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Escape from New Arkoddia

Episode 8

Canada: Wed, May 20, 2009
Australia: ? (Nine)

Written by Alex Burrows and Robert Greenberg
Directed by Mark DeFriest

Vassler helps our heroes escape the Arkoddian prison and decides to leave with them on the Stormrider.

Under the watchful guard of the Arkoddians, Jason, Lee and Flees are repairing the Stormrider. Vassler, the youngest Arkoddian in the party, is intrigued by the banter between Flees and the boys — so different to the behaviour of the rigid Arkoddians.

Once the Stormrider is repaired Vassler and an Arkoddian guard accompany the kids to the Stormrider and the Stormrider is escorted to New Arkoddia by the other Arkoddians in their Klabaks. Inside the Stormrider, Vassler interrogates Flees about her ship but she refuses to enlighten him. Frustrated, Vassler wrestles the controls away from Flees and attempts to drive — nearly getting them all killed. Prisoner or not, Flees lets Vassler know he screwed up. No one else controls HER ship. Vassler, while shaken, reminds her that it may be her ship for now, but they are still prisoners under his command and are going to his island.

Arriving on New Arkoddia, Vassler becomes aware of intense discussion between Dressler and Voss, the Arkoddian patriarch. Flees believes that Vassler is different from other Arkoddians and tells the boys to keep an eye on him: he could be their ticket out.

The Stormrider crew are brought before the Council inside the Arkode and asked where they are from, and most importantly about their water supplies. Dissatisfied with their responses, Voss has the guards remove them. The Council continues to argue. Jorssen and Apssed are unhappy with Dressler and Vassler's actions in bringing the prisoners back but Dressler maintains that he made the right choice as their submarine/ship is the most important vessel on the planet.

The kids have been taken to a prison cell and discuss their escape options. When Vassler brings them food, he is surprised to see his friend Mephanny in an adjacent cell. Vassler leaves to argue for her release with his father (Dressler) while Mephanny questions the kids about the Settlement. When Lee warms to her, Flees is worried he will give too much away.

Vassler returns home to find Voss and Apssed telling Dressler that they will force Flees to tell them how to control Stormrider. When Vassler suggests there may be another way, the adults are shocked. It is not a child's place to intervene. As Voss and Apssed leave, the family overhear them insulting Vassler and Dressler. Dressler is disappointed with Vassler's behaviour but Vassler is rebellious and maintains that the Outsiders could help them.

Fearing for the kids' safety, Vassler decides to help them escape. He steals a key and lets them out of the cell but as soon as they've left, Mephanny betrays them by raising the alarm. She has been a plant all along.

Vassler, the kids and Ogee rush off with the Arkoddians hot on their heels. Apssed fails to catch Vassler and calls him a traitor. Now Vassler has been identified, there is no going back for him. They all manage to scramble on board the Stormrider. They escape, leaving Dressler to face the wrath of Voss who believes that Vassler has put the Arkoddians in danger of an attack from Outsiders. On Stormrider, Vassler is troubled about leaving his community and family.