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Raising the Cougar

Episode 18

Canada: August 05, 2009
Australia: ? (Nine)

Written by Coral Drouyn
Directed by Mark DeFriest

With the Arkoddian invasion imminent, Jason and Lee try to convince the Settlers that evacuation is the only option.

While on a scavenge, Makyn and Gar Lindi spot Hilss and Apssed spying on the Settlement. The Arkoddians are the advance guard for the Arkoddian Invasion. When the Arkoddian scouts are leaving, Hilss loses a button from his lazbolt in the sand which Toff finds and shows to Hintor. At the Settlement, everyone is mourning Werrolda's death. Hintor encourages the Settlers to be pragmatic and continue with their duties. He asks Flees and Luce to clean out Werrolda's shelter. Jason and Lee appeal to Hintor to evacuate the Settlement before the Arkoddians arrive. Jason manages to convince Hintor to call a Meet so the whole community can decide the best course of action.

At the Meet, the Settlers do not agree with Jason. They believe that, if the Arkoddians are coming, they will can live and share together. They don't want to leave their homes and do not think that they should panic without knowing exactly what the Arkoddians want. Jason becomes frustrated and storms off. Lee warns him not to do anything rash and goes to work on the fuel.

Makyn and Gar Lindi return to the Drogue camp to report to Gol Hati. Jason approaches Flees and tries to enlist her help. Flees does not believe that Jason can convince Hintor and make the fuel and raise the Cougar in time and is certainly not interested in hanging around and giving the Arkoddians a chance to take her boat again.

An excited Lee announces that he has made fuel. Now all they need is the Cougar. Jason asks Flees for help and she agrees to take them out to Cougar Bay on Stormrider. There they have to think of a way to bring up the Cougar. While Lee is trying to explain his brilliant plan to Jason, Flees and Ogee come up with a similar, and much simpler, alternative.

Unseen by the boys, Flees dives underwater with Ogee and wedges him under the Cougar. Ogee expands which forces the Cougar to the surface. Jason and Lee are impressed. Flees uses the Stormrider to tow the Cougar back to the Settlement where the boys test the fuel in the engine. It works. Jason is excited. But before they can leave Lee points out two problems. One it will take a long time to produce enough to get to Luce Island. And two, the Arkoddian klabaks are on the horizon.

The kids rush to the Settlement. Hintor stands his ground. When the Arkoddians arrive Hintor offers to negotiate with Voss, who ignores him and orders his men to start forcing the Settlers out into the desert. Voss announces that this Settlement now belongs to the Arkoddians and refuses to give the Settlers any food or water to take on their exile.

Suddenly, the Drogue swoop in. Their flybikes easily dodge the lazbolt shots. The Arkoddians are outmatched. Gol Hati orders them to leave. Makyn is greeted as a hero and elected leader of the Settlement by acclamation while Luce, Flees, Jason and Lee watch from the sidelines.