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Episode 4

Canada: Wed, April 08, 2009
Australia: ? (Nine)

Written by Alex Burrows and David Ogilvy
Directed by Mark DeFriest

After Jason decides to put the Cougar somewhere safe (by scuttling her!) the boys rescue Callaghan, another Access Crasher from Earth.

The boys realise they'll have to hide the Cougar from the Drogue until they can get hold of some fuel. Jason proposes they sink it, then find the Arkoddians and find out how they get their fuel. It's a long shot — but realising that there is no better option Lee agrees and they set off.

Gol Hati approaches Flees, demanding to know where the boys have gone.

As the boys reach a secluded cove they spot a Mystal rolling across the dunes and heading inland. Jason keeps the Cougar a safe distance away as it passes. After sealing the engine, they open up the sea-cocks and swim for shore as the Cougar sinks. On shore they are faced with a new dilemma — how to get back. Jason thinks it would be quickest to go cross-country, but Lee says it would be smarter to go via the coast— it may take longer but it will be cooler and safer. Lee wins the argument and they set off down the beach.

Meanwhile, Gol Hati has been searching for the boys. She finds Khelioz and holds him responsible for the loss of the Cougar. To appease her, Khelioz offers to show Gol where the Settlement keeps their Reserve Tank and they agree to rendezvous in the sand dunes near the Settlement.

Back with the boys, Jason insists that they head inland. In the desert they come across footprints. Following them, they discover a man, Callaghan, who is disoriented and erratic. The boys decide to help him back to the Settlement.

At the Settlement, Khelioz notices Luce's medallion and asks where she got it. He figures it came from Flees but the girls are not saying and he excuses himself.

They boys fear that they are lost. Jason climbs a hill to have a look around where he spots the flashing light of the Settlement's Beacon. While waiting for Jason, Lee talks to Callaghan and realises from his description that Callaghan must have been caught in the Mystal they saw earlier — and that is what must be making him act strangely. He helps Callaghan up to join Jason. After a rest they continue their trek to the Settlement where Luce rushes to greet them. Werrolda and Hintor help Callaghan in the Medic Tent.

Khelioz approaches Flees while she is loading the Stormrider with supplies, wanting to know where she found Luce's medallion. In return he shows her a metal cylinder engraved with markings similar to the medallion and tells her it contains a message from a man claiming to know the way out of Stormworld plus half a map. The other part of the map could be on the island where Flees found Luce's medallion. Flees tells the boys this, who are hopeful but wary of a trap. While they think the possibilities over, they go to check on Callaghan. Werrolda tells them Callaghan was definitely caught in a Mystal and it's doubtful he will recover. The boys realise, more than ever, that this is a dangerous world and that they could have met the same fate.