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Zen Go The Strings Of My Heart

Orange and Reuben

Episode 2.01
March 31, 1998
Written by Steve Moriarty
Directed by David Cameron

Reuben is in love with Orange, a free-spirited artist. It is the love affair of the century after four weeks and they are counting every moment together. Orange is preparing an anniversary surprise for Reuben in the corner of a deserted warehouse when she sees a friend arrive. Before she has a chance to speak to him another man arrives. Hidden from view, Orange witnesses the hand over of a large sum of money and the brutal murder of her friend. As soon as Elvis hears what has happened he knows who is involved — Detective Beckett, a corrupt cop. Before Elvis can get Orange's belongings from the warehouse, Beckett is at the scene investigating the murder. He knows there is a witness and is determined to find her. Orange decides to take the matter into her own hands and prints posters declaring Beckett is a murderer. She is now in grave danger and even Elvis is unable to save her life. Elvis now has two deaths to avenge and must ensure Beckett is stopped. He turns to two unlikely people to help him — corrupt cops.

Guest Cast: Maya Stange as Orange, Geoff Morrell as Beckett, David Bradshaw as Danny Joyce, Peter McCouley as Henry Deak, Laura Lattuade as Nina, Gerald Lepkowski as Tierney, Bob Ruggiero as Tony Gransci, Sally-Anne Upton as Biff, Eng Aun Khor as Mr. Ng, Darryl Spencer as Mr. Ng's Driver, Bernadette Conlon as Busker, Lance Anderson as Stunt Double, Stuart Fraser as Stunt Double, Russel Allan as Stunt Double, Szumai Anderson as Stunt Double

Car Wars

Elvis and Carmen

Episode 2.02
April 7, 1998
Written by Chris Hawkshaw
Directed by David Cameron

Maginnis is in love — again. He's been seeing Carmen Francis, an intelligent, attractive, newly-qualified lawyer. They met when Carmen acted for a client with a claim against the dry cleaners. She's just perfect, and for Maginnis, this feels like it could quite possibly go on forever and ever and ever. True love though, never runs smoothly, and pretty soon, Maginnis finds himself in a sticky predicament. First, Maginnis is shocked to discover that Carmen is married — well, separated. Her husband is Noel Pomeroy, a used car dealer. Second, he's dead. Third, Carmen's at the scene. Fourth, Noel Pomeroy was killed with the wheel changer from Carmen's car. Fifth, Carmen begs him to alibi her. Maginnis looks into her eyes, loses all sense of logic — and agrees. Stella thinks he's an idiot, that he's being used, and tells him so. Plunging into the used car world in search of the killer, Maginnis discovers nearly everyone had reason to kill Noel Pomeroy. Finally, via some detective work from Reuben, Maginnis zeroes in on a former business partner of Noel Pomeroy's — Mickie McEvoy. Mickie is just as surprised as everyone when he discovers that in fact, it was his son, Michael who murdered Pomeroy. Mickie however, has an ace up his sleeve; he has documented evidence that he paid kickbacks to Carmen when she was employed by a finance company 6 years ago. Mickie delivers an ultimatum to Maginnis: if Maginnis puts Michael in for the murder, he will blow the lid on Carmen's past, sinking her legal career. Suddenly, Carmen Francis, the great love of Maginnis life is looking fatally flawed, but she convinces Carmen that it was only a tiny indiscretion — something she stupidly got involved in on her way to the top. Once again Maginnis looks into her baby blues and agrees to help her out. Reuben, disguised as an investigator from the Ombudsman's office, convinces Mickie that he (Mickie) has been sprung for paying kickbacks to finance company employees. Reuben puts it to Mickie that, in return for evidence against the finance company employees, Mickie's involvement could be overlooked. Mickie hands over the evidence against Carmen. Thus Maginnis clears Carmen and himself in the police's eyes — and, just as importantly, Carmen in Stella's eyes. Except Stella has been doing some investigating of her own. Carmen's claim against the dry cleaners — that which brought Carmen and Maginnis together — was fraudulent. This is something that Maginnis can't ignore. Finally he has to look into Carmen's eyes and say — "No" — and with that end the relationship he thought could have been the big one.

