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A Bilby in Rat's Clothing


Episode 1.09
June 24, 1997
Written by Ray Boseley
Directed by Steve Jodrell

Paul Morello has gone off the rails. Paul's the son of local football legend and chocolate factory owner "Maddog" Morello who is Elvis' old football coach. Paul is also the star player in the local footy final, and Maddog wants Elvis to find out what's wrong. The fact that he gives Elvis $5,000 for his troubles convinces Elvis to do a good turn. Easy money — he thinks — baby-sitting a kid. How wrong he is.

At first he suspects Paul to be the classic junkie. Paul steals goods — even from the family home — and hocks the stuff. He must be supporting a habit. But when Elvis searches his room to consolidate evidence, he finds a well thumbed "girlie" magazine and a sheet of figures which reveal Paul's real addiction. He's in hock to the tune of $17,000 and the people he owes it to are sending in the heavies to get a return.

When Elvis confronts Paul he breaks. His relationship with his father has soured, he can't ask for help there, all he wants is a chance to sort it out himself. Remembering what a hard bastard Morello can be, Elvis appears to acquiesce. But he covers his bases by sending Reuben undercover into the world of teenage rebels, to keep an eye on Paul.

Reuben discovers crucial information about Paul's big pay-off — when, but not where. When Elvis follows it up, he is not prepared for what he finds.

Guest Cast:

  • Frankie J. Holden as Sergeant Brann
  • Roger Oakley as Ron Morello
  • Sullivan Stapleton as Paul Morello
  • Petra Yared as Taylor
  • Tobi Webster as Lane
  • Chris Inglis as Darvis
  • David Kambouris as Thing
  • Tess Masters as Angie
  • Peter Raymond-Powell as Sam Russo
  • Linda Hsia as Chinese Woman
  • Natalie Carr as La La Land Waitress
  • Brett Cousins as Hoon
  • Hayden Dingle as Hoon
  • Peter Schofield as Goon
  • Gavin Fisher as Goon


  • "New Race" performed by Radio Birdman
  • "Halfway Home" performed by Fini Scad
  • "What U Humans Love" performed by Snout
  • "Kung Fu" performed by Ash
  • "10% Weird" performed by The Meanies
  • "Let's Lay Down And Make Love" performed by The Cruel Sea