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Storm Warning


Episode 1.08
April 01, 1997
Written by Elizabeth Coleman
Directed by Brendan Maher

Elvis is stunned when he's contacted out of the blue by Wendy Johnson, wife of his best mate Johnno who was killed while on a police job six years ago. Wendy and Elvis have long since lost touch, mainly because Elvis felt guilty about Johnno's death. Now Wendy's testifying at the Royal Commission into Police Corruption, and after a suspicious car accident, she's scared.

Elvis leaps at the chance to make amends — he'll protect Wendy and her daughter Laura. He's gob-smacked when he discovers that the cute eight-year old he remembered is now fourteen — uncommunicative, sullen and openly contemptuous of him. It's not easy coping with the blazing hostility of a fourteen-year-old. Particularly when he's trying to date the sexy, but vacuous weather-girl Allie — who is jealous of his platonic friendship with Wendy.

Wendy's open amusement about Allie forces Elvis to ask himself a few uncomfortable questions about his choices in relationships. Combine that with the guilt about Johnno's death, and having been a lousy friend afterwards, and Elvis is having a bad week. A week that promptly gets worse when Laura is kidnapped.

Desperate at the thought of losing her daughter, Wendy decides not to testify. As Elvis sets out to find Laura. He clashes with an old police colleague who was distrustful of Elvis and Johnno as a team, and tracks down an icily intellectual businessman Rowntree, who stands to lose from Wendy's evidence.

Rowntree takes a lustful shine to Elvis, and drops a bomb-shell, telling Elvis the inside story of the corruption ring. Devastated, Elvis struggles to push closer to the truth of Laura's kidnapping.

Guest Cast:

  • Sonia Todd as Wendy Johnson
  • John Stanton as Rowntree
  • Gemma Bishop as Laura Johnson
  • Jane Hall as Allie Andrews
  • Greg Stone as Sgt. Steve Mason
  • Davin Taylor as Jeff Blake
  • Robert Allen as Snoz
  • Mark Oddie as Barrister
  • Paul Torten as Solicitor
  • Michael King as Roger
  • Kate Ingram as Snr. Sergeant
  • Anne Vercoe as Police Woman
  • Graham Andrew as Detective
  • Frank Raco as Male Receptionist
  • David Armstrong as News Presenter
  • Robert Mitchelson as Executive Producer
  • Barbara Hall as Make-up Artist
  • Warped as Spew Band


  • "Smelly Girl" performed by Warped
  • "Everybody's Getting a 3 Piece Together" performed by The Fauves
  • "Strips of You" performed by The Superjesus
  • "Slide Rule" performed by Bloom
  • "Goin' Off" performed by Spiderbait