Produced by Beyond Simpson Le Mesurier

Devised by: Roger Simpson
Executive Producers: Mikael Borglund & Kris Noble
Produced by: Roger Le Mesurier, Roger Simpson, Ros Tatarka

Produced: 1997-1998 (Telemovie and 26 episodes)

An exciting, edgy and off-beat crime series that relies heavily on humor, contemporary music and a touch of the bizarre. Actor Marcus Graham plays Elvis Maginnis, a former cop from a criminal family who runs a dry cleaning business in the old neighbourhood. Despite his best efforts to avoid trouble, Elvis invariably finds himself sucked back into the grey area between good and bad. The series was created specifically for Marcus Graham, one of Australia's most outstanding actors, by Simpson Le Mesurier Films, and featured many of Australia's leading actors.
Marcus GrahamElvis Maginnis
Alison WhyteStella Kinsella
Travis McMahonReuben Zeus
Travis McMahon  |  Alison Whyte  |  Marcus Graham

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