TV Series Index


Bay of Plenty [UK/NZ]

Produced by Carnival Films and Libertine Pictures
Executive Producers: Gareth Neame, Nigel Marchant; Neil Cross, Richard Fletcher, Paul Davis
Writer: Neil Cross

A darkly eccentric drama that will follow a London detective's move to Rotorua with her partner and children with the notion she is moving to paradise.


The Code - series 2

Produced by Playmaker Media Pty Ltd
Producers: Shelley Birse, Di Haddon, David Maher, David Taylor
Director: Shawn Seet
Writers: Shelley Birse, Sean Cook
Network: ABC

Did Ned, Jesse and Hani really think they would be able to just stroll away from the shit-storm they unleashed at the end of series 1, a little bruised, but essentially scott-free? As series 2 opens, serious charges are being filed in an American court and Ned and Jesse Banks come face to face with the very real possibility of being extradited to the US. Fortunately for the Banks brothers, the folks in National Security are sitting on a nut they just can't crack and Jesse Banks might be the man to do it₊

Cast: Ashley Zukerman, Dan Spielman, Adele Perovic

The Cul De Sac [NZ]

Produced by Greenstone TV Productions
Producer: Natasha Romaniuk
Writer: Stephen J Campbell
Director: Stephen J Campbell
Network: TV2

Sci-fi drama The Cul De Sac centres on 16-year-old Rose who must keep her siblings safe after all the adults mysteriously disappear and dark forces begin to tear the world apart. (6x30min)

Cast: Greta Gregory as Rose, Simon Mead, KJ Apa, Tim Hamilton, Jay Saussey, Jim McLarty, Flynn Steward, Molly Leishman

Dirty Laundry [NZ]

Produced by Filthy Productions
Producers: Britta Hawkins, Stephen Zanoski
Writers: Rachel Lang, Gavin Strawhan
Directors: Peter Burger, ...
Network: TV One

Dirty Laundry centres on a middle-class family whose mother is jailed for money laundering - will they keep her business interests going to sustain their lifestyle? (13x60min)


The Family Law

Produced by Matchbox Pictures Pty Ltd
Executive Producers: Tony Ayres, Debbie Lee
Producers: Julie Eckersley, Sophie Miller
Co-Producer: Andrew Walker
Created by Benjamin Law
Writers: Benjamin Law, Marieke Hardy
Director: Jonathan Brough
Network: SBS

Welcome to The Family Law. The story of a sprawling Chinese-Australian family who are unlike any you've ever met, and yet also disturbingly familiar. Based on the hit memoir, The Family Law is a black comedy series set on Queensland's Sunshine Coast over one hot summer. Fourteen-year-old Benjamin Law strives for television soap mega-stardom whilst trying to stop his parents from splitting up, usually with disastrous results. 6x25min. Airing 2016

Cast: Trystan Go as Benjamin Law, Fiona Choi as Jenny Law, Anthony Brandon Wong as Danny Law, Shuang Hu as Candy Law, George Zhao as Andew Law, Karina Lee as Tamm, Vivian Wei as Michelle,

Filthy Rich [NZ]

Produced by Filthy Productions
Producer: Steven Zanoski
Creators: Rachel Lang and Gavin Strawhan
Writer: Gavin Strawhan
Network: TV2

Filthy Rich follows three young characters who find they are the illegitimate off-spring of one of New Zealand's wealthiest men. When he dies, these unwanted, unexpected heirs stand to share in his legacy — but not if his legitimate family has anything to do with it. They're bonded through thick and thin, sick and sin. But who is good? Who is bad? This is a game, a power struggle, a family torn asunder — who will be the victor? (20x45min) Airing 2016.

Cast: Miriama Smith, Taylor Hall, Josh McKenzie, Alex Tarrant, Emma Fenton, Elizabeth Hawthorne, Jodie Rimmer

Get Ace - series 2

Produced by Galaxy Pop
Producer: Gian Christian, Dina McPherson
Director: Gian Christian, Dina McPherson
Writer: Dina McPherson
Network: Ten

Animated. Get Ace follows the adventures of hapless geek Ace McDougal who, after being accidentally fitted with a pair of hi-tech super-spy braces, finds himself thrown into a world of espionage and adventure.

Ghosts of Time

Produced by Three's A Company
Producer: Geoff Watson
Director: Geoff Watson
Writer: David Witt

Animated. Some kids find a haunted house that can travel through time, they and its ghostly inhabitant go on adventures which are both comic and thrilling.

