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The Old Order Changes

Episode 17

Canada: August 05, 2009
Australia: ? (Nine)

Written by Vanessa Yardley
Directed by Edward McQueen-Mason

Werrolda dies in an accident at the Sighing Peaks; Makyn joins the Drogue and Lee's attempt to make fuel ends in failure.

While collecting salvage at a beach, Luce rounds on Flees for betraying Werrolda and supporting the boys' idea of dismantling the Beacon for Lee's fuel making venture. Flees defends her actions but Luce is having none of it. In the Drogue Camp, Makyn tells Gol Hati that the Arkoddians are planning to invade the Settlement with powerful weapons that could put an end to the Drogue's predator days. Makyn notes that the Camp is down a Drogue — not good in the face of an attack. When he asks to join, Gol Hati says he must first prove himself.

Back at the Settlement, Horimir and Llargh turn up with a load of evil-smelling seaweed for Lee's fermentation tank. To encourage them, Jason says the by-product is a delicious Arkoddian food. Werrolda asks Jason to accompany her to the Sighing Peaks.

At the Sighing Peaks, Werrolda shows Jason markings in the stone that she has uncovered. She believes that it is proof that others were on Settlement Island before them. Jason, dubious it's the work of human hands, suggests the marks could be the result of the forces of nature. To convince him, Werrolda tells him about the Legend of the Abiders, a powerful race that once inhabited Stormworld. Jason fails to see the relevance in the face of an Arkoddian invasion and repeats his view that the Settlement should be evacuated. Werrolda concedes he may be right — but insists that in the end he must lead the Settlers back to this place. When Jason protests that he is not a potential leader of the Settlement, Werrolda disagrees.

In the desert, Makyn competes against Gar Lindi to prove himself worthy of the Drogue. Each has a flask of water and must walk back to the Camp. The first to drink, loses.

At the Settlement, Lee's seaweed food has the Settlers gagging. When Hintor threatens to close the operation down, Jason, much to Lee's horror, says the fuel is to be tested. Everyone watches with anticipation as the liquid ignites — then flickers out.

Continuing her excavations at the Sighing Peaks, Werrolda is excited to discover water seeping through the sand at her feet. She scoops up a handful of wet sand. The pillar creaks ominously. Werrolda starts to move out of the way — too late. Luce hears Werrolda's cry and finds her pinned by the stone, unconscious. Luce runs for help, returning with Jason, Lee, Flees and others who manage to heave the stone off Werrolda. She wakens, opens the hand holding the sand and gasps "Water". Misinterpreting this, Flees holds a flask to her lips but Werrolda feebly shakes her head and lapses into unconsciousness.

Under the hot desert sun, Makyn is struggling. But so is Gar Lindi. When she collapses, Makyn tempts her to drink, pointing out that if she loses, she will still be a Drogue and she will find that Makyn can be a very useful friend. Gar Lindi agrees and Makyn wins the right to join the Drogue.

Werrolda has died. Jason blames himself for leaving her but the others assure him he could have done nothing. A funeral is held and the Settlers place tokens on Werrolda's grave. Luce tries to speak but is too emotional and Flees steps forward instead, saying that Werrolda was a Beacon of hope, a shining light. The funeral over, Flees and Luce head back to the Settlement, united in their grief.