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One Point Eight Million Reasons To Change Your Name (Part 1)


Episode 1.01
April 29, 1997
Screenplay by Graeme Koetsveld
Directed by Brendan Maher

Elvis Maginnis is in trouble and it's his family — as usual — who have put him in it. This time he's suspected of master-minding an armoured van robbery that netted 1.8 million dollars. Why? Because the overalls the bandits wore came from K for Kleen. And because the MO is identical to a job suspected to have been committed by Elvis' cousin Declan and Eddie Garribaldi, Elvis' best friend, two years before when Elvis was in the Armed Robbery Squad — investigating that same case.

Too much is coincidental. Declan Maginnis was not charged for the first robbery (he could prove his sudden wealth was a fortunate Tatts Lotto win) and Eddie Garribaldi disappeared. Now people are saying Eddie's back, and police are 100% sure he and a Maginnis are involved in the latest heist. So the police lean on Elvis — if he didn't do it, he's to find out who did or they'll frame him in order to get the bust.

To make things worse, others start to lean on Elvis. His Uncle Finbar for example. Who reminds Elvis that "a Maginnis always looks after his own." Clear up the family name or else. Then there are the "blowies", criminals who are called "blow-flies" for their inclination to live off the earnings of the more resourceful. The biggest blowie of all, Baxter Hobbins, is now swarming for action. He puts the squeeze on Elvis to get the booty before the police do. And that's not all...

At the same time as having to investigate this robbery, Elvis is mentor to Dermot, a wayward young cousin who manages a band. He also has to deal with his unemployed cousin Suzie — who wants a job in his shop, and deal with rival Detective Sergeant Oliver Blanco who swears he'll nail Elvis for this job, by hook or by crook.

Blanco is in love with Detective Skye Edwards, who used to be Elvis' partner in and out of the job. She's the 'one who got away', and Elvis has never quite got over her. It's not an easy time for Maginnis — in fact the only piece of good news is that Skye is working on this case too. Is a family member involved? Did Declan commit this robbery after all? Who else knew the MO? Is Eddie Garribaldi back in town? Is his wife Molly Garribaldi (another of Elvis' cousins) the woman on the phone, calling herself Mrs LeRoy, who ordered the generator that the robbers used to threaten to "fry" the armoured van crew? Eddie used to call himself the king — and that's what LeRoy means.

Everything points to his best friend Eddie. When Eddie's coat turns up, Elvis is almost certain his friend has returned. It becomes a race against time, the police, and Baxter Hobbins, who gives Elvis 24 hours to come up with the money — or he'll start carving Elvis up.

Guest Cast:

  • Zoe Carides as Skye
  • Shane Feeney-Connor as Blanco
  • Christopher Mayer as Declan
  • Angela Kennedy as Molly
  • Brett Swain as Baxter
  • Samuel Johnson as Dermott
  • John Flaus as Finbar
  • Sancia Robinson as Colleen
  • Peta Brady as Susie
  • Gabriel Egan as Patrick
  • David Whiteley as Mears
  • Peter Stefanou as Eddie
  • John Penman as Manager
  • Nathan Godkin as Harry Delfont Jnr
  • Maurie Annese as Minky
  • Big Bad Ralph as Derelict
  • Stephen Dyson as Derelict
  • Richard Neal as Plain Clothes Policeman
  • Chris Wilson as Armoured Van Driver
  • Peter Robbs as Armoured Van Guard
  • Justin Anderson as Schoolmate
  • Andrew Carter as Schoolmate
  • Davin Taylor as Thug
  • Russell Frost as Thug
  • Mark Campbell as Thug


  • "Dirty Money" performed by The Poor
  • "Green Limousine" performed by Badloves
  • "Carelessly" performed by Atlas Strings
  • "Saturday Night" performed by Mr. Blonde
  • "We've Started a Fire" written by Paul Kelly, performed by Vika and Linda
  • "I'm a Disease" performed by Mr. Blonde