Cast: na

Hide & Seek

Produced by Matchbox Pictures
Executive Producer: Andy Ryan, Jo Rooney and Debbie Lee
Producer: Stephen Corvini
Creators: Rachel Lang, Gavin Strawhan
Network: Nine

While investigating a murder, police and immigration officials uncover a network of potential terrorists who entered Australia under false passports. The enemies of national security are hiding in plain sight and the race is on to hunt them down before the next atrocity.


H2O - Mermaid Adventures

Produced by Jonathan M Shiff Productions Pty Ltd
Producer: Jonathan Shiff

Animated series. youtube trailer. 52x24min

Voice Cast: ...

Here Come the Habibs

Produced by Habibs TV
Producer: Chloe Rickard
Executive Producers: Jason Burrows, Ben Davies
Writers: Phil Lloyd, Gary Eck, Sam Meikle, Trent Roberts, Steve Walsh
Director: Darren Ashton
Network: Nine

It's a second migration for the Habib family, first it was Lebanon to Australia, now Lakemba to Vaucluse. But not everyone is happy to see them, and soon the Habibs find themselves in conflict with their new next door neighbours. The O'Neills are Vaucluse royalty - old money and proud of it. They're extremely uncomfortable with goats and chickens, shisha pipes and people of Mediterranean appearance, but the Habibs can't understand what all the fuss is about. One family want to stay, the other family want them gone. Here Come The Habibs brings a fresh comic perspective to multicultural Australia. (6x30min)

Cast: Michael Denkha, Camilla Ah Kin, Kat Hoyos, Tyler De Nawi, Sam Alhaje, Helen Dallimore, Darren Gilshenan, Georgia Flood

Hillary [NZ]

Produced by Great Southern Television
Executive Producers: Phil Smith and Tom Scott
Producer: Carmen Leonard
Director: Danny Mulheron
Writers: Tom Scott and Greg McGee
Network: TV One

A landmark series telling the complete story of Sir Edmund Hillary's life. Based on the story told by Sir Edmund exclusively to Tom Scott for his biography. 6x1hr

Cast: Andrew Munro as Edmund Hillary, Dean O'Gorman as George Lowe, Amy Usherwood, Alison Bruce, Stephen Lovatt, Joel Tobeck, Jared Turner, Ryan O'Kane, Peter Daube, Mick Rose, Darren Young

Jack Irish

Produced by Essential Media and Entertainment Pty Ltd
Producers: Ian Collie, Andrew Knight
Directors: Jeffrey Walker, Daniel Nettheim, Jonathan Teplitzky
Writers: Matt Cameron, Andrew Knight, Andrew Anastasios
Network: ABC

Things are on the move for Jack Irish in this gripping new series. He's offered a scam that could cost him dearly, secrets surround an unexpected romance and his new mysterious client goes missing before he meets her. As well as a major crime story arc, the familiar endearing characters of Jack's world remain committed to complicating Jack's life at every turn.

Cast: Guy Pearce, Marta Dusseldorp

Nowhere Boys

Produced by Matchbox Pictures
Network: ABC

When Luke, a tech-nerd, arrives for his first day at Bremin High all appears to be tiresomely ordinary, but what he doesn't know is that Bremin is located at the convergence of magical ley lines and that someone has been awaiting his arrival to put together a new gang of Nowhere Boys. Three have already been identified: Heath, the school's 'bad boy', is Fire; high achiever and track athlete Niyanta is Earth; and musical theatre geek Jesse is Air. Unbeknown to him Luke is the fourth element, Water.

Cast: tba (new)

Pacific Heat

Produced by Working Dog
Network: Foxtel (2016)

A prime-time adult animation series

Prisoner Zero

Produced by Planet 55 Studios
Network: ABC

A fast-paced, animated sci-fi, action-adventure series following the exploits of teen heroes, Tag and Gem, and their mysterious friend Prisoner Zero. The series follows our heroes as they journey across the cosmos in the spaceship Rogue to battle the evil Imperium. The Imperium have enslaved humanity and taken control of the population via a digital system wired into every cell of their bodies. Tag and Gem's mission is clear: stop the Imperium and free humanity. On a mission to help those in trouble across the cosmos, our hero-adventurers become inter-galactic Robin Hoods, in a breathtaking struggle against the evil Imperium's General Vykar. (26x30min)

Rake - series 4

Produced by Essential Media
Producers: Ian Collie, Peter Duncan, Richard Roxburgh
Writers: Peter Duncan, Andrew Knight
Directors: Peter Duncan, Peter Salmon, Rowan Woods
Network: ABC

Last seen dangling from a balloon drifting across the Sydney skyline, Cleaver crashes into the world of a one-time mentor and now powerful criminal on the run, Edgar Thompson. Against the backdrop of a city that's taken a turn to the dystopian, Cleaver frantically tries to stay alive — from seeking refuge in a country town congregation, to representing the very man who's trying to have him killed.

