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Fatal Distraction


Episode 1.05
May 13, 1997
Written by Chris Middendorp and Mathew Bates
Directed by Pino Amenta

Veronica Flaherty is the love of Elvis Maginnis' life. It's love at first sight for them both — but there's a small complication... Veronica is married to Clem Flaherty, a tough waterside union boss. Veronica has employed Elvis to find her husband — Clem has mysteriously and suddenly disappeared.

Elvis tracks him down and brings him back home, sadly acknowledging his job has ended before he can get to know Veronica any better. Until he's rudely awoken in the middle of the night — to learn Clem has been brutally killed. Unless he can provide an alibi, Elvis is the suspected culprit — he was the last person, other than Veronica, to see Clem alive.

Managing to extricate himself, Elvis returns to Veronica. In Clem's death lies the chance for Elvis' love to bloom. He takes the stricken Veronica in, shielding her from the glare of police questions, and from the waterside "cleaners" who relentlessly pursue Clem's murderer.

Why did Clem die? Who attempts to kill Veronica by blasting in her kitchen window? Who is the mysterious man who begins to shadow Elvis? And where are the two million dollars that disappeared from the Union coffers before Clem died?

Guest Cast:

  • Annie Jones as Veronica Flaherty
  • Tony Rickards as Det. Sgt. Forbes
  • Charlie Powles as Ashman
  • Marie Trevor as Noreen Meuller
  • Stewart Faichney as Clem Flaherty
  • Richard Sutherland as Trent
  • Dennis Coard as Chuckles
  • Lou Toth as Carnaby
  • Robert Price as Curly
  • Ross Simmons as Barman
  • Kate Langbrock as Female Detective
  • George Dinon as Old Man in Bottle Shop
  • Tamsin Durrant as Bank Teller


  • "You Wanna Be Loved" performed by Dave Graney & The Coral Snakes
  • "The Heart Thing" performed by Swirl
  • "Maybe This Time" performed by Paul Kelly
  • "Stealth & Beauty" performed by Bloom