(Seven Network)

Creator and Executive Producer: James Davern

Aired: 1981–1993 (1058 x 60 min)

One of Australia's most popular primetime television programmes, the award-winning A Country Practice (winning a record 30 Logies) is a drama series about the residents of the small country town of Wandin Valley, New South Wales. The storyline focused on the town's medical clinic, hospital, veterinary practice and pub. 1058 episodes were produced between 1981 and 1993 in NSW and screened on the Seven Network. A further 30 episodes, with significant changes to cast, were filmed in Victoria in 1994 and screened on the Ten Network [see below].
Shane PorteousTerence Elliott(1981–1993)
Joyce JacobsEsme Watson(1981–1993)
Brian WenzelFrank Gilroy(1981–1993)
Lorrae DesmondShirley Dean(1981–1992)
Gordon PiperBob Hatfield(1981–1992)
Grant DodwellSimon Bowen(1981–1986)
Shane WithingtonBrendan Jones(1981–1986)
Penny CookVictoria "Vicky" Dean(1981–1985)
Anne TenneyMelissa "Molly" Jones(1981–1985)
Helen ScottMarta Kertesz(1981–1983)
Syd HeylenVernon "Cookie" Locke(1982–1992)
Wendy StrehlowJudy Loveday(1982–1986)
Emily NicolChloe Jones(1983–1986)
Joan SydneyMargaret "Maggie" Sloan(1983–1990)

Josephine MitchellJo Loveday(1985–1989)
Nicholas BufaloBen Green(1985–1988)
Annie DaviesKelly Shanahan(1985–1986)
Diane SmithAlex Fraser(1986–1989)
Mark Owen-TaylorPeter Manning(1986–1988)
Caroline JohannsonDonna Manning(1986–1988)
Kate RaisonCathy Hayden(1987–1990)
Brett ClimoMichael Langley(1987–1989)
John TarrantMatthew Tyler(1988–1992)
Georgie ParkerLucy Gardiner(1989–1992)
Michael MuntzCris Kouros(1989–1991)
Georgina FisherJessica "Jessie" Kouros(1989–1991)
Matt DayJulian "Luke" Ross(1989–1991)
Sophie HeathcoteStephanie "Steve" Brennan(1990–1991)
Mary ReganAnne Brennan(1990–1991)
Maureen EdwardsRosemary Prior(1991–1993)
Andrew BlackmanHarry Morrison(1991–1993)
Michelle PettigroveKate Bryant(1991–1993)
Allan PenneyPerce Hudson(1991–1993)
Kym WilsonDarcy Hudson(1991–1993)
Gavin HarrisonHugo Strzelecki(1992–1993)
Anne LoobyAnna Lacey(1992–1993)
Jamie CroftBilly Moss(1992–1993)
Judith McGrathBernice Hudson(1992–1993)
Jon ConcannonTom Newman(1992–1993)
Paul GleesonIan McIntyre(1993)
Claudia BlackClaire Bonacci(1993)
cast c 1990
fiinale cast

(Network Ten)

Executive Producers: Robyn Sinclair & James Davern
Story Editor: Susan Bower
Script Editor: Michaeley O'Brien
Story Developement: Peter Gawler
Production Manager: Ross Tatarka

Aired: 1997 (30 x 60 min)

After the Seven Network canceled A Country Practice in 1993, the series was quickly purchased by Network Ten. Numerous changes came with the change of networks, the standard two part episode of the original series was cut back to a one episode per week format and the fictional community of Wandin Valley was transplanted from New South Wales to Victoria as production moved to Melbourne from Sydney. More notable however was the change in the cast. By the end of its run on Seven, many of the show's mainstay characters had left the series and when the Network Ten series took to the airwaves, few of the series' principle actors remained. This new incarnation was not favourably received and production ended after just 30 episodes.
Joan SydneyMaggie Sloan
Andrew BlackmanHarry Morrison
Joyce JacobsEsme Watson
Paul GleesonIan McIntyre
Claudia BlackClaire Bonacci
Vince ColosimoDanny Sabatini
Jane HallJessamy "Jess" Morrison
Laura ArmstrongGeorgina "Georgie" Wilks
Alyce PlattSarah Wilks
Katherine MurrayFred Bates
Chris LyonsMiles Ferdenbach