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Little Time Bomb


Episode 1.11
June 3, 1997
Written by Mac Gudgeon
Directed by Pino Amenta

Zippi is a time bomb waiting to go off. She materialised in Elvis Maginnis' car just as Elvis is driving off for an appointment with his bank manager. Elvis is so focused on his upcoming presentation, he doesn't even notice Zippi bunked out in the back seat. All Elvis can think about is getting a loan for his new business venture. The last thing he need is an unknown and very odd kid telling him his spiel is pathetic. Surprisingly, her pointers on how to "make friends and influence people" are right on the mark.

Zippi says she's a street kid. She's looking for a place to stay, and a job that'll put some food in her mouth. She's cheeky, confident and a pain in the neck Elvis wants to get rid of. But Zippi manoeuvres her way into his life. It isn't until a little later that Elvis realises she's a girl with a dark past, who has specifically come looking for him to get her out of trouble. She was only testing the water — seeing if Elvis could be trusted. Zippi's sister was in trouble and told Zippi to find Elvis Maginnis.

Tania was the girl Elvis was going to marry. She's the owner of a high class escort agency, who has gone into hiding. What Zippi doesn't know is that Tania has been murdered in the last few days. It falls on Elvis to break the news to Tania's little sister. And it's Reuben who comforts her. Reuben's taken one look at Zippi and fallen head over heels in love.

Tania's clients were high fliers, many of them politicians, people who couldn't afford to be linked with the likes of her, and the pictures she took of them, in compromising positions. The photos were for insurance, she said, and now the negs have gone missing. Just recently Tania had taken on a business partner — a man who may have wanted such a lucrative business for himself.

Elvis begins to investigate his one time lover's death when an old mate, Mora, is taken off the case and replaced with an incompetent junior. He begins to smell a rat. Elvis knows Tania's killer is on the loose, an incredibly tall man, carrying a water pistol filled with sulphuric acid. Zippi is his next target. He wants those negatives and he thinks she has them.

Reuben is delighted to be Zippi's guardian, and the two go into hiding. While Elvis hunts the killer, Reuben comforts Zippi, and their relationship deepens. When Elvis doesn't seem to get any results, Zippi convinces Reuben to take matters into their own hands. But their plans go terribly wrong. But will Elvis be in time to save Reuben?

Guest Cast:

  • Bruce Spence as Squirt Man
  • Alex Sangster as Zippi Shaffer
  • John McTernan as Commissioner Fuller
  • Denis Moore as Det. Sgt. Sergio Mora
  • David Cameron as John Renko
  • Damien Pree as Neville Crumb
  • David Armstrong as TV News Anchor
  • Bernadette Doyle as Bank Manager
  • Lincoln Edwards as Rastafarian
  • Brian Worth as Priest
  • Peter Maver as Valuer
  • Dawn Hales as Renko's Secretary
  • Jennifer Chang as Fuller's Wife
  • Daniel and Benjamin Ella as Fuller's Children
  • Sharlene Sault as Tania
  • Val Demoet as Hospital Patient
  • Sam Hales as Small Boy
  • Trent Small as Spud
  • Liam Janke as Winkle
  • Jason Blake as Bomber