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Only The Young Die Good


Telemovie pilot (90 min)
Screenplay by Roger Simpson
Directed by Steve Jodrell

When the glamourous Loretta Monk prevails upon her son, Elvis Maginnis, to investigate a series of death threats his first instinct is to say no. But the threats are being made against his step-father, the charmless Willie Monk, and Loretta has a way of bending her son to her will. It's the start of a very bad week for Elvis.

Investigating work is not Elvis' thing anymore — he's strictly into dry cleaning now — if only people would let him get on with the job. But the unlikely combination of his family's shady criminal connections and his history as a former cop make that extremely difficult. His investigations into the death threats aren't helped any by Willie's aversion to telling the truth.

Willie has his own crooked reasons for not involving the police — the fact that he was suspected of being involved in a major fraud contributed to Elvis' decision to leave the police force. The deeper Elvis gets into Willie's business, the more he begins to realise how many people want Willie dead.

Is there a link between Willie and the tortured death of a young man who was asphyxiated by a deadly dose of chemicals? And who is the grisly exterminator systematically eliminating humans with his chemical cocktails? No-one, least of all the police, can figure out the motive or any connection between the victims.


  • Marcus Graham as Maginnis
  • Alison Whyte as Stella
  • Travis McMahon as Reuben
  • Belinda Giblin as Loretta Monk
  • Bruce Venebles as Willie Monk
  • Nadine Garner as Jinx
  • Philip Holder as Orson
  • Sophie Lee as Amy
  • Lenita Vangellis as Anna Bitta
  • Phil Motherwell as Exterminator
  • Simon J. Hill as Gavin
  • Frank Bren as Bookie
  • Esben Storm as Jerry
  • Jenny Lovell as Mrs. Maloney
  • Magie King as Bookie's Wife
  • Matthew Green as Priest
  • Christine Earle as Librarian
  • Randall Berger as Comic Shop Man
  • Kym Carter as Hostess
  • Shauna Macewan as Bistro Waitress
  • Bob Pavlich as Dying Man
  • Martin Trainor as Coffee Patron
  • Luigi Cengarle as Fishmonger
  • Hugh Elphinstone as Security Man
  • Peggy O'Shea as Woman Bowler
  • Tanya Carter as Photographer


  • "Real Wild Life" performed by Ed Kuepper
  • "Baby Clothes" performed by You Am I
  • "The Wahooti Fandango" performed by Custard
  • "The Golden Age of Nicotine" performed by Custard
  • "Nobody's an Angel" performed by Lisa Miller
  • "Missing" performed by Spencer P. Jones