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New Dog, Old Tricks


Episode 1.04
April 22, 1997
Written by Peter Gawler
Directed by Steve Jodrell

Spike's gone over the wall. Spike Maginnis is Elvis Maginnis' impetuous young cousin. He reckons his new wife Stacey is having an affair, and he's going to get even with the bastard who's stolen her. The problem for Elvis is — Stacey is infatuated with him! Another, but possibly even more lethal a problem is that Spike has escaped from jail in the company of Ray Fox.

Known as "The Snake", Fox is in jail for murder. He is a cop-hating madman — and that includes ex-cops. His sole aim, before he gets caught again, is to wreak as much havoc as he can, by killing as many police as he can. And he doesn't care if he or Spike are killed in the process.

Elvis' first task is to try and locate Spike before he can get into more trouble. Then, once found, he's got to get him away from his mentor. Knowing his cousin, and second-guessing the psychopathic "Snake", Elvis manages to track them down before the police do. He finds the escapees in an old fishing shack. And is promptly taken hostage by the Snake.

Spike, in the meantime, learns of Stacey's flirtations — and who she's flirted with. Murderously angry, Spike threatens to annihilate the cousin he once looked up to. This 'small' complication makes it near impossible for Elvis to prise Spike away from the influence of the wily Ray. Thus begins a battle over Spike's heart and soul.

In a deadly game of cat and mouse, Elvis has to outsmart Ray, forestall the planting of a very large bomb, convince Spike to give himself up, and reunite Spike and Stacey by convincing Spike that he, Elvis, and Stacey are not the couple Spike thinks them to be.

Guest Cast:

  • Peter Hosking as Ray
  • Scott Major as Spike
  • Belinda Cotterill as Stacey Maginnis
  • Matthew King as Det. Sgt. Leigh Shanks
  • Jerome Pride as Det. Const. Dave Ahmat
  • Gary Adams as Waiter
  • Robert Armstrong as Clergyman
  • Margie Bainbridge as Mother
  • Shane Jolley as Clubber
  • Jason Loangley as Birthday Boy
  • David Watson as Surveillance Cop
  • Joanna Coburn as Surveillance Cop
  • Chris Brotherton as Surveillance Cop
  • Sebastian Gunner as Surveillance Cop


  • "The Whore Wagon" performed by Turkey Neck Lasso
  • "World's Got Everything In It" performed by Spencer P. Jones
  • "Use Me" performed by D. Cipriano
  • "Doorselfin" performed by Regurgitator