Settlers have elected Hintor as the new leader. Hintor declares that the Settlement will no longer encourage Access Crashers. The Beacon must be turned off. Jason and Lee argue that without the Beacon to guide them they could have died. But to no avail. The vote supports Hintor, and Toff is forced to turn the Beacon off.