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The Race is On

Episode 13

Canada: June 24, 2009
Australia: ? (Nine)

Written by Nikolas Stefan and Alex Burrows
Directed by Edward McQueen-Mason

Before they can continue their search for the map showing the way home the Stormrider crew must enlist Khelioz's help to liberate Stormrider.

Flees finds Lee sadly looking at photos on his cell phone and she tells him they will recover Stormrider then go to the island to find the rest of the map. Lee perks up, realising that Flees has decided to go with them. Jason and Khelioz demonstrate on an unimpressed Lee how to subdue the guards. But Luce and Flees veto violence; they will use stealth instead. Luce will distract Hintor and Makyn by turning on the Beacon while the others swim out to Stormrider. But with the red sun due, they'll have limited time before blood kelp prevents them reaching the ship.

Luce arrives at the Beacon, turns it on and runs. Seeing the Beacon alight, Llargh rushes to tell Hintor who sends him to get Makyn. But Makyn twigs to the diversion and heads for the beach.

Meanwhile, on New Arkoddia, Dressler and Vassler are summoned to the Arkode to account for their actions. Mephanny tries to talk to Vassler but he rebuffs her.

Jason, Lee, Flees and Khelioz reach the Stormrider and are surprised to find it unguarded. When Flees tries to start the engine, nothing happens. Makyn arrives at the beach and sits smugly on the sand to wait. Flees discovers that the cable linking the engine to the controls is missing. That's why there was no guard. Khelioz spots Makyn. It is decided that Lee will go ashore and talk to him. Makyn tells Lee he and the others will be exiled and Lee replies by executing a distraction/foot-swipe trick that Khelioz demonstrated earlier. Makyn goes down. Jason and Lee bring Makyn back to the Stormrider where Khelioz ties his hands to the side of the ship, leaving him in the water. Makyn can either tell them where the cable is or take his chances with the impending blood kelp.

At the Settlement, Luce keeps a look-out while Flees and Lee search the Barter Tent for the cable. Flees finds it just as Hintor approaches. Luce distracts him with a confession while Flees and Lee slip away. With blood kelp due any second, Flees frantically swims back to the Stormrider. While she hurriedly refits the cable, Jason helps Lee back with a box of other pilfered bits of the Stormrider, scrambling aboard just as Khelioz alerts them that Hintor and his cohorts have arrived. Flees finally gets the Stormrider going and Khelioz cuts Makyn loose. Flees sets a course for Luce Island but Khelioz says they must first go to Arkoddian Island. The others are not keen but Khelioz convinces them that they must have his part of the map..

On New Arkoddia, Vassler and Dressler are imprisoned, much to Mephanny's dismay. Soon after, the Stormrider arrives and Khelioz wades ashore to negotiate for his boat. Not trusting him, the kids decide they must get to the Island before Khelioz. Their instincts prove right. Using the map fragment he has had all along, Khelioz persuades the Arkoddians they have a chance to return to their own world if they give him back the Valligat. Agreeing, yet suspicious, the Arkoddian Council insists he take Apssed and Hilss with him as surety. And one of them is armed — in case Khelioz had any thoughts of double-crossing them. When the kids arrive at the Island there is no sign yet of the Valligat. Leaving Ogee on board to keep an eye on things, they set off in search of the vital map fragment.