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Out of the Frying Pan

Episode 6

Canada: Wed, April 22, 2009
Australia: ? (Nine)

Written by David Ogilvy
Directed by Mark DeFriest

The kids frantically try to restore Ogee's health while hiding him from the vengeance- seeking Drogue.

The Valligat has towed the Stormrider back to Settlement Island and Ogee is in a bad way. As soon as they arrive, Khelioz wants the kids to honour their side of the Barter but they are in too much of a rush to ask Werrolda if they can use the Beacon to re-energise Ogee. They find the Settlers at the Standing Stones celebrating Foundation Day. Werrolda does not agree to shut down the Beacon. The Beacon is sacrosanct. Maykn smoothly asserts that if there are Access Crashers in the desert, they could die without the Beacon to guide them but Jason puts forward an emotional argument that Werrolda cannot ignore. She reluctantly grants them permission to shut down the Beacon for a short time to help Ogee

Khelioz catches up to the kids and demands that the terms of the Barter be honoured. Jason agrees to take Khelioz to the Cougar while Flees and Lee help Ogee. At the Beacon, Ogee's condition isn't improving. Lee thinks that their best bet is to spread the Beacon's energy evenly over Ogee's whole surface area. They start gathering and bartering for scrap metal and supplies and return to the Beacon to build a metal cube frame for Ogee.

Down in the Settlement, Gol Hati arrives to propose a Truce saying that the Drogue want to join the Settlement as they can't survive much longer on their own. The Settlers and Werrolda are wary but it is decided to put it to the vote and they set out for the Standing Stones- except for Toff who remains to look after Callaghan. Gol Hati has meanwhile returned to where the other Drogue are hiding beyond the dunes. The 'Truce' talk has proved a successful ruse in clearing out the Settlement. Now the Drogue can search for and destroy Ogee who they consider to be a formidable threat after their previous encounter.

On board the Valligat, Jason has led Khelioz to the cove where he and Lee scuttled the Cougar. Looking at the sunken Cougar Khelioz accuses Jason of cheating, Jason points out there was nothing in the Barter about the Cougar's whereabouts or status. Beaten, yet amused at Jason's clever ploy, Khelioz heads the Valligat back to Settlement Bay.

Back at the Beacon, Ogee's condition isn't improving. Flees goes down to the Settlement to find more supplies and nearly runs into the Drogue. She quickly takes cover in a shelter where Toff and Callaghan are hiding and the three stealthily make their ways to Werrolda's shelter. Coming back from the beach, Jason overhears Gol Hati and Gar Lindi talking about Ogee. He sneaks around the Settlement and is forced to hide in Werrolda's shelter where he finds Flees, Toff and Callaghan. He tells them that the Drogue are after Ogee and he and Flees dash back to the Beacon where they are faced with a dilemma. It's only a matter of time before the Drogue check the Beacon but the kids don't want to risk unhooking Ogee when he's still not improving. Jason has an idea. He rushes back to the Valligat and steals the Ogee-shaped glass ball. On the way back, he overhears Khelioz telling Gol Hati that Ogee is at the Beacon. By the time Jason gets back to the Beacon, Ogee has recovered but the Drogue are on the way. Flees distracts Gol Hati while the boys hide Ogee then escape out the back with the decoy in a bag. The Drogue fall for it and triumphantly fly off with the fake Ogee and throw the sack into the sea.

Flees, Lee and Jason take Ogee back to the Stormrider before going to the Settlement to get supplies to repair the Stormrider. They are returning to the beach when Flees spots the Valligat sailing out to sea and Luce rushes up with the alarming news that she saw Khelioz on Stormrider. When the kids check to see what Khelioz was up to, they discover he has taken Ogee.