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Return of the Phantom


Episode 1.07
April 08, 1997
Written by Everett DeRoche
Directed by Brendan Maher

Stella is incensed. A wrecker's yard is constantly on the phone wanting Elvis to remove some bugs — bugs neither Elvis nor Stella know anything about. It turns out, it isn't bugs, but "bogs", a consignment of portable potties that have arrived in Elvis' name. Elvis is still in the dark. He knows nothing about portable toilets, or this mysterious Geoff Wizan who has sent them.

It turns out Wizan is a pseudonym for prison inmate Gavin "The Goat" LaRousse, a former acquaintance who ordered a shipment of cut-price portable toilets and used Elvis as Consignee. But that doesn't explain the mysterious thugs who've started turning up at K for Kleen, hassling Stella to tell them where Elvis is.Which only makes Stella madder. And even more mysteriously — when Elvis and Reuben finally get to the crate of portable potties, they find there's been a swap — they're now dealing with a crate containing clearly more controversial contents — a supersonic jet capable of leveling a small city. At least it explains what the thugs are after.

The thugs work for international arms dealer Rufus King. He offers Elvis $10,000 just to give him the where-abouts of his missing crate. Elvis is strongly advised by agents of the Federal Police to accept King's money and turn a blind eye. Elvis isn't inclined to be part of an international arms deal. He's not going to unleash weapons of war. But he can't single-handedly fight a man as powerful as Rufus King? Not when agents of the government are behind him. So Elvis does the next best thing. He outwits his foes in true Maginnis style, pockets the money — but ensures the blame can never be pinned on him.

Guest Cast:

  • Magda Szubanski as Bella Bouvier
  • Grant Piro as Goat
  • Peter Hardy as Kirby
  • Dennis Miller as King
  • Leo Taylor as Clough
  • Bradley Hume as Lt. Scott
  • Christpher Barry as Joch Rivers
  • Tim Aris as Costanzo
  • Tom Coltraine as Snr. Inspector
  • John Keskeridis as Catman
  • Peter Leiss as Prison Officer
  • Amber Vickers-Willis as Lee
  • Paul Teiwes as Jnr. Inspector
  • Reiss Porter as Baker
  • Glenn Brittain as Soundre
  • Mary Nuske as Dance Teacher
  • Southern Exposure as Country and Western Band


  • "Deputy Dog" performed by Southern Exposure
  • "Till The End" performed by The Wheel
  • "Spanish Galleon" performed by Spiderbait
  • "Man With a Hammer" performed by The Wheel