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A Hot Bath

Episode 19

Canada: August 12, 2009
Australia: ? (Nine)

Written by Coral Drouyn
Directed by Edward McQueen-Mason

With the Drogue and Makyn now ruling the Settlement, Gol Hati decides to get rid of Ogee once and for all.

Makyn, as the newly elected leader of the Settlement, orders the Drogue to take up flybike patrols for the Settlement's security. The Drogue girls are not happy being ordered about by him, but Gol convinces them that if they go along with it for a while, they will get what they want in the end. Jason, Flees and Lee watch the patrolling Drogue: Flees says it's only a matter of time before the Drogue realise that Ogee is still alive and she decides that Ogee must be hidden until they have figured out their next move. They stage an argument to fool the Drogue and Flees apparently storms off (with a concealed Ogee) for some 'peace and quiet'.

Makyn is moving his things into Werrolda's shelter when Gol Hati approaches him demanding to know where she will be living. She wants her own place— and the other Drogue will also need accommodation. The Settlers can build her a nice big shelter. Lhinrade growls that in The Settlement you build your own shelter. Gol Hati retorts that that will soon change. Makyn points out that manpower is limited with the farming and other activities the community depends on. When Gol Hati asks Makyn how many Settlers there are, Makyn does a quick tally, adding that Flees, Jason and Lee could be press- ganged but the bowling ball won't be of much use. It's big news for Gol Hati that Ogee is still alive.

Gol Hati arrives at the Stormrider and demands to know Ogee's whereabouts. Jason and Lee try to stonewall her and Gol Hati orders the other Drogue to fire off a couple of stunrays, doing minor damage to the Stormrider. Figuring out that Flees has gone to hide Ogee, Gol Hati sets off in pursuit. Flees sees her in the distance and looks for cover. Spotting a nearby cave, she dives inside with Ogee.

Flees hides Ogee near the cave's entrance. She is discovered by Gol Hati who demands to know where Ogee is. Flees refuses to say and Gol fires a warning shot. Flees thinks she's bluffing but Gol Hati fires again. Ogee expands and deflects the stunray but at the expense of revealing himself and depleting his energy. Gol Hati seizes Ogee, heads out to sea and dumps him in the ocean.

At the Settlement, Jason and Lee try to raise Flees' spirits. They are sure that Ogee has enough energy left to activate his homing device. Once they get the Stormrider back they can track him down. When Makyn comes across Settlers hauling precious water for Gol Hati's bath, he is furious, telling Gol Hati this sort of behaviour will provoke trouble. Gol Hati is dismissive, pointing out that while Makyn may, technically speaking, be Settlement leader, the Drogue have all the power.

Lhinrade, Hintor, Luce and others approach Jason, saying that Werrolda was right all along: Jason is the destined leader. He has to do something about Makyn and the Drogue.