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Luce Island

Episode 14

Canada: Wed, July 08, 2009
Australia: ? (Nine)

Written by Bryan McQueen-Mason
Directed by Edward McQueen-Mason

With the assistance of their new friend, Gundril, the Stormrider crew race to find the map fragment before Khelioz.

Jason, Flees and Lee are searching Luce Island for the map when Lee falls into a hidden cave and knocks himself out. Flees collects the anchor rope from the Stormrider and they climb down to him. After making sure Lee is OK, they realise the cave is someone's home. Scattered around the cave are objects with markings similar to the medallion Flees found and gave to Luce. They start to climb out the cave. As Lee peers out of the opening, he's startled by Gundril, the island's sole inhabitant. He falls back. Flees climbs out and approaches Gundril, offering Luce's medallion as a token of peace.

At the Settlement, Hintor, worried about the threat of the Drogue, sends Makyn and Llargh to scout the Drogue Camp. On Luce Island, the kids tell Gundril why they are there. She takes them to where she found the objects with the markings — a submerged shipwreck swarming with fangeels. The kids distract the fangeels and Jason dives in. The wreck is littered with debris and Jason is drawn to an ornate box where he finds the map on a thin sheet of metal. He doesn't notice aMother Fangeel which attacks and bites him. Jason drops the map, paralysed. Gundril dives in, spears the Mother Fangeel and pulls the unconscious Jason to shore.

At sea, Gol Hati and Tor Sulta are about to salvage a Vortex dump when they spot the Valligat heading in the other direction. Gol Hati is suspicious and they go to investigate. The Arkoddians, Hilss and Apssed, never having met the Drogue, are immediately on guard. Gol Hati asks Khelioz who his new friends are. Khelioz points out that his new friends are armed. Gol Hati assesses the situation and leaves with Tor Sulta. The Arkoddians question Khelioz about the Drogue but he is not forthcoming.

On Luce Island, Jason is in a bad way. Lee despairs while Flees helps Gundril make a poultice for Jason's wound. At Drogue Camp, Tor Sulta complains they missed the Vortex's salvage only to gain the 'knowledge' that other inhabitants on Stormworld are armed. Hardly a "win". Gol Hati takes this as a formal challenge and accepts. While the Drogue head out to watch the challenge, Makyn and Llargh take the opportunity to search the Drogue Camp.

In the desert, Gol Hati and Tor Sulta embark on their challenge. Eventually, Tor Sulta gives in. Gol Hati tells the other Drogue to meet them at the Camp — she and Tor Sulta will continue to walk and "talk out their differences". When Gol Hati returns to the Drogue Camp alone, Gar Lindi suspects foul play. Back at the Settlement, Makyn and Llargh report their findings to Hintor. He wants to launch an attack, but they believe it would fail. Hintor isn't happy with their bleak view of his plans. He doubts Makyn's support and privately chastises him.

On Luce Island, Jason is revived and tells them where the map is. Khelioz overhears. He and Apssed head for the wreck, leaving Hilss to guard the kids. Hilss is distracted when Apssed starts firing at the fangeels surrounding the wreck and the kids take the opportunity to overpower him. At the wreck all the fangeels are stunned and Khelioz dives into the water. The kids rush up and Lee dives in after Khelioz. The race is on for the map. Khelioz gets there first but Lee snatches it out of his hand. Triumphant, Lee wades ashore. But when he brings it out of the water, the map disintegrates to dust.