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Three Sun Day

Episode 1.01

Canada: Wed, March 18, 2009 (SPACE)
Australia: ? (Nine)

Written by Piers Hobson and Paul Barron
Directed by Mark DeFriest and Edward McQueen-Mason

When Jason and Lee are out in Jasons fathers boat, they are caught in a Vortex that transports them to a strange world of three suns, wild storms and a girl (Flees) with a junkyard submarine.

Jason arrives home to the family's apartment in Vancouver, Canada find an open envelope containing the keys for his father's new power boat. Excited, he grabs his skipper's licence and heads off to collect his best friend, Lee. When Jason wants to take the Cougar out for a spin, Lee is dubious but Jason manages to convince him.

After donning their lifejackets, they're off. Hitting the open sea, Jason opens her. All is well until they spot an unusual cloud in the distance. Going to investigate, the boys find themselves apparently attacked by large flying insects. Jason tries to steer the Cougar away but something is holding them back. As the insects swarm, the boys retreat into the cabin. The weird droning sounds of the insects increases, the boat starts to spin — and everything goes black.

The boys regain consciousness to find themselves drifting in a seemingly endless sea. To work out their location, Jason tries the compass — which won't stop spinning — and the GPS, which offers nothing but static. Looking around the boys are shaken to discover there are three suns- one yellow, one red and one blue.

With no idea of their location, Jason fires off a distress flare. While they wait, Jason and Lee argue about where they might be. They're interrupted by the approaching rumble of the Drogue on flybikes, led by the fearsome Gol Hati. When the Drogue dive down Jason thinks they're being rescued until Gol Hati fires on them with her stunray. The boys jump overboard. They surface to see the Cougar being driven away.

The boys start to swim. A huge storm is building on the horizon — and it's headed their way. Suddenly the sea in front of them starts to boil as a huge shape emerges. The boys are relieved when it turns out to be a submarine, but one that looks more like a junked aeroplane than a watercraft. They are surprised to be invited aboard by Ogee, a flashing, crystalline globe. With the storm advancing and one-eyed tentacles surfacing around them, the boys decide to take up the invitation.

Seated in the pilot's seat is Flees who busily fires up the Stormrider and tells the boys to sit down and shut up. The ship surges forward and dives just before the storm hits. Once Flees has everything under control, she unenthusiastically greets the new "Access Crashers" and Jason and Lee learn that they have landed in a place called Stormworld.

Flees stops at a nearby island to collect the fresh water left by the storm (called a Kainar) only to discover a party of the Arkoddians have beaten them to it. Arkoddians arrived from another planet many years ago but only recently have begun to venture off the island where they built their now home. At first the Arkoddians agree to share the water, but when they start firing their lazbolts it's apparent they have other plans. Flees, Ogee and the boys beat a hasty retreat to the Stormrider just as a wild windstorm, a Twister, hits with devastating results for one of the Arkoddians.

As Flees steers for the Settlement where she intends to drop off the boys, Jason and Lee watch as fangeels attack the Stormrider's windscreen. Jason asks if it's always "like this" here, straight- faced, Flees tells him it's actually been a relatively uneventful day.