Cast: Richard Roxburgh, Matt Day, Danielle Cormack, Russell Dykstra, Caroline Brazier, Adrienne Pickering, Keegan Joyce, Kate Box, Damien Garvey, Miriam Margolyes, John Waters, Rachael Blake


Produced by Guesswork Television
Producers: Andy Walker, Fiona McConaghy
Executive Producers: Kevin Whyte; Rick Kalowski, Brett Sleigh
Craetors/writers: Celia Pacquola, Luke McGregor
Network: ABC

When Daniel returns to his hometown, Rosehaven, to take over his family's troubled real estate business, he's surprisingly joined by his best (city) friend Emma - who's on the run from a marriage that didn't last the honeymoon. Between Daniel's crippling anxiety and Emma's exuberant irresponsibility will they be able to save the business? It seems unlikely, but it will be fun to watch them try. And might their friendship mean more than they realise? (8x30min)

Cast: Celia Pacquola, Luke McGregor

Secret City

Produced by Matchbox Pictures
Executive Producer: Penny Chapman
Producer: Joanna Werner
Writers: Belinda Chayko, Matt Cameron, Marieke Hardy, Alice Addison, Tommy Murphy, Kris Mrksa, Greg Waters
Network: Foxtel

Set amidst rising tension between China and America, the six-part series follows Helen, a political journalist, who uncovers a conspiracy which leads her into the underground world of political deception with deadly consequences. Based on the best-selling novel The Marmalade Files and upcoming sequel The Mandarin Code. Filming begins August 2015. Airing March 2016

Cast: Dan Wyllie, Anna Torv, Damon Herriman, Jacki Weaver, et al

The Secret Daughter

Produced by Screentime
Network: Seven

Jessica Mauboy portrays a part-time country pub singer whose chance meeting with a wealthy city hotelier triggers a series of events that will change her life forever. A feel-good drama which explores the very different Australian worlds of 'the haves' and 'the have nots', The Secret Daughter is full of heart, humour, romance and plenty of music. They say you can't choose your family, but what happens when a family chooses you?

Cast: Jessica Mauboy, et al


Produced by Matchbox Pictures
Director: Cate Blanchett


Tips for Married Life

Produced by Endemol Australia
Producers: Mimi Butler
Executive Producers: Janeen Faithfull, John Edwards
Writer: Justin Monjo
Network: Nine

A grieving career wife has to wise up and fight for survival when she finds herself responsible for her dead husband's criminal debts and wrongdoings.



Produced by Matchbox Pictures Pty Ltd and R&R Productions Pty Ltd
Executive Producers: Rebecca Gibney, Tony Ayres
Producers: Andy Walker, Richard Bell
Writers: Timothy Hobart, John Ridley, Kirsty Fisher
Director: Peter Templeman
Network: Seven

When two strangers intervene in a deadly car jacking, they are swept up in a roller coaster chase across Australia in a car full of money. They are wanted by both sides of the law and must quickly adjust to a new life on the run with only each other for protection. Not even they know what they're capable of. FIlming begins October 2015, airing 2016

Cast: Rebecca Gibney as Lola, Geraldine Hakewill as Chelsea, Steve Peacocke, Ryan Corr, Nicholas Bell

Wolf Creek

Produced by Screentime in association with Emu Creek Pictures
Executive Producers: Greg Haddrick, Greg McLean, Jo Rooney, Andy Ryan, Nick Forward, Rob Gibson
Producers: Peter Gawler, Elisa Argenzio
Writers: Peter Gawler, Felicity Packard
Directors: Greg McLean, Tony Tilse
Network: Stan (2016)

6 episode sequel to the horror movie franchise about backpacker killer Mick Taylor

Cast: John Jarratt as Mick Taylor; Lucy Fry as Eve; Dustin Clare, Deborah Mailman, Miranda Tapsell, Jessica Tovey, Jake Ryan, Richard Cawthorne

The Wrong Girl

Produced by Playmaker Media
Executive Producer: David Maher
Head Writer: Judi McCrossin
Network: Ten (2016)

Jessica Marais stars as Lily, the producer of a successful cooking segment on a daily morning television show. Lily and her flatmate Simone are taking a sabbatical from men, but Lily falls in love with Jack, the show's gorgeous new chef. Based on the best-selling book by Zoe Foster Blake.

