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Episode 1.06
June 10, 1997
Written by Deborah Parsons
Directed by Pino Amenta

A dazed Elvis finds himself lying in the sleeping cabin of truck. The female truckie returns him to K for Kleen. She doesn't think it's odd that he's in his underpants. Stella does. She thinks Elvis is drunk and is furious with him — he was supposed to have delivered a wedding dress yesterday and he — and the dress — disappeared twenty-four hours ago. He's got some explaining to do.

When Elvis can't — all he can manage is to fall into a faint — it becomes blatently obvious that Elvis is more than drunk — he's drugged to the eyeballs. Somebody wanted him dead. And what's almost worse, twenty-four hours of his life are missing, and Elvis doesn't know where they went. Well, no-one's going to steal a day out of his life and get away with it.

With his trusty friend Reuben, Elvis embarks on locating the missing twenty-four hours. Retracing his route, with nothing but painful, dream-like flashes of angels, guns, and white lace to guide him, Elvis tries to recall his last movements before he blacked out.

In the meantime Stella has been left at the dry cleaners to deal with the search for the wedding dress Elvis was supposed to deliver, and a host of irate customers who come in complaining that in the last twenty-four hours, a crook called Elvis conned them out of money in exchange for dry cleaning services never delivered. Has Elvis lost his mind — or is someone out there creating havoc in his name?

Elvis remembers having driven to an outer suburb. He remembers driving past a house and a girl running out, and his car hitting the girl. But she ran back into the house and he followed her... then nothing but the flashes of guns and angels and white lace... Something happened in that house, it holds the key.

But when he does find the house it's empty and unlived in. Who-ever lived there — only yesterday — has fled. Undaunted, and using his detective skills, Elvis gradually pieces together what happened, and the significance of his dreams — of the angel — becomes clear.

Guest Cast:

  • Ola Chan as Angel
  • David Walters as Sharkie
  • Doug Bowles as Len
  • Red Symons as Irate Customer
  • Humphrey Bower as Male Nurse
  • Michael Pope as Real Estate Agent
  • Michael Bishop as Frank Little
  • Christopher Connelly as Police Officer
  • Diana O'Connor as Mother of Bride
  • Christina Azucena as Asian Woman
  • Denise Scott as Waitress
  • Bobby Bright as Chicken
  • Judith Stewart as Beryl
  • Raymond Marr as Diner Customer
  • Robert Ratti as U-Hire Manager
  • Marijana Dujmovic as Junior Constable
  • Tony Farrell as Police Raid Officer
  • Kristen Lee as Police Raid Officer
  • Phil Edge as Police Raid Officer
  • Mick Jones as Police Raid Officer
  • Darryl Spencer as Heavy
  • John Echelon as Heavy
  • Judith Graham as Lady Customer
  • Penelope Hanby as Distressed Woman
  • Casey Hawkins as Little Girl
  • Saasha Burns as Little Girl