Guest Cast: Belinda McClory as Carmen Francis, Nick Waters as Mickie MacEvoy, Stephen Curry as Michael MacEvoy, Marg Downey as Det. Glynnis Filch, Ernie Gray as Det. Duncan 'Pinky' Kowalski, Wilhelmina Stracke as Sancia Delmorris, Tommy Dysart as Athol Amoroso, Ernie Bourne as Alfie Zinsinger, Petra Glieson as Neesa, Kier Saltmarsh as Mort, Lindsay Field as Noel Pomeroy, Davin Taylor as Police Driver

Don't Cry For Me Arch 'n Tina


Episode 2.03
April 14, 1998
Written by Everett DeRoche
Directed by Paul Moloney

Closing time at the dry cleaners. Maginnis, keen to get away to a reunion (read drunken binge) with some old mates, foists the task of chasing up a dry-cleaning debt onto Stella. Alarm bells ring for Reuben, when, arriving for work the next morning, he discovers that the oh-so-reliable Stella has not turned up for work. In fact, given a wrong address, Stella has blundered into a major inner-suburban marijuana distribution centre — barely half a dozen blocks away from the dry cleaners — and has been imprisoned by Arch and Tina, a couple of socio-pathic and, we come to suspect, possibly psychopathic, drug dealers. Having trussed her up to an old Kooka stove until they decided how to make her more "comfortable", it soon becomes plainly obvious that chopping her up into little bits is clearly an option. The hours tick by and the Maginnis and Reuben's fears for Stella's safety multiply — Maginnis is also riddled with a healthy dose of guilt. While he was out getting pissed with his mates, he'd hand balled his duty of debt collector onto Stella. If anything has happened to her, it's his fault!! Maginnis' task of finding Stella is frustrated by his discovery that the police Drug Squad seems to have an interest in her. But they're tight lipped and won't divulge the reason for their attention, or whether they, in fact, know her whereabouts. Who said the law is always on your side?? Meanwhile, Stella, is freaking out and realises that the twisted couple are looking forward to her demise once they organise their current deal. With the strength of Wonder Woman on steroids, she manages to untie herself, and works on manufacturing a means of dealing with them before they deal with her. Finally, Maginnis discovers that the Drug Squad have been holding out big time — they've known Stella's whereabouts all along. What's more, Maginnis discovers that they don't really care what happens to Stella, they're more concerned with catching one of their own who has been supplying information to every drug dealer in town. They'd rather put Stella's life on the line than risk their own agenda. Maginnis is ready to explode, and driven by the added knowledge that he's solely responsible for Stella's predicament in the first place, risks a Drug Squad bullet to break his way into the property to save Stella. But he discovers Stella — via gutsiness and determination — has managed to save herself. Girl-power indeed!

Guest Cast: Stefan Dennis as Andy Caesar, Cristin Daniel as Arch Vaca, Suzi Dougherty as Tina Vaca, Terry Kenwrick as Inspector Davis, Stephen Whittaker as Detective Brooks, Tim & Bradley Landers as Stan, Pip Mushin as Detective Blair, Pauline Coutts as Detective Sweeney, Susie Dee as Dame Joan, Robbie Vagana as Mud, Robertoa Micale as Eric, David Meadows as Detective Stacey, Hannes Berger as Uniformed Cop #1, Brenda Addie as Helen King, David Lennie as Chavez, Davin Taylor as Uniformed Cop #2

You Say Etics, I Say Ethics


Episode 2.04
April 21, 1998
Written by Vincent Gill and Roger Simpson
Directed by Steve Jodrell

Father Frank Conroy runs the shelter for homeless youth and is standing for local council with Elvis as his campaign manager. There are two other candidates, a local homophobic fruiterer and a clairvoyant, both of whom seem prepared to go to any lengths to win the election. When Father Frank is bashed and left for dead in a laneway, Elvis believes local politics is behind the brutal attack. Father Frank wants to put it behind him and get on with the campaign. He insists Elvis drops his investigation. But Elvis won't be deterred. All the evidence points to the local fruiterer but Elvis believes it is just too convenient. He begins asking questions about the popular priest. What he discovers forces Father Frank to face his human frailties and responsibilities.

