Produced by Hoodlum Entertainment

Creators: Christine Bartlett, Michael Lucas, Leigh McGrath, Nathan Mayfield, Tracey Robertson
Producers: Nathan Mayfield, Tracey Robertson
Co-Executive Producers: Christine Bartlett, Michael Lucas
Executive Producer: Rick Maier; Nathan Mayfield, Tracey Robertson; Deanne Weir
Series Producer: Pino Amenta
Writers: Christine Bartlett, Michael Lucas

Airing: 2019; 2021, 2022... (Ten; Paramount+)

Five Bedrooms tells the story of a group of very different people. With very different backgrounds. At very different stages of life. All bonded by where they found themselves seated at a wedding. The singles table. After a few too many champagnes (and wines and whiskeys and beers), the solution to all of their problems seems to be buying a house together. A really big, five bedroom house. How ridiculous, right? A recipe for disaster, surely? But the more they consider it, the more they realise that their alcohol infused idea actually has some merit.
Kat StewartLiz Wendell
Stephen PeacockeBen Chigwell
Doris YounaneHeather Doyle
Katie RobertsonAinsley Elling
Roy JosephHarry Sethi
Hugh SheridanLachlan
Kate JenkinsonMelanie Best
Alan DukesColin Doyle
Kumud MeraniManju K. Sethi
Ben SchumannTimmy Doyle
Kyle KeurisLouie Doyle
Roz HammondEdwina Crowe
Rodger CorserStuart Wendell
Johnny CarrKevin ‘Simmo’ Fitzsimmons
Samantha CainRebecca Bourke
Ingrid TorelliMia Chigwell
Maia ThomasGeri Hayward

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