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A Handful of Sand

Episode 20

Canada: August 12, 2009
Australia: ? (Nine)

Written by Alex Burrows
Directed by Edward McQueen-Mason

Gol Hati attempts to trick Jason and Lee into revealing the locations of New Arkoddia.

Jason and Flees are sent with Horimir to look for salvage after a Vortex. The scavenge is interrupted by a Winder and Jason and Flees are separated from Horimir and take shelter in a small cave. While waiting for the storm to pass Jason tries to reassure Flees concerns about Ogee. In the back of the cave they find some damp sand and Jason remembers that when they found Werrolda she had wet sand in her hand. He realises that she might have found water where she was digging when she died. When the storm passes, Jason and Flees dash to the Sighing Peaks to investigate.

At the Peaks, Jason and Flees dig at the broken column. As they dig deeper, fresh water seeps into the bottom of the hole. They realise that the whole area could be one large underground aquifer. If so then the legend of the Great Water is real. Jason and Flees return to the Settlement to tell Lee. Gol Hati summons Jason and Lee and sends them on the Cougar to look for the way out of Stormworld. To make sure they come back for everybody else, she will keep Flees hostage until they return.

Makyn is unhappy that Gol Hati is making decisions without him, but she tells him she has a plan. While Jason and Lee say goodbye to Flees, Gol Hati and Makyn watch from the dunes. Gol explains to Makyn that Jason will lead them to the Arkoddians and that she is sending Tam Valda to follow the Cougar. On the Cougar, Jason knows that they will need more fuel if they want to get everyone off Settlement Island — and that means going back to Arkoddian Island, a prospect Lee isn't happy about. Out at sea Jason abruptly cuts the engine. His suspicions that they have been set up are confirmed when he spots Tam Valda following them. While the Cougar is stationary, blood kelp takes over the boat and the boys retreat to the cabin, fighting off the blood kelp. Jason thinks that when Tam Valda sees the Cougar covered in blood kelp she will assume that the boys are dead and leave. But Tam Valda settles back to wait. As the red sun sets, the blood kelp eventually leaves. The boys hear the Drogue land on the deck. Tam Valda starts to check out the seemingly empty cabin. Curious, she checks the toilet recess and a stray blood kelp strand attacks her, sending her running back to her flybike and home. The boys emerge from their hiding place and see the flybike heading off in the distance. Jason is happy his plan worked but Lee is still anxious about going to New Arkoddia. Jason is confident they'll be OK: this time they have the secret of the Great Water to Barter.

Tam Valda reports to Gol Hati, who immediately realises that she has been tricked. The Cougar approaches Arkoddian Island and the boys are greeted by Apssed and escorted to the village. Jason demands to speak to Voss. While they wait, Mephanny talks to the boys. Jason tells her they want to work with the Arkoddians and they need fuel. Mephanny doesn't think they will get what they want. Jason notices the waterfall that feeds the pond in the square has diminished since the last time they were there. Before he can ask about it, Apssed returns with Voss' answer —they are to be imprisoned. Lee asks Jason why he didn't speak up about the Great Water and Jason tells him he wants to make sure Vassler and Dressler are OK first. When in prison they are surprised to find Khelioz in the other cell. The Arkoddians found him when returning from their failed invasion of the Settlement. Jason guesses that the Arkoddians weren't impressed with Khelioz's version of why he left Hilss and Apssed behind. Khelioz claims it was all a misunderstanding. Lee doesn't really care. He only wants to know whether Khelioz has found a way out of prison and Stormworld.