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Unfinished Business


Episode 1.13
May 27, 1997
Written by Bill Garner
Directed by Mick Connolly

Families! If it isn't Elvis' family, it's someone else's wanting Elvis Maginnis to solve their problems for them. Big John O'Malley summons Elvis to his death bed to be executor of his will.

Elvis is to ensure that Big John's properties are fairly and equitably distributed to wife, son, and daughter. "Make sure they don't stuff things up" are the old man's dying words.

Wife Fay is to get the legal properties — that's all above board. But the stuttering psychopath Brian, and the sultry sex-pot Denise are to inherit those properties daddy never mentioned to the taxman. Problem is, each want the casino, the porn shops, and the brothels to themselves. And each sets out to woo Elvis in their inimitable ways — Brian with a blow-torch and horrible threats, Denise with the promises of steamy sex.

To make matters worse, Big John's mistress Angela arrives on the scene and demands her share — equal third. If she doesn't get it she'll expose the whole shebang to the authorities, and nobody will get a cent!

Elvis has to sort through this mess and it's attendant kidnappings; bruisings; and invasions of his property, privacy and peace of mind. He finally succeeds in distributing what he thinks is a fair deal to each of the players — and gratefully washes his hands of the O'Malleys. He wishes…

Guest Cast:

  • Ben Mendelsohn as Brian O'Malley
  • Lisa Hensley as Denise O'Malley
  • Ann Burbrook as Angela Slater
  • Sue Jones as Fay O'Malley
  • Joseph Spano as Carlo
  • Robin Dene as Big John
  • Jennifer Jarman Walker as Gina Correlli
  • Merridy Eastman as CAE Supervisor
  • Jackie Loeb as Courier
  • Tony Pride as Auctioneer
  • Mary Little as Trainee Phone Sex Lady
  • Vanessa Ready as Phone Sex Lady
  • Carole Ann Aylett as Phone Sex Lady
  • Jan Fraser as Phone Sex Lady
  • Barbara Jungwirth as Phone Sex Lady
  • Lisa Heenan as Nurse
  • Penny Schlam as Nadine
  • Les Toth as Big Man