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Bay of Plenty [UK/NZ]

Produced by Carnival Films and Libertine Pictures
Executive Producers: Gareth Neame, Nigel Marchant; Neil Cross, Richard Fletcher, Paul Davis
Writer: Neil Cross

A darkly eccentric drama that will follow a London detective's move to Rotorua with her partner and children with the notion she is moving to paradise.



Produced by Guilty Pty Ltd
Producer: Jason Byrne
Writers: Warwick Holt, Matt Blackwell
Director: Tony Rogers
Network: ABC

A black comedy series about an ordinary guy who, after following his girlfriend half-way around the world, finds himself trapped in Australia's first share-house: a convict tent in Sydney Cove, 1788.

Cast: Richard Davies, Dave Lawson, Angus Sampson, Eliza Taylor, Francis McMahon, Daniel Frederiksen, Victoria Thaine

Dirty Laundry [NZ]

Produced by Filthy Productions
Producers: Britta Hawkins, Stephen Zanoski
Writers: Rachel Lang, Gavin Strawhan
Directors: Peter Burger, ...
Network: TV One

Dirty Laundry centres on a middle-class family whose mother is jailed for money laundering - will they keep her business interests going to sustain their lifestyle? (13x60min)

Cast: Jennifer Ward-Lealand as Donna Rafferty, Tai Berdinner-Blades as Kat Rafferty, Tim Carlsen as Matt Rafferty, Victoria MacCulloch as Bianca Rafferty; Robbie Magasiva, David Van Horn, Rachael Blampied, Pana Hema Taylor, Heto Ah Hi, Ilona Rogers, George Ferrier

Fancy Boy

Produced by
Producer: Nicole Minchin
Writers: Mike Nayna, John Campbell, Anne Edmonds, Stuart Daulman, Greg Larsen, Henry Stone
Directors: Colin Cairnes

"The best Australian sketch comedy series since The Wedge. The wedge was great though, but we just reckon we'll be better. No disrespect to Chris Lilley or whoever was on the wedge. We didn't watch the wedge. Fancy Boys has grown out of both the theatre show which played (and won the Golden Gibbo in 2014) at the Melbourne Comedy Festival and the Fresh Blood Initiative on ABC Iview. This is an all Melbourne show"

Cast: Greg Larson, John Campbell, Henry Stone, Jonathan Schuster, Stuart Daulman

The Gates of Hell

Produced by December Media
Network: ABC

A 10-part drama series from the producers of The Doctor Blake Mysteries based on the Monsarrat book series by Meg and Tom Keneally. The first book in the series, The Soldier's Curse, centres on Hugh Llewellyn Monsarrat, a prisoner turned chief lawman in the convict settlements of early 19th century Australia. The only way Monsarrat can stay out of jail is to solve a string of murders with the help of his housekeeper Hannah Mulrooney.

Cast: tba

Get Ace - series 2

Produced by Galaxy Pop
Producer: Gian Christian, Dina McPherson
Director: Gian Christian, Dina McPherson
Writer: Dina McPherson
Network: Ten

Animated. Get Ace follows the adventures of hapless geek Ace McDougal who, after being accidentally fitted with a pair of hi-tech super-spy braces, finds himself thrown into a world of espionage and adventure.

The High Road

Produced by Endemol Shine Australia
Producers: Arenamedia
Writers: Arenamedia
Director: Michael Jenkins
Network: Seven

At the end of Blue Murder, Roger Rogerson was disgraced, but his kudos, his mystique was intact. He survived divorce and prison, becoming a fixer for both criminal and establishment interests, but he continues to struggle to be meaningful in a world that is changing, and changing increasingly quickly. This is a story of a kind of 'greatness' thwarted. A sequel to Blue Murder.

Cast: Richard Roxburgh, Dan Wyllie, Aaron Pedersen, et al

Hyde & Seek

Produced by Matchbox Pictures
Executive Producer: Andy Ryan, Jo Rooney and Debbie Lee
Producer: Stephen Corvini
Creators/writers: Rachel Lang, Gavin Strawhan
Directors: Peter Andrikidis, David Caesar, Daniel Nettheim
Network: Nine

When his best mate is killed in a seemingly random attack, Detective Gary Hyde (Matt Nable) vows to bring the killers to justice. Together with his new partner Claire McKenzie (Emma Hamilton), Gary uncovers a criminal underbelly that will threaten his life, endanger his young family and cause him to question everything he believes in. In a world where crime has no borders and everyone has something to hide, Gary and Claire might catch the criminals but will they lose their loved ones in the process?