Guest Cast: Chris Haywood as Father Frank Conroy, Louise Siverson as Shannon Blightie, Petru Gheorghiu as Darko Lubich, Jonathan Brooks as Lewis, Damien Fatiou as Johnny Lubich, Ben Kermode as Peter Lubich, Michael Carman as Marcie, Joan Murray as Patricia Ford, Peter Farago as Det. Carl Huckstepp, Ian Swan as Detective Bolton, Gary Baade as Danny, Colin Mitchell as Sparring Partner, Zev Eleftheriou as Stunt Performer, Lance Armstrong as Stunt Performer

Naughty Bits

Episode 2.05
April 28, 1998
Written by Everett DeRoche
Directed by Brendan Maher

Reuben meets Jill and the attraction is electric and mutual. They can't keep their hands off each other and their first night together is like a fantasy for Reuben. But Jill isn't quite what she seems. She is a he and Elvis is sure Reuben will be devastated when he finds out. On their second date a mystery man approaches Jill, and Reuben steps in to protect her, getting smashed in the face with a gun for his trouble. Elvis tackles the attacker, knocking his gun to the ground. Jill seizes the moment and within a split second the attacker is dead. Jill tells the police she had never seen the man before and was acting in self defense, fearful of what the man would do to her. Elvis isn't so sure.

Guest Cast: Claudia Black as Jill Mayhew, Anni Finisterer as Sgt Hawthorn, Nicholas Crawford-Smith as Det. Smythe, Christopher Connelly as Detective Perrott, Steven Pax as Suzie, James Wardlaw as Wally, Margot Knight as Dr. Lisa Doudine, Paul Canton as Bruce Petersen, Daniel Tobias as Male Nurse, Lesley Baker as Mrs. Pinney, Natalie Miller as Honey #1, Nelao Hishongwa as Honey #2, Roy Edmunds as Security Guard #1, David Ashton as Security Guard #2, Andrew Bayley as Floor Manager, Bert Labonte as Constable #1, Jane Kinnear as Bobbi, Lance Anderson as Stunt Performer, Szumai Anderson as Stunt Performer, Davin Taylor as Stunt Performer

There's No Business Like Small Business


Episode 2.06
May 5, 1998
Written by Neville Brown
Directed by Steve Jodrell

Maginnis discovers $10,000 in his bank account that he knows isn't his. Where did it come from? Stella, who doesn't care, suggests the money should be invested in a facelift for the shop. Maginnis though suspects someone could be setting him up. Reuben has a bright idea — Maginnis is always (foolishly) lending people money perhaps someone (surprisingly) has repaid him. Good thought. Maginnis talks to his cousin Dermott who owes him money for a delivery van. Sure enough, Dermott, in his current guise as a musical entrepreneur, tells Maginnis that he has repaid him — plus interest. Satisfied, Maginnis lends the money to Brenda Wick, an old friend who had recently approached him for a loan. Years ago, at the police academy, Brenda saved Maginnis' career and destroyed her own. Brenda is now married to Julian, a giant of a man who runs a concreting business. He's never forgiven or forgotten Maginnis' involvement in Brenda's downfall. Loaning her the money is a chance for Maginnis to repay a favour. Things turn sour when Bobby Boakes, a hapless local identity, turns up at K-for-Kleen and apologises to Maginnis about the money he had to quickly off-load into Maginnis' account. Bobby Boakes has inadvertently become involved in a drug deal — the supplier hasn't been paid and the drugs have disappeared. Now Norman Schumaker, supplier and legendary thug, has threatened to do something suitably violent to Bobby unless he returns the drugs, or the money. Boakes feels sick when he discovers the money is no longer in Maginnis' hands, but Maginnis assures him he'll have it back as soon as he clears up a related problem. On re-visiting Brenda, Maginnis discovers that she's already spent the money. Brenda confesses she's a gambler with an expensive habit. It is so bad, that she's been dipping into Julian's business accounts, and, she insists, if he finds out he won't be a happy man. But Brenda doesn't strike Maginnis as a gambler. In fact, he discovers she's being blackmailed by Garth Belmondo, a young gigolo who picked her up at the pokie machines. Maginnis, with the help of Stella, posing as a bored housewife, and Julian as her brother, force Belmondo to make a list of all the women he's blackmailed and how much money he's extorted from them. Brenda, having learned a huge lesson in judgement, is left off the list and her money is returned — with Julian none the wiser. Maginnis organises to have Schumaker busted for a large amount of amphetamines, Bobby recoups his loses by selling off Dermott's sound equipment, Brenda and Julian take a holiday, Stella's dream of refurbishing the dry-cleaners is perhaps a step closer to reality, but Maginnis well for all his effort, he still remains out of pocket, but no longer indebted.

