Produced by Lingo Pictures

Creator: Chris Taylor
Executive Producers: Morwenna Gordon, Tim Minchin, Helen Bowden; Penny Win, Carly Heaton
Producers: Jason Stephens, Melissa Kelly, Chris Taylor
Writers: Tim Minchin, Chris Taylor, Kate Mulvany, Leon Ford
Director: Matthew Saville

Airing (UK): November 28, 2019... (Sky Atlantic)
Airing (Aus): December 01, 2019... (Fox Showcase)

A down-and-out musician has to drive a piano from one side of Australia to the other in order to honour his mother’s dying wish. That’s the easy bit. His real problems begin when he’s joined by a fugitive teenage girl who soon proves to be even heavier baggage than the piano. What are the odds they’ll all make it out of the desert intact? (8x30min)
Tim MinchinLucky Flynn
Milly AlcockMeg Adams
Heather MitchellJen Flynn
Daniel LapaineToby Flynn
Ella Scott LynchSuzie Flynn
Daniel FrederiksenAndy Adams
Kate BoxEsme
Ningali Lawford-WolfDanni
Sachin JoabDr. Kashani
Luke CarrollConstable Brett
Rebecca MasseyConstable Stacey
Rob CollinsKane

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