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Salvage Rights

Episode 5

Canada: Wed, April 15, 2009
Australia: ? (Nine)

Written by David Ogilvy
Directed by Edward McQueen-Mason

When Flees and the boys are attacked by the Drogue, Ogee reveals his true size and power and almost dies to save them.

Jason and Lee head off with Khelioz on board the Valligat in search of a way out of Stormworld. They stop at Leech Island for a rest and a meal but, while the boys collect driftwood for a fire, Khelioz takes off. Soon after, Flees, through the periscope on the submerged Stormrider, spots Khelioz by himself on the Valligat, and suspects he has marooned the boys.

When the boys realise that Khelioz has abandoned them, they start exploring the island, looking for a possible way off and discover a dead insect similar to those that attacked them on Earth. Flees surprises them and (mocking their gullibility re Khelioz) says that if they want a lift on Stormrider they'll have to do some chores, starting with helping collect water.

Flees, Jason and Lee have just finished filling their containers when they are threatened by a Mystal. It passes them by, but then the kids stand, transfixed, as a rock mound starts to move. It's not a rock at all but thousands of insects uncurling from their dormant state. The insects start to swarm and circle in the sky, faster and faster until they create a Vortex like the one that transported Flees and the boys to Stormworld. Moments later, a kayak comes through the Vortex, crashing onto the rocks. From the Valligat, Khelioz has also spotted the Vortex and heads back to the island.

There is no sign of a survivor so Jason, Lee and Flees salvage what they can from the kayak's wreckage and store it aboard the Stormrider. Flees and Jason go to see if the Vortex has left anything else while Lee stays aboard with Ogee with whom he discusses the nature of Mystals.

Jason and Flees find several smashed crates of rations. As they gather the food they become aware of another presence. A Drogue! As the Drogue girl has not yet spotted them, Jason suggests they take her out. His plan backfires when a second Drogue appears and Flees and Jason are forced to run. As they near the Stormrider, several more Drogue pursue them from their flybikes and fire stunrays. Flees and Jason get aboard the Stormrider but when Flees has to dodge a flybike, she loses her balance, and falls in the water. As the boys struggle to rescue her, Ogee protects them all from further attack by assuming the full majesty of his potential, expanding into a towering sphere of energy. From the Valligat, Khelioz is witness to this transformation. Ogee's massive energy starts to affect the Drogue's flybikes and Gol Hati is forced to order a retreat allowing Jason and Lee time to pull Flees out of the sea to safety.

Ogee resumes his normal size but the transformation has severely depleted him of energy. It is imperative to get the Stormrider going in order to recharge Ogee from the engine but the Stormrider has sustained damage from one of the Drogue's stunrays. Jason and Lee go to search for something to fix it and meet Khelioz who assures them he always intended to come back for them. While the boys are not convinced, Khelioz's reappearance does prove timely. When Flees turns up to inform them the Stormrider's engine has failed, Khelioz offers to tow them back to the Settlement- at a price of course. He wants either the directions to Luce Island or ownership of Stormrider. Jason convinces him to take the Cougar instead. On the way back to Settlement Island, Ogee's condition worsens. When his surface glazes over, it's touch and go whether or not he will survive.