Guest Cast: Tracy Mann as Brenda Wick, Fred Whitlock as Bobby Boakes, Samuel Johnson as Dermott Maginnis, Dino Marnika as Norman Schumaker, Bruce Alexander as Julian Wick, Taylor Kane as Garth Belmondo, Chelsea Blake as Nursery Attendant, Brett Anderson as Claude Koch, Jason Ritterman as "Fudge", Shalom Blustein as "Fudge", Gideon Preiss as "Fudge", Kevin Maxwell as Henchman, Pixie Jones as Upset Lady, Chris Bidlo as Tough Drinker, Nigel Anderson as Plainclothes Detective, Graham Jahne as Stunt Performer

Dog People


Episode 2.07
May 12, 1998
Written by Tony McDonald & Graeme Koetsveld
Directed by Paul Moloney & Andrew Ramage

Elvis is taking Stella and Reuben for a coffee and gets involved in an argument over a parking spot. Well known heavy Alphonse Mazzini comes to their rescue, and before he thinks about the consequences, Elvis has uttered those six little words — "anytime you need a favour." It's not long before Alphonse calls in his favour. He is a dog person and a pedigree bitch he hoped to breed is missing — and the dog belongs to a leading judge. Both Alphonse and the judge want the dog found before their professional relationship becomes public. When a severed ear from the missing dog turns up, the heat is on Elvis to find the dog and the person responsible. Elvis has his suspicions about who is responsible but even he is surprised when he finally tracks down the missing dog and discovers the culprits.

Guest Cast: Brian Harrison as Alphonse Mazzini, Robert Mammone as Cosimo Mazzini, Mary Coustas as Madonna Kapello, Alan Hopgood as Judge Moody, Matthew Newton as Casper Moody, Claudia Buttazzoni as Olivia Mazzini, Samuel Johnson as Dermott Maginnis, Kristina Bidenko as Vet Nurse, Christopher McLean as Waldo, Kevin Whitney as Counterfeiter, Desiree Smith as Dog Rescue Woman, Michael Bonadio as Waiter, David Zerefa as Kitchenhand #1, Alan Brough as Birthmark Man, Graham Jahne as Stunt Performer, Lance Anderson as Stunt Performer, Davin Taylor as Stunt Performer

Elvis Lives


Episode 2.08
May 19, 1998
Written by Charlie Strachan & Roger Simpson
Directed by Paul Moloney & Andrew Ramagel

Elvis doesn't hesitate when he finds out a friend needs someone to look after her daughter Midge. After all, how difficult can it be to look after a 10-year-old girl? It certainly becomes a lot harder than Elvis ever imagined when Midge is accused of stealing a diamond ring and is seen taking money from a mysterious man driving a limousine. When Elvis returns the diamond ring the owner is far from happy. She is furious because it turns out to be a fake and she wants the real diamond back. Could Midge be responsible for swapping the stones? Still trying to deal with that problem, Elvis finds that the limousine driver is Midge's father, a former drug dealer who now runs prostitutes. He is deeply concerned for the young girl's welfare. Midge's mother Chrissie is recovering from an aerobics injury in a health farm, or so she told Elvis. When he tries to find her to discuss his concerns about Midge and the company she keeps, Elvis is in for a big surprise and has some major decisions to make. But it is the owner of the ring who is in for the biggest surprise?

Guest Cast: Molly McCaffrey as Midge, Alyce Platt as Chrissie McKechnie, Geoff Brooks as George Starret, Caroline Gillmer as Siobhan Starret, Richard Piper as Lester Pitts, Mitchell Bartlett as Gym Guy, Bartholomew Morris as Big Santa, Roy Thompson as Small Santa, Derek Freeman as Businessman, John Powell as Roller Hockey Coach, Elise May as 1st Call Girl, Christy Dina as 2nd Call Girl, Robyn Hughan as Hotel Manager, Hayley Reid as Double, Roy Edmunds as Double, Davin Taylor as Double