Cast: Jessica Marais, et al



Produced by Matchbox Productions
Producers: Amanda Higgs, Tony Ayres
Associate Producer: Christos Tsiolkas
Writers: Belinda Chayko, Blake Ayshford
Director: Robert Connolly
Network: ABC

Based on the book of the same name by Christos Tsiolkas, Barracuda follows young Olympic hopeful, Danny Kelly, as he deals with the pressure of obsession.

Cast: Elias Anton, Matt Nable, Rachel Griffiths, Tilda Cobham-Hervey, Andrew Creer, Victoria Haralabidou, Jeremy Lindsay Taylor, Joel Lok, Rhys Mitchell

Childhood's End [USA]

Produced by Universal Cable Productions
Producers: Jeffrey Hayes, Brett Popplewell
Director: Nick Hurran
Network: SyFy (USA)

A US science fiction television miniseries filmed in Australia based on the Arthur C. Clarke novel, CHILDHOOD'S END and following the peaceful alien invasion of Earth by the mysterious Overlords.

Cast: Ashley Zukerman, Charles Dance, Osy Ikhile, Zara Michales, Yael Stone, Tanc Sade, Jacob Holt, Hayley Magnus, Charlotte Nicdao, Zahra Newman


Produced by Goalpost Pictures Australia and Pukeko Pictures (NZ)
Executive Producers: Sally Riley, Kylie du Fresne, Ben Grant, Martin Baynton, Adam Fratto, Jan David Frouman, Amelie Kienlin
Producers: Rosemary Blight, Lauren Edwards, Ryan Griffen, Angela Littlejohn
Directors: Wayne Blair, Leah Purcell
Writers: Michael Miller, Jon Bell
Network: ABC

A smart, sexy and dangerous drama set in the near future, CLEVERMAN sees a group of non-humans, battling for survival in a world where humans feel increasingly inferior to them and want to silence, exploit and kill them. Central to the drama is the story of two estranged Indigenous brothers who are forced together to fight for their own survival. Otherworldly creatures also emerge into this 'real world' dystopian landscape, in this startlingly original, action-packed genre series. An official Australian/New Zealand co-production

Cast: Iain Glen, Frances O'Connor, Deborah Mailman, Hunter Page-Lochard, Rob Collins, Stef Dawson, Ryan Corr, Tasma Walton, Rarriwuy Hick, Tony Briggs, Robyn Nevin, Lynette Curran, Jack Charles

Deep Water

Produced by Blackfella Films
Producers: Miranda Dear, Darren Dale
Writers: Kris Wyld, Kym Goldsworthy
Network: SBS

A gripping crime drama that explores a world in which the threat of violence or death is only one encounter away.


The Kettering Incident

Produced by Porchlight Films
Producer: Vincent Sheehan
Directors: Rowan Woods, Tony Krawitz
Writers: Vicki Andrew Knight, Cate Shortland, Louise Fox
Network: Foxtel

When two girls mysteriously disappear in identical circumstances in the wilds of Tasmania 15 years apart, Doctor Anna Macy finds herself inexplicably linked to both cases. To clear her name, Anna must delve into her troubled past and face some truths about herself and the otherworldly nature of this gothic land.

Cast: Elizabeth Debicki, Matt Le Nevez, Anthony Phelan, Damien Garvey, Sacha Horler, Sianoa Smit-McPhee, Ben Oxenbould, Damon Gameau, Alison Whyte, Kris McQuade

Mako Mermaids - series 3

Produced by Jonathan M Shiff Productions Pty Ltd
Producer: Jonathan Shiff
Writers: Anthony Morris, Michael Joshua, Max Dann
Directors: Evan Clarry, Grant Brown

The Mako pod is threatened by a fearsome magical creature. Ondina, Mimmi, Sirena, Evie and Zac, together with the newly arrived Chinese mermaid, Weilan, must find a way to defeat it before the pod is destroyed forever. (13x30min)

Cast: Surichai Romruen, Dominic Deutsher, Ivy Latimer, Lucy Fry, Kerith Atkinson


Produced by M4 Entertainment
Executive Producers: Michael Gudinski, Mark Morrissey
Producer: John Molloy
Director: Kevin Carlin
Writers: Matt Cameron, Liz Doran
Network: Seven

This two part mini-series chronicles the rise of Molly Meldrum: the music, the celebrities, the parties, the international trips, the behind-the-scene politics, his partners in crime and most of all, the story of Molly himself - a bloke who changed Australian culture forever. From humble beginnings in Quambatook, Ian 'Molly' Meldrum rose to become the most influential and powerful name in Australian music. Through the phenomenon that became a cultural touchstone, Countdown, Molly's passion for music and life quickly found him a place in the heart of an entire nation.

Cast: Samuel Johnson, Tom O'Sullivan, TJ Power, Krew Boylan, Aaron Glenane, Rebecca Breeds, Connor Crawford

Project CM (working title)

Produced by Goalpost Pictures Australia Pty Ltd & Pukeko Pictures
Executive Producers: Sally Riley, Kylie du Fresne, Ben Grant, Martin Baynton, Adam Fratto
Producers: Rosemary Blight, Ryan Griffen, Angela Littlejohn, Lauren Edwards
Writers: Jon Bell, Jonathan Gavin, Michael Miller
Network: ABC

As a community struggles to co-exist with non-human creatures living amongst them, two estranged brothers find themselves at a crossroads.


Tomorrow, When the War Began

Produced by Ambience Entertainment
Producers: Michael Boughen, Tony Winley
Executive Producers: Matthew Street, Kim Vecera, Christopher Mapp
Writers: Blake Ayshford, Alice Addison, Justin Monjo, Josh Mapleston
Director: Brendan Maher
Network: ABC3

A 6-part drama based on the novel series by John Marsden about a group of teenagers who wage a guerrilla war against an invading foreign power

Cast: Molly Daniels, Jon Prasida, Narek Arman, Madeleine Madden, Fantine Banulski, Keith Purcell, Madeleine Clunies-Ross, Andrew Creer, Sibylla Budd, Deborah Mailman, James Stewart, Alison Bell


Bombshell: The Sinking of the Rainbow Warrior [NZ]

Produced by Screentime
Writer: John Banas
Director: Ric Pellizzeri
Network: TV One

Bombshell tells the story of a nation-defining moment caused by a foreign government sanctioning a clumsy act of terrorism.



Produced by Endemol Shine Australia
Producer: Kerrie Mainwaring
Executive Producer: Rory Callaghan
Writers: Justin Monjo, Adam Todd
Director: Geoff Bennett
Network: Ten

This is the true story of a man who was a hero to a generation of Australians, winning the Bathurst 1000 nine times and dominating motorsport for more than two decades. Loved and admired by many, but few knew the real Peter Brock -- what made him tick?

Cast: Matthew Le Nevez, Ella Scott Lynch, Brendan Cowell, Natalie Bassingthwaighte, Steve Bisley

Dogstar Christmas in Space

Produced by Media World Pictures
Producer: Colin South
Director: Scott Vanden Bosch
Writers: Philip Dalkin, Doug MacLeod
Network: Nine

In space, no one can hear you open your presents.

Jean [NZ]

Produced by Lippy Pictures
Producers: Paula Boock and Donna Malane
Writers: Paula Boock, Donna Malane
Director: Robert Sarkies
Network: TV One

Jean will take viewers into the world of New Zealand aviatrix pioneer Jean Batten.


House of Bond

Produced by Cordell Jigsaw Zapruder
Executive Producers: Andy Ryan, Jo Rooney and Michael Cordell;
Producer: Paul Bennett
Writer: Sarah Smith
Network: Nine

Tells the rags-to-riches-to-rags tale of controversial business tycoon Alan Bond from the 1960s-90s. It is the outrageous story of how a cheeky, knockabout Ten-Pound-Pom fought his way from the back alleys of Fremantle to become the richest man in Australia and one of our greatest sporting heroes. "Bondy" was a man with an insatiable appetite for the excesses of life: women, fame, money, crime and everything between. But Bond's ego, greed and ambition saw him overreach beyond all measure until his empire collapsed, leaving him as the country's greatest villain with the biggest ever bankruptcy. House Of Bond is the extraordinary story of the man who defined the 1980s by dreaming big and rewriting the rulebook. Was he a hero? A villain? Or a little bit of both?