"Is ____ available on DVD / where I can get episodes from?"

Most old shows are just not available commercially (this is especially true in North America for all shows where importing is complicated by differing video standards). This is changing however as more and more TV series are being released on DVD. New series are almost always released on DVD, just be patient.

See my Merchandise page to see what is known to be available

I do not have copies of shows to send you.

"Can you provide me contact details for _____?"

I can only refer you to any known official/fan sites for that person. Links to known actor specific sites can be found on the show pages or in the big list on the Actors and Actresses page.

I cannot provide personal contact information for any actors or production personel.

"Can you identify this series from my childhood?"

I can try but I'm about 50/50 on "identify this series" questions but my accuracy goes down with shows prior to the 1990s

"Can you add a page for the series ____?"

New shows are always added but finding information for older series is not easy, especially when I have not seen much of anything from the 60s, 70s or 80s.

As a general rule, I only cover SCRIPTED series (with the odd exception) and do not plan on expanding to include anything along the lines of reality, talk, current events, or lifestyle shows.

"Would you add a link to my site? / Could I link back to your site?"

If your site is about an Australian tv series, actor, or is related to the Australian TV industry, I'd be more than happy to link to your site and I'd never say no to a reciprocal link back to mine. Link requests from sites with no direct relevance to the Australian entertainment industry will be ignored.

"I am creating a site for ____ and would like to know if I could use your episode guide on my site?"

Sorry, but a big no to this one.

Episode guides do not materialise from the ether but can (and usually do) take years to assemble, whether it is a compilation of information from tv listings or a guide I've taken the time and effort to personally write every summary and log every guest actor/writer/director for.

Desite this, people have taken fully formed guides for their own sites. I have found such sites and have successfully taken action to have the content removed.

"I have a site for ____ and would like to know if I could use an image from your site on mine"

I have been asked this many time and have almost always said yes. But please ask first — good things can happen if you ask, I've been known to provide extra or better quality images upfront or on an ongoing basis to those who have taken the time to ask.

If you just take and don't ask I will more than likely find out, I've been doing this a long time and am good at finding new sites and recognising my images.

"Do you know of any sites for the series _____?"

All official and fan-created sites that I know of are already linked to. There are some additional links to official sites or fansites of shows I don't cover on my site, these are on my Other Australian TV sites page

"Could you put up more information for Neighbours/Home and Away/(other soap)?"

What you see is what you get basically. I don't follow these series and have no plans to add detailed cast info or episode guides for either as there are lots of good sites for both shows on the web already.

"Who played Jack in episode 12?"

To even make an attempt at answering your question, I need the name of the series. I cover over 500 series/miniseries/telemovies on this site and need some sort of clue as to what series you are asking about.

"Why does someone from Canada have a site about Australian TV?"

When I started the site in 1998 there was little information on the web for Australian TV shows and as a fan of the genre who had put together a small collection of episode guides and other information for my own personal reference purposes, I decided to put my information online and share it with the world. My original intent was to target other Canadian fans of the various Australian series airing in Canada at the time but it soon became clear my primary audience was in Australia and around the world.