100% Proof


Episode 2.09
May 26, 1998
Written by Shane Brennan
Directed by Paul Moloney

Stella's dad, Beau Kinsella, is in BIG TROUBLE!! Dougal Maginnis, Elvis' thuggish cousin and legendary underworld wheeler dealer, and Arthur Goodbold, who has a reputation for snapping bits off people's bodies, have got him over a barrel. They've accused Beau of being involved in the theft of a consignment of Scotch, which they say belongs to them. Stella makes a firm and not unreasonable request of Elvis — "Get your cousin, Dougal nuts, to lay off my dad!!". But in fact, the Scotch didn't belong to Dougal and Goodbold in the first place. For $25,000 Dougal had sold Arthur 50% of a load scheduled to fall off the back of a delivery truck — and now the Scotch, and the truck driver, Ernie Street, have gone missing. The thieves have been ripped off. To keep Stella happy, and to save Beau's hide, Maginnis agrees to find the Scotch. The trouble is, Beau's keeps telling lies about how the Scotch came to be in his possession. When the missing truck is found with the cabin covered with blood, things begin to get ugly for Beau Kinsella. It seems Ernie Street, has been murdered. What in the hell is Beau trying to cover up?? Is Stella's daddio a murderer? No, he's not that bad. Instead, it turns out that Beau is just a lying philanderer who has been telling porkies to cover the fact that he has a mistress. Our Stella is devastated, and suddenly her solid veneer begins to shows signs of cracking. How could Beau do this to Rose, his hard working, long supporting, loving wife? Stella is so disheartened that she seriously considers leaving the country to go and live in Paris. Just walking away from everything and everyone — Maginnis included. Maginnis works hard to finally solve the mystery of the missing Scotch . There never was a truckload. There never was any Ernie Street. It was Dougal Maginnis' scam, hatched to fleece Arthur Goodbold. Maginnis punishes Dougal by forcing him to hand-over his legitimate business and re-locate interstate. Maginnis donates Arthur's $25,000, on Arthur's behalf, to a church spire restoration appeal. And Beau Kinsella finishes up with Dougal's lawn mowing business — a gift from Maginnis, the first honest work he's ever done, and an opportunity for Beau and Rose to work as business partners and spend more time together. Maginnis and Stella are reconciled and Stella realises that she's not quite ready to leave her family and friends behind for the frogs legs in Paris.

Guest Cast: Frank Whitten as Beau Kinsella, Linal Haft as Arthur Goodbold, Phillip Gordon as Dougal Maginnis, Val Lehman as Rose Kinsella, Phillip Ward as Primo, Tanya Burne as Dallas, Stephen Dower as Dwayne Kinsella, Mark Wilson as Brady, Alex Pinder as Father Muldoon, Brendan O'Connor as Barman, Margie Bainbridge as Carwash Lady, Robert Tuttleby as Irate Customer #1, Janette Hook as Irate Customer #2, Ilya Djukic as Proprietor

A Chip Off The Old Potato


Episode 2.10
June 2, 1998
Written by Neville Brown
Directed by Mandy Smith

Stella's Aunt Bridget is considering selling the family potato chip business but all the sale plans have to be put on hold when her daughter Emily is kidnappped. The kidnappers send a ransom note demanding $1 million in exchange for her safe return and order the family not to contact the police. They turn to Elvis for help and he agrees that the police shouldn't be called in yet. When he begins asking questions about the family he uncovers a son with a million dollar debt and an accountant who has his own plans for the business which don't include its sale. A second ransom note arrives and everything points to the accountant and son being behind the kidnapping. Elvis arranges to use Stella to drop off the money but his plans go wrong and the kidnappers get away with the $1 million.

Guest Cast: Deborah Kennedy as Bridget Costello, Lewis Fitz-Gerald as Marshall Dobbs, Kristian Schmid as Jimmy Costello, Anna Lise Phillips as Emily Costello, John Arnold as Sure Thing Sam, Simon Oates as Byron Longfellow, Christopher Uhlmann as Swain, Troy Beckwith as Smithy, Tony Ladiges as Biggs, Barry James as Morgue Supervisor, Clare Powell as Waitress, Davin Taylor as Stunt Performer, Jade Weitering as Stunt Performer, Brett Anderson as Stunt Performer



Episode 2.11
June 9, 1998
Written by Mac Gudgeon and Shanti Gudgeon
Directed by Mandy Smith

