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The Sound of One Hand Killing


Episode 1.10
April 15, 1997
Written by Graham Hartley and Peter Hepworth
Directed by Steve Jodrell

Can a tiger change its stripes? Can a hit-man embrace the tranquillity and inner light of the soul by becoming a Buddhist monk? Oscar Drake says he can, says he has. But there's just one thing he has to do before taking his final vows. Oscar wants to meet his daughter Aimee — he hasn't seen her all the years he's been away — and wants to make his peace. And he needs Elvis Maginnis to help him find her. Elvis was the one cop he trusted — even though Elvis helped put him away.

The problem is, as soon as Oscar arrives in town, people start to die. Unnaturally. And Oscar is suspected of returning to his old ways. Even Elvis has his doubts. He's not helping Oscar because he believes in him — he's helping because he's scared. It takes a good deal of time, and of persuasion, for Elvis to realise that perhaps Oscar has changed after all. Particularly when he sees that the gentler Reuben has taken a shine to the peace-loving ex crim.

It's not very easy locating Aimee. Oscar's ex-wife has remarried and swears Oscar will never find out where his daughter is. Elvis' investigations are interrupted when Oscar is arrested for the murder of a businessman, only to learn — the man died of fright. But when a second death is linked to the first, Elvis begins to smell a rat. Is someone trying to frame Oscar? Why?

Finally locating Aimee, Elvis has a difficult time persuading her to meet her father. Ironically Aimee is a straight-laced police cadet, who wants nothing to do with the one time crim. Aimee is bitter and full of hate. Her father abandoned her, left Aimee and her mother to struggle without money, and never bothered to find out how they were. Why should she see him after so many years of neglect.

From cruel killer to gentle monk? But why then, as soon as he comes back, do people start to die? Is someone framing Oscar — or is there a more sinister reason for Oscar's sudden return?

Guest Cast:

  • John Waters as Oscar Drake
  • Victoria Eagger as Mia
  • Ross Williams as Jack Pye
  • Asher Keddie as Aimee
  • Kirk Alexander as Arty Bassett
  • Barry Friedlander as Calloway
  • Paul Karo as Joe Tyson
  • Norman Hancock as Hodges
  • Lawrence Price as Tyson's Assistant [Bradley]
  • Andy McPhee as Grassy
  • Yumi Umiumare as Japanese Translator
  • Shauna McEwan as Waitress
  • Chris Bidie as Barman
  • Sarah Doyle as Nursery Worker
  • Russel C. Bedford as Accountant
  • Theo Verbeyen as Piano-Acordian Player
  • Gudi Brandt as Yodeller
  • Nigel Andrewartha as Drag Queen
  • Gary Baade as Drunk
  • David Sulivan Coles as Detective
  • Monty Maizels as Pianist
  • Eng Aun Khor as Buddist Monk
  • Craig McLauerty as Thug
  • Phil Reiley as Thug
  • Scott Manis as Thug