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Only The Young Die Good

Telemovie pilot (90 min)
Screenplay by Roger Simpson
Directed by Steve Jodrell

When Elvis' stepfather, Willie Monk, starts receiving death threats, it's not surprising the police don't want to get involved - Willie's been operating on the wrong side of the law for years. But when a young man is poisoned with a powerful pesticide and a bookie is thrown to his death, Elvis is drawn into a world of crime, deception and murder. And one thing becomes chillingly clear: there's a maniac on the loose! Elvis could be one of his targets.

One Point Eight Million Reasons To Change Your Name (Part 1)

Episode 1.01
Premiere: April 29, 1997
Screenplay by Graeme Koetsveld
Directed by Brendan Maher

An armoured van is robbed and Elvis Maginnis is the prime suspect. He has to prove his innocence to the police and a dangerous criminal who wants a cut of the takings.

One Point Eight Million Reasons To Change Your Name (Part 2)

Episode 1.02
May 6, 1997
Screenplay by Graeme Koetsveld
Directed by Brendan Maher

Elvis is charged with the $1.8 million robbery and time is running out for him to clear his name and save his life. Everything points to an old friend of Elvis being behind the robbery. Even though the man mysteriously disappeared, Elvis can't believe his friend would set him up.

Gone to the Dogs

Episode 1.03
May 20, 1997
Written by Mac Gudgeon
Directed by Steve Jodrell

When his great-aunt, Maizie, pays him an unexpected visit, Elvis becomes involved in the sleazy world of race fixing and money laundering.

New Dog, Old Tricks

Episode 1.04
April 22, 1997
Written by Peter Gawler
Directed by Steve Jodrell

Elvis is held at gunpoint by a madman when his cousin escapes from prison with a dangerous murderer. But it's not only his life that's at risk - the crazy prisoner has a much more sinister plan and it is up to Elvis to prevent a massacre.

Fatal Distraction

Episode 1.05
May 13, 1997
Written by Chris Middendorp and Mathew Bates
Directed by Pino Amenta

A waterfront union boss is gunned down outside his home and his young, beautiful wife seeks help from Elvis. Revenge is sweet when Elvis discovers the location of millions of dollars missing from union funds.


Episode 1.06
June 10, 1997
Written by Deborah Parsons
Directed by Pino Amenta

Elvis loses a day of his life when he is bashed, drugged and left for dead by the side of the road. All he can remember is stopping to help a young Asian woman who ran in front of his car.

Return of the Phantom

Episode 1.07
April 08, 1997
Written by Everett DeRoche
Directed by Brendan Maher

When Elvis inadvertently becomes involved with international gun smugglers, Reuben and Stella fear he has changed sides and is going to do nothing to stop military hardware getting in to the wrong hands.

Storm Warning

Episode 1.08
April 01, 1997
Written by Elizabeth Coleman
Directed by Brendan Maher

When the widow of Elvis' best mate from his police days decides to give evidence at the Royal Commission into Police Corruption, her life is in danger and she calls on Elvis for help. In her efforts to keep Wendy and her daughter alive, Elvis has to confront some truths from the past.

A Bilby in Rat's Clothing

Episode 1.09
June 24, 1997
Written by Ray Boseley
Directed by Steve Jodrell

When Elvis has to help the son of a friend who owes money to a teenage bookie, he thinks it will be a routine job. The bookie gets the upper hand ... until he realises he's bitten off more than he can chew.

The Sound of One Hand Killing

Episode 1.10
April 15, 1997
Written by Graham Hartley and Peter Hepworth
Directed by Steve Jodrell

Elvis fears for his life when a vicious criminal he helped put in prison for murder arrives back in town. He was known as Mr Rentakill, but the villain now claims to be a changed man and he wants Elvis' help - but can Elvis believe him?

Little Time Bomb

Episode 1.11
June 3, 1997
Written by Mac Gudgeon
Directed by Pino Amenta

Elvis has to protect a young girl from corrupt police and politicians when an escort agency operator is murdered, leaving behind photos of her influential clients in compromising positions.

Bloody Nosy

Episode 1.12
June 17, 1997
Written by Graeme Koetsveld
Directed by Pino Amenta

An honest man is accused of ripping off some good crooks and a bent undercover copper. Elvis puts his life on the line to prove the man's innocence.

Unfinished Business

Episode 1.13
May 27, 1997
Written by Bill Garner
Directed by Mick Connolly

Elvis finds himself the reluctant mediator in the distribution of a gangster's estate - where any decision he makes seems doomed to cause mayhem.