When Reuben's hero, Gothic rocker Blitz Krieg, hits town, Reuben is determined to meet him. Disguised as a priest, Reuben arrives at Blitz's hotel room where is confronted by an awful sight — Blitz reclining dead in his bath with a hair-dryer submerged in the water. Maginnis arrives at the hotel, but too late. Reuben is being led away for questioning by Detective Maxine Hendrix. Back at the police station, Reuben is clearly in trouble. Tyrone O'Keefe, Blitz's manager says he saw Reuben throw the hair-dryer into the bath. On viewing the security tape with Maginnis, Reuben points out Tyrone and Van, Blitz's boyfriend leaving the hotel room on the night of Blitz's death. What possible motive could either of them have? It's common knowledge that Blitz did not want to re-sign with Tyrone. Maginnis checks this but discovers that while in the recording studio on the night of his death putting down some new tracks, Blitz had re-signed with Tyrone. The security tape also shows Billie Ross, Blitz's mother arriving and departing carrying a bag. When Stella visits Billy, she discovers a sad, gin swigging women who was devoted to her son. He liked his mother to do his laundry when he was in town but on the night of Blitz's death the hotel door was locked and she left without seeing him. Meanwhile Maxine takes Reuben back to the station and grills him. It's not long before she has him sounding like a serious nutter. Clearly Maxine believes that he's unstable and capable of murder. Maginnis visits Van who insists he wasn't at Blitz's hotel; the last time they were together was at the recording studio. Why is he lying? At the recording studio, Maginnis discovers the existence of a tape of Blitz's final work. But where is it? Could this have been a motive for Blitz's murder? Tyrone appears on the scene and challenges Maginnis. Find the tape and he'll get Reuben off the hook. Maginnis accepts and suspects that if he finds the tape, he'll unravel the mystery of Blitz's death. And so he does. Unknowingly, Billy had it amongst the laundry that she had picked up on the night of Blitz death. She lied when she said she didn't see him. She did see him but he was dead. What's a mother to do but to protect her child at all costs? Billy didn't want Blitz to look like just another rock star dead from drugs and booze — she'd hoped the hairdryer would help suggest a murder. Meanwhile, the tape is played; Blitz's swan-song is truly, utterly and inescapably awful!!

Guest Cast: Zoe Bertram as Det. Sgt. Maxine Hendrix, John O'May as Tyrone O'Keefe, Monica Maughan as Billy Ross, Wayne Hope as Van Molloy, Leon Teague as Blitz Kreig, Marco Chlappi as Darcy Fib, Michala Banas as Kirsty, Michael Burkett as Brownie, John Bishop as George, Michael Briffa as Securty Guard, Chris Elliot as Homicide Cop, Robert Lowe as Uniformed Cop, Dave Morris as Pre-Shrunk, Davage Thomas as Pre-Shrunk, Justine Dwyer as Pre-Shrunk, Lance Anderson as Stunt Performer, Brett Anderson as Stunt Performer

Blood Is Thicker Than Walter


Episode 2.12
June 16, 1998
Written by Chris Hawkshaw & Roger Simpson
Directed by Brendan Maher

Finbar Maginnis and Heather McLeod have been continuing the feud between the two families begun by their forefathers. They have instilled the same hatred in their children, until Walter McLeod falls in love with Loyola Maginnis. The pressures of the on-going feud takes its toll on their marriage and Elvis steps in to help his cousin escape. This only enrages the already aggressive McLeods. They want to ruin the Maginnis clan and will begin with Christie Maginnis' condom business. Loyola isn't welcomed back into the Maginnis fold with open arms, even though blood is thicker than water. Christie is convinced Loyola is spying on him for the McLeods, in their efforts to destroy the business.

Guest Cast: Hayley McElhinney as Loyola Maginnis-McLeod, Jack Finsterer as Christie Maginnis, John Flaus as Finbar Maginnis, Paulene Terry-Beitz as Heather McLeod, Ian Bliss as Keith McLeod, Sandy Winton as Walter McLeod, Robert Taylor as Andrew Costello, Graham Jahne as Stunt Performer, Chris Wilson as Stunt Performer

You Light Up My Wife


Episode 2.13
June 23, 1998
Written by Graham Koetsveld
Directed by David Cameron

Life is going well for Elvis. He has a beautiful intelligent girlfriend, Holly, and they can't get enough of each other. The only person who isn't pleased with the relationship is Holly's ex-husband Leo — an explosives expert. While Elvis spending every spare minute with Holly, Stella is trying to keep the dry cleaning business afloat. Profits are down because a new cleaner around the corner is undercutting their prices. Stella can't work out how the new business can afford to offer such low prices. Walking towards his old Valiant Charger, Elvis is knocked off his feet when the can blows up. He is within centimetres of death. Who would want Elvis dead? The list is long and at the top is Leo, Holly's ex-husband. Elvis begins to eliminate the suspects while Stella tries to get to the bottom of the dry cleaning price war that is costing them their livelihood.

Guest Cast: Tammy MacIntosh as Holly Swift, Robert Menzies as Leo Swift, Gil Tucker as Handy Andy, Samuel Johnson as Dermott Maginnis, Brian Lipson as Bogdan Wojohowicz, Brian Meegan as Bobby Shearer, Maggie Blinco as Mrs. Kirkwood, Keir Saltmarsh as Mort the Butcher, Christopher McLean as Waldo, Hamish Hughes as Charlie Earp, Brendan O'Connel as Barman, Lance Anderson as Stunt Performer