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One Point Eight Million Reasons To Change Your Name (Part 2)


Episode 1.02
May 6, 1997
Screenplay by Graeme Koetsveld
Directed by Brendan Maher

Elvis continues to investigate the 1.8 million dollar armoured van heist for which he is still the prime suspect. But time is running out for Elvis to find the real culprit. Both blow-fly Baxter Hobbins and Detective Sergeant Oliver Blanco have started turning up the heat.

When Eddie Garribaldi's signature red coat turns up in a local bistro, it seems certain Eddie is back in town. Or is he? No-one has actually seen him. Is someone trying to frame Eddie? Are these coincidences an elaborate frame-up to protect the true culprit? Of even more concern to Elvis is Oliver Blanco.

Elvis is arrested when incriminating evidence turns up in his apartment — Elvis claims it was planted. When Skye Edwards accuses Blanco of placing the evidence, he recommends that she be suspended from duty for associating with Elvis, an accused felon. Blanco's jealousy over Skye has taken a sinister turn.

Slowly Elvis finds answers to this perplexing case. What is the significance of the red coat turning up when it does? Who placed it there if not Eddie Garribaldi? Why is cousin Dermot constantly hanging around? What does cousin Molly Garribaldi see in the despicable baker Declan Maginnis? What would Eddie say if he learned of his wife Molly's infidelity? Who did commit the first heist two years ago — and did they commit this one too?

Guest Cast:

  • Zoe Carides as Skye
  • Shane Feeney-Connor as Blanco
  • Christopher Mayer as Declan
  • Angela Kennedy as Molly
  • Brett Swain as Baxter
  • Samuel Johnson as Dermott
  • John Flaus as Finbar
  • Sancia Robinson as Colleen
  • Peta Brady as Susie
  • Gabriel Egan as Patrick
  • David Whiteley as Mears
  • Mary Sitarenos as Cosima
  • Nathan Godkin as Harry Delfont Jnr
  • Richard Neal as Plain Clothes Policeman
  • Justin Anderson as Schoolmate
  • Andrew Carter as Schoolmate


  • "Carelessly" performed by Atlas Strings
  • "Summer Rain" performed by Paul Kelly
  • "Cromagnonman" performed by Snout
  • "I'm a Disease" performed by Mr. Blonde
  • "Too Dark to See" performed by Lisa Miller