An Australian Canadian co-production
Produced by Great Western Entertainment and Brightlight Pictures

Created by: John Goldsmith and Paul Barron
Produced by: Paul Barron and Stephen Hegyes
Executive Producers: Paul Barron, Shawn Williamson
Co-Executive Producer: Ian Hogg
Associate Producers: Bannister Bergen, Anne Masterton, Edward McQueen-Mason, Jonathan Stone
Writers: David Ogilvy, Robert Greenberg, Kelly Lefever, Coral Drouyn, Vanessa Yardley,
Bryan McQueen-Mason, Alex Burrows, Victor Gentile
Directors: Mark DeFriest, Edward McQueen-Mason
Original Music: Tim Count, Keith Van Geyzel

Aired: 2009

Stormworld, a world of three suns, mind-distorting storms and wild coastlines. Drinking water is precious and food is limited. Best friends Jason and Lee are mysteriously washed up on the shores of this hostile landscape. They are rescued and taken to the Settlement, where a small community is trying to create civilisation and order against the forces of nature and scavengers. There is one constant to Jason and Lee's dynamic adventures — the quest to return home. Filmed on location in Wanneroo and Broome, Western Australia; Singapore; and Vancouver, Canada. (26 x 30min)
Andrew JenkinsJason
Calum WorthyLee
Valentina BarronFlees
Andrew KavasasThe Voice of Ogee
Chelsea JonesLuce
Michelle FornasierWerrolda
Kazimir SasMakyn
Steve TurnerHintor
Kingsley JuddChagcis
Craig Hyde-SmithToff
Bryn ColdrickLhinrade
Keagan KangHorimir
Clarence RyanLlargh
Lim Kay TongKhelioz
Lilanthi WeddikkaraGol Hati
Kelly PaternitiGar Lindi
Lucy CookeTor Sulta
Farren WoodTam Valda
Sian EwersPol Dougla
Adam SollisVassler
George ShevtsovVoss
Anna BauertMephanny
Murray DowsettDressler
Nick Simpson-DeeksApssed
Angelique MalcolmDephra
Kym BidstrupJorssen
Vito de FrancescoKessel
Jeremy LeviHilss

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