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Bloody Nosy


Episode 1.12
June 17, 1997
Written by Graeme Koetsveld
Directed by Pino Amenta

Dennis Dreeble's got Roly Finster hanging out of a fifth story window. He's going to let Roly fall to a horrible death if Roly doesn't answer his questions satisfactorily. Roly Finster is a Nosy, a Nosy Parker, an honest crook who lets other crooks "park" their belongings — usually illicit gains — with him for safe keeping.

Elvis Maginnis looks upon Nosy as the father he never had. You couldn't find a more reliable, a more honest crim if you tried. That's why it's hard to believe that Nosy robbed his own safe of Stella's diamond brooch, Dreeble's coin collection and Tilson's (the whole-sale butcher) half a million bucks. Not to mention Hector Stubbs' (the hardest man in the under-world) silver. But that's what Dreeble says Nosy did — and Dreeble should know — he's a cop.

Elvis persuades Dreeble to let Roly go, and hold a general meeting with his clientele instead. After all, a puddle on the foot-path isn't going to tell him where his coin collection is.

It's at that meeting that Stella and Dreeble, Tilson and Stubbs hire Elvis to find out who broke into Roly's safe. But then Stella's diamond brooch mysteriously reappears. As does Dreeble's coin collection and Hector Stubbs' silver. Everything has been given back, except Arnold Tilson's hard earned black cash.

Elvis discovers the safe break-in was the handy-work of Angus Ibrahim the best "tank" man in town. But Ibrahim has disappeared. And Dreeble seems to have an unhealthy interest in his answering machine.aaIt's only when Elvis and Reuben locate Ibrahim's big English sheep-dog Bambi that they begin to fit the pieces of the puzzle together.

Who hired Angus Ibrahim to break into the Nosy's safe? Who sent Roly Finster a ticket to New Zealand, paid for by Ibrahim's credit card? Who stands to profit the most? Why does Elvis believe that Roly is innocent despite the overwhelming evidence? A Nosy Parker is safer than the banks in Switzerland. It's Elvis Maginnis' job to uncover that this is still so…

Guest Cast:

  • Norman Kaye as Roly Finster
  • Nicholas Bell as Dennis Dreeble
  • Paul Sonkkila as Hector Stubbs
  • Geoff Paine as Arnold Tilson
  • Beverley Dunn as Norma Finster
  • Marie-Louise Walker as Isobel Tilson
  • Keir Saltmarsh as Mort
  • Peter Houghton as Waylon
  • Vinny Jones as Neighbour
  • Rocky Dabscheck as Folk Singer
  • Darren Nicholls as Waiter
  • Peter Culpan as Oswald