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Farmer Flees

Episode 11

Canada: June 10, 2009
Australia: ? (Nine)

Written by Alex Burrows and Robert Greenberg
Directed by Edward McQueen-Mason

While getting water for Vassler, Flees and Luce are trapped inside the Reserve Tank and then accused of water stealing by Makyn.

Jason and Lee confront Makyn who is checking the water levels of the Catchment Tanks, asking why he supported Hintor over Werrolda and implying that he is a traitor. Makyn is unruffled: Werrolda herself advocated democracy and if the community voted for a regime change then this demonstrates that her democratic dream has become a reality. Makyn heads off to measure the water level of the Reserve Tank and finds Gar Lindi stealing water from it. He tells her that if Gol Hati expects there to be water in the future, she'd better turn up for a meeting with him at the rise of the blue sun.

Flees is trading with Lhinrade in the Barter Tent, buying tools for her new role as a Settlement farmer, when Hintor arrives and announces that he will supervise all future Barters. Toff appeals to Werrolda to do something but, as Werrolda explains to Luce, sooner or later Hintor will bring himself undone. Meanwhile they must be patient.

When Makyn meets with Gol Hati at the Reserve Tank and suggests they work together, Gol Hati refuses. Makyn's response is to puncture the Tank so that the Drogue can no longer help themselves to the Settlement's water supply.

Jason and Lee, accompanied by Khelioz, board the Stormrider to continue their search for a way off Stormworld and Flees bids an emotional farewell. Meanwhile Vassler is having trouble surviving on Settlement water rations. In desperation he helps himself to water from the rock pools and is caught by Makyn. After an impassioned plea from Luce, Vassler is let off on the proviso he complies with Hintor's water policy rations.

On the Stormrider, Jason decides that they cannot leave Flees and sharply turns the ship around. Lee and Khelioz try to reason with him but Jason is adamant.

With Vassler weakening from thirst, Luce appeals to other Settlers for some of their water but when they realise it's for Vassler, they refuse. As Vassler's condition worsens, Luce reveals that she knows the location of the Reserve Tank. Vassler cannot last much longer and Flees agrees to go with Luce to get water. They are challenged on the way by Makyn but talk their way out of it. Arriving at the Reserve Tank the girls find it almost empty. Flees drops into the Tank to investigate. She looks up in time to see Luce falling in— pushed by someone from behind. Luce lands heavily and sprains her ankle. The lid is closed and they are trapped.

In Werrolda's shelter, Ogee, worried about the girls' prolonged absence, sets off his homing beacon in an attempt to contact the Stormrider, not realising Stormrider is already on the way back. Toff takes Ogee to the beach to wait and, much to their surprise, the Stormrider turns up almost immediately as a result of Jason's earlier decision.

Vassler, revived with water from the Stormrider, tells the boy where Flees and Luce have gone. With directions from Khelioz the boys soon find the Reserve Tank. They are in the middle of helping Flees and Luce out of the Tank when Makyn appears, accompanied by Llargh and Hintor, and accuses them all of water stealing.