Cast: Matt Nable, Emma Hamilton, Deborra-lee Furness, Mandy McElhinney, Zoe Ventoura, Tai Hara, Claire Lovering, Andrew McFarlane, Aaron Fa'aoso, Stephanie Panozzo

Illusion 5: Sweeper Squad

Produced by Hoodlum Entertainment and Hoodlum Active
Producers: Leigh McGrath, Nathan Mayfield, Tracey Robertson
Writers: Michael Cox, Paul Mayze
Directors: Michael Cox, Paul Mayze
Network: online

A 6 x 5-minute sci-fi comedy series following the trials and tribulations of Illusion 5's support crew as they deal with ordinary workday problems in the most extraordinary of workplaces... outer space!


Newton's Law

Produced by Every Cloud Productions
Created by Deb Cox & Fiona Eagger
Produced by Fiona Eagger, Deb Cox, Anna Molyneaux
Executive Producers: Fiona Eagger, Deb Cox; Brett Sleigh, Alastair McKinnon
Network: ABC

When Josephine Newton's low-flying solicitor's practice is incinerated by a disgruntled client, she is persuaded by her old uni' friend and not-so-secret admirer, Lewis Hughes, to trade the benefits of her brilliant mind for a berth in the lofty glamour of Knox Chambers. With her office destroyed, her marriage collapsing and motherhood fast losing its charm, Josephine decides it's time she took her own aspirations off the back burner and resumed her barrister's robes. 8x60min

Cast: Claudia Karvan, Toby Schmitz, Georgina Naidu, Sean Keenan, Brett Tucker, Miranda Tapsell, Jane Hall, Freya Stafford, Andrew McFarlane, Ming-Zhu Huii, Will Ewing, Grant Piro, Ella Newton, Makwaya Musudi

No Activity - series 2

Produced by Jungle

Cast: Patrick Brammall, Darren Gilshenan, Harriet Dyer, Genevieve Morris, Dan Wyllie, David Field

Nowhere Boys: The Next Generation

Produced by Matchbox Pictures
Network: ABC

When Luke, a tech-nerd, arrives for his first day at Bremin High all appears to be tiresomely ordinary, but what he doesn't know is that Bremin is located at the convergence of magical ley lines and that someone has been awaiting his arrival to put together a new gang of Nowhere Boys. Three have already been identified: Heath, the school's 'bad boy', is Fire; high achiever and track athlete Niyanta is Earth; and musical theatre geek Jesse is Air. Unbeknown to him Luke is the fourth element, Water.

Cast: Kamil Ellis, William McKenna, Jordie Race-Coldrey, Joe Klocek, Luca Sardelis

Pacific Heat

Produced by Working Dog
Network: The Comedy Channel, Foxtel (2016)

A prime-time adult animation series (20 episodes)

Prisoner Zero

Produced by Planet 55 Studios
Network: ABC

A fast-paced, animated sci-fi, action-adventure series following the exploits of teen heroes, Tag and Gem, and their mysterious friend Prisoner Zero. The series follows our heroes as they journey across the cosmos in the spaceship Rogue to battle the evil Imperium. The Imperium have enslaved humanity and taken control of the population via a digital system wired into every cell of their bodies. Tag and Gem's mission is clear: stop the Imperium and free humanity. On a mission to help those in trouble across the cosmos, our hero-adventurers become inter-galactic Robin Hoods, in a breathtaking struggle against the evil Imperium's General Vykar. (26x30min)


Produced by Midnight Snack
Producer: Toby Gibson
Writers: Stuart Willis and Matthew Clayfield
Director: Stuart Willis
Network: Stan/Nine

In the near future, a company offers individuals the service of having their memories downloaded "for backup". So, in the event of death, those memories can be uploaded into a new body. After a routine backup, Oliver Klein wakes to find his memories restored into a body that is not his own. Trapped in a foreign body with its own 'muscle memory', Oliver discovers that he is capable of doing things the original Oliver never could and never would. Oliver must find a way to reconnect with his family and his life, while coming face-to-face with the truth that he is no longer the only Oliver Klein.

Cast: Craig McLachlan, Nadia Townsend, Grant Cartwright, Stephen Carracher, Rosie Lourde, Elizabeth Nabben, Ailís Logan


Produced by Guesswork Television
Producers: Andy Walker, Fiona McConaghy
Executive Producers: Kevin Whyte; Rick Kalowski, Brett Sleigh
Craetors/writers: Celia Pacquola, Luke McGregor
Network: ABC

When Daniel returns to his hometown, Rosehaven, to take over his family's troubled real estate business, he's surprisingly joined by his best (city) friend Emma - who's on the run from a marriage that didn't last the honeymoon. Between Daniel's crippling anxiety and Emma's exuberant irresponsibility will they be able to save the business? It seems unlikely, but it will be fun to watch them try. And might their friendship mean more than they realise? (8x30min)

Cast: Celia Pacquola, Luke McGregor

Seven Types of Ambiguity

Produced by Matchbox Productions
Producer: Tony Ayres, Amanda Higgs
Writers: Jacqueline Perske, Marieke Hardy, Jonathan Gavin
Directors: Glendyn Ivin, Ana Kokkinos, Matthew Saville
Network: ABC

Six-year-old Sam Geraghty is taken from his school. Much to the relief of his parents Anna and Joe, Sam is found unharmed hours later and the police arrest exschoolteacher, Simon Heywood. But this is far from an open and shut case as it turns out that Simon is Anna's ex-lover, and his neighbour and possible accomplice Angela has an intriguing connection to Joe. Soon Simon's psychiatrist and ally Dr Alex Klima, his lawyer Gina, and even Joe's best mate Mitch get pulled into the vortex where relationships become entangled and moral dilemmas abound about who really is at fault. And it's not a matter of who took Sam, but a question of why. Told from the shifting perspectives of seven characters, this psychological mystery explores the complex emotional terrain of past and present relationships and the risks people will go to in the name of love.

Cast: Hugo Weaving, Alex Dimitriades, Leeanna Walsman, Xavier Samuel, Anthony Hayes, Andrea Demetriades, Susie Porter

The Skinner Boys - series 2

Produced by Telegael
Producers: Suzanne Ryan, Paul Cummings
Director: Eugene Linkov

After world explorer Augustus Skinner dies his three young teen grandsons have inherited the a mansion and its contents. But Grandfather Skinner also left them a big surprise — they are now Guardians of the Lost Secrets... a collection of unique artefacts across the world that possess incredible powers. A fourth Guardian, teenage cousin Tara may be their biggest challenge of all.



Produced by Matchbox Pictures
Director: Cate Blanchett


Tips for Married Life

Produced by Endemol Australia
Producers: Mimi Butler
Executive Producers: Janeen Faithfull, John Edwards
Writer: Justin Monjo
Network: Nine

A grieving career wife has to wise up and fight for survival when she finds herself responsible for her dead husband's criminal debts and wrongdoings.


The Warriors

Produced by Arenamedia
Producers: Robert Connolly, Marie Maroun, John Harvey
Writers: Tony Briggs, Wayne Blair, Tracey Rigney

Two young Indigenous players, Zane and Maki, are plucked from their modest lives to play in the big leagues - the AFL. The boys pack up and move interstate to the busy metropolis of Melbourne where their lives are turned upside down. Dislocated from traditional values, the boys struggle with their new-found celebrity and its lure of sex, drugs and fast living.


We Were Tomorrow

Produced by Mad Lane Productions
Executive Producer: Amie Casey
Producer: Madeleine Kennedy
Writers: Madeleine Kennedy
Director: Darwin Brooks

When a meteor collides with the moon, the Earth is ravaged by catastrophic natural disasters. A small percentage of the population is relocated to an alternate world — the New World — and given three lifetimes to rebuild humanity. With the New World in dire straits, twin siblings, Noah and Evelyn, must navigate through three lifetimes to find William and Siena, who bare the other half of their branded keys. The keys, when connected, open a doorway to Earth, a year before the meteor hits, enabling them to warn mankind. Cain, a man cursed with immortality, hunts them down to stop them.

Cast: Chai Romruen, Madeleine Kennedy, Tim Pocock, Alicia Banit, Gyton Grantley, Nikolai Nikolaeff, Chris Kirby, Lara Jean Marshall, Maya Stange, Amie Casey, Haiden Walker, David Beamish, Hallie Baker

The Wrong Girl

Produced by Playmaker Media
Executive Producer: David Maher, David Taylor
Producers: Tom Hoffie and Judi McCrossin
Head Writer: Judi McCrossin
Network: Ten (2016)

BRIDGET JONES kept a diary, but LILY WOODWARD has a whole rulebook for life. It's just not quite panning out as written — yet. THE WRONG GIRL is an urban rom-com brimful of exuberance, optimism and cheeky energy. Our hero Lily is a modern woman caught between two guys — one too good to be true and the other so wrong he might just be Mr Right… Based on the best-selling book by Zoe Foster Blake.

Cast: Jessica Marais, Ian Meadows, Rob Collins, Craig McLachlan, Hamish Blake, Kerry Armstrong, Madeleine West, Christie Whelan Browne, Hayley Magnus, Doris Younane, Hamish Blake


Deep Water

Produced by Blackfella Films
Executive Producer: SBS's Sue Masters
Producers: Miranda Dear, Darren Dale
Writers: Kris Wyld, Kym Goldsworthy
Director: Shawn Seet
Network: SBS

Deep Water follows detectives Tori Lustigman (Yael Stone) and Nick Manning (Noah Taylor) as they are assigned a brutal murder case. They begin to uncover mounting evidence to suggest the killing is connected to a spate of unexplained deaths, "suicides" and disappearances throughout the 80s and 90s. Is this the result of shoddy police work, indifference, or something far more sinister? Haunted by the disappearance of her teenage brother, Tori's fascination with the case soon turns to fixation. And when more ritualistic murders occur with the same bizarre signature, Tori and Nick will need to put their relationships, their careers and their lives on the line to finally reveal the truth. Airing October 2016

Cast: Yael Stone, Noah Taylor, William McInnes, Danielle Cormack, Jeremy Lindsay Taylor, Craig McLachlan, Dan Spielman, Ben Oxenbould, Simon Burke, John Brumpton, Victoria Haralabidou, Simon Elrahi, George H. Xanthis, Renee Lim, Julian Maroun

Little Lunch Specials

Produced by Gristmill Pty Ltd
Producers: Wayne Hope, Ben Grogan, Robyn Butler
Writers: Robyn Butler
Directors: Robyn Butler
Network: ABC

When Atticus' mother gets a job in Singapore, he discovers that the Halloween concert day will be his last day of school. The make-believe terror of Halloween is replaced by Atticus being genuinely petrified of leaving and starting a new life. The Little Lunch Halloween Special cracks open the heart of the spooky celebration to explore, beyond a scary costume, what it is that children really fear.

The countdown to Christmas and summer holidays is exciting every year but no more so than now, when the Mrs Gonsha's class is graduating from grade 6. The children are engulfed in the thrill of end-of-year activity, until they uncover the explosive news that Rory is unable to graduate. The Little Lunch Christmas Special encapsulates the contemporary meaning of Christmas - the overriding need to have love and generosity.


The Secret Daughter

Produced by Screentime
Writers: Justin Monjo, Sam Meikle, Shawn Seet, Kristen Dunphy, Fin Edquist
Director: Peter Andrikidis
Network: Seven

Jessica Mauboy portrays a part-time country pub singer whose chance meeting with a wealthy city hotelier triggers a series of events that will change her life forever. A feel-good drama which explores the very different Australian worlds of 'the haves' and 'the have nots', The Secret Daughter is full of heart, humour, romance and plenty of music. They say you can't choose your family, but what happens when a family chooses you?

Cast: Jessica Mauboy as Billie Carter, Bonnie Sveen as Layla, Colin Friels as Jack Norton, Matthew Levett, David Field, Rachel Gordon, Salvatore Coco, Jared Turner, Jordan Hare, Erin Holland, JR Reyne, Libby Asciak, Johnny Boxer, Terry Serio, Harriet Gordon-Anderson, Jeremy Ambrum, Amanda Muggleton

Top of the Lake: China Girl (series 2)

Produced by
Producer: Philippa Campbell
Writers: Gerard Lee, Jane Campion
Directors: Ariel Kleiman, Jane Campion

Top of the Lake Season 2 China Girl is a crime mystery story that begins four years on from the explosive ending of Season One. When the unidentified body of an Asian girl washes up on to Sydney's Bondi Beach, the case seems hopeless, until detective Robin Griffin discovers that China Girl didn't die alone.

Cast: Elisabeth Moss, Gwendoline Christie, David Dencik, Alice Englert, Ewen Leslie


Australia Day

Produced by Hoodlum Entertainment
Producers: Nathan Mayfield, Leigh McGrath
Writer: Stephen Irwin
Director: Claire McCarthy

Australia Day. Three young people are on the run. April Tucker, a 13-year-old indigenous girl. Sami Ghaznavi, a 17-year-old Iranian boy and S Mai, a 19-year-old Chinese woman. Each is scared. Subtle connections will draw these three braids progressively tighter until they reach their climaxes on that hot, contentious, enigmatic day on the calendar... Australia Day. Every one of our characters will have to make a sacrifice and pay a heavy price. Bad mistakes are made... yet people will step up. They will make change happen. And we learn that we do have power to decide our tribe, our place, the colour of our future Hope prevails.


Bombshell: The Sinking of the Rainbow Warrior [NZ]

Produced by Screentime
Writer: John Banas
Director: Ric Pellizzeri
Network: TV One

Bombshell tells the story of a nation-defining moment caused by a foreign government sanctioning a clumsy act of terrorism.



Produced by Cordell Jigsaw Zapruder
Executive Producers: Andy Ryan, Jo Rooney and Michael Cordell;
Producer: Paul Bennett
Writer: Sarah Smith
Network: Nine

Tells the rags-to-riches-to-rags tale of controversial business tycoon Alan Bond from the 1960s-90s. It is the outrageous story of how a cheeky, knockabout Ten-Pound-Pom fought his way from the back alleys of Fremantle to become the richest man in Australia and one of our greatest sporting heroes. "Bondy" was a man with an insatiable appetite for the excesses of life: women, fame, money, crime and everything between. But Bond's ego, greed and ambition saw him overreach beyond all measure until his empire collapsed, leaving him as the country's greatest villain with the biggest ever bankruptcy. House Of Bond is the extraordinary story of the man who defined the 1980s by dreaming big and rewriting the rulebook. Was he a hero? A villain? Or a little bit of both? Airing 2017.

Cast: Ben Mingay as Alan Bond, Rachael Taylor as Diana Bliss, Adrienne Pickering as Eileen Bond, Sam Neill as Roland "Tiny" Rowland, Gyton Grantley, Samantha Jade, Anne Looby, John Howard, Johnny Ruffo, Roy Billing, Paul Gleeson, Jack Campbell


Produced by Endemol Shine Australia
Producer: Kerrie Mainwaring
Executive Producer: Rory Callaghan
Writers: Justin Monjo, Adam Todd
Director: Geoff Bennett
Network: Ten

This is the true story of a man who was a hero to a generation of Australians, winning the Bathurst 1000 nine times and dominating motorsport for more than two decades. Loved and admired by many, but few knew the real Peter Brock -- what made him tick?

Cast: Matthew Le Nevez, Ella Scott Lynch, Brendan Cowell, Natalie Bassingthwaighte, Steve Bisley

Jean [NZ]

Produced by Lippy Pictures
Producers: Paula Boock and Donna Malane
Writers: Paula Boock, Donna Malane
Director: Robert Sarkies
Network: TV One

Jean will take viewers into the world of New Zealand aviatrix pioneer Jean Batten.


Paul Hogan

Produced by FremantleMedia
Executive Producer: Jo Porter
Writers: Keith Thompson and Marieke Hardy
Director: Kevin Carlin
Network: Seven

The story of Paul Hogan is that of almost accidental supernova of raw comedic talent exploding onto the entertainment scene of first Australia and then the world. How a married-at-eighteen blue-collar worker with five kids (and on to his fortieth job) went on talent contest New Faces as a dare from his work-mates and ended up completely wowing the audience and opening the door to completely unanticipated new life.

Cast: Josh Lawson as Paul Hogan, Justine Clarke as Noelene Hogan, Ryan Corr as John Cornell, Laura Gordon as Linda Kozlowski, Nikki Osborn as Delvene Delaney, Sean Keenan as Young Paul, Marny Kennedy